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Iraq: The definition of quagmire

In case you were wondering whether Saddam’s execution would magically solve the problem for the US that is called Iraq, here’s a hint: It didn’t and it won’t:

American deaths in the Iraq war reached the sobering milestone of 3,000 today even as the Bush administration sought to overhaul its strategy for an unpopular conflict that shows little sign of abating.… the steadily mounting toll underscores the relentless violence that the massive U.S. investment in lives and money – surpassing $350 billion – has yet to tame, and may in fact still be getting worse.

But don’t worry, this administration feels justified still in being there:


Bah humbug (for New Year’s Eve parties)

At this time of year, Christmas has always been my  favourite of the holidays. New Year’s Eve and Day have always been more of an afterthought for me. This year, however (what’s left of it), I’m feeling particularly Scrooge-like about the whole New Year’s thing.
I’ve been fighting a cold since Boxing Day, and its been getting worse, not better. The medication I take to relieve my hacking and sniffling makes me feel as bad as if I hadnt taken anything… so it wouldnt surprise me if I might even go to bed BEFORE midnight.

Yea yea.. I know.. I’m no fun. Bah Humbug.


Proposal for deciding the best bloggers of 2006

I noticed over at Jason Cherniak’s site the past couple of days that he’d posted a couple of lists for who he felt were the Top 10 Male Bloggers in 2006 and Top 10 Female Bloggers in 2006. Initial reactions from me are:

I’m flattered he’d bother to even include me in his Top 10, much less #5. He has good taste for who he picked from the women side, as 4 of them are also in my required daily reading and a couple of others are ones I check fairly often. To those people who ragged on him (for not including any bloggers from Quebec on the male list […]


Saddam’s execution – any execution – isn’t right.

My brief thoughts on Mr. Hussein and his execution, since that of course is the lead story of the day: Yes, I’m sure he did most of what he was accused of, but I am against the death penalty for anyone, regardless if they’re the worst criminal in the world. I dont think that has to do with my political views as it does with my moral/religious ones. I also note the fact that the US from the outset made very sure this was a trial held in Iraq, rather then at the International Court of Justice in the Hague. Simply put, they knew they couldnt get a death penalty […]


Beaches Residents: Give the homeless program a chance.

This is a follow-up post to my blogging yesterday talking about how residents in the “upscale” neighbourhood of the Beaches in Toronto are threatening legal action to prevent a local church from sheltering and feeding the homeless in the wintertime for 1 night a week. The Star ran an article today detailing how this program ran into similar initial opposition in a couple of other communities, but that the opposition died off after the usual rationale given for opposing the program didnt turn out to be correct:

“The three kind of concerns – lowered property values, public health concerns and safety concerns – were all dealt with,” Posen said.… As for crime going up and house values declining, “nothing of that has happened,” Bruce said, noting the community has been happy and neighbourhood prices have almost doubled in the past 13 years.


“Let them die.. and decrease the surplus population”.

“Portly Gentleman: At this festive time of year, Mr. Scrooge, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time.

Ebenezer: Why?”

This attitude of Scrooge seems to tie in nicely to this story in the Star, appropriately titled, “Affluent freeze out homeless“, which details how an upscale neighbourhood in Toronto are threatening to use legal action to prevent a church in their neighbourhood from feeding and housing up to 12 homeless people one night a week during the wintertime.



Harper’s hypocrites & we get one-upped by Bush on the polar bear

Some miscellaneous items today that caught my eye. First, it appears that the US Government is going to propose that the polar bear be put on the endangered species list due to – surprise, surprise – “warming temperatures in the animal’s climate”. Now, I’m not going to suddenly call Bush the “greenest President ever” or anything like that, because the only reason the Administration is doing this is to come in compliance with a settled lawsuit with environmental groups. Still, the fact that it’s doing it is welcome, and I’m a bit galled that Canada hasn’t already declared a similar statement. Perhaps now that their mentors in Washington has signaled its ok to say so, we’ll see the Conservatives decide to issue a similar statement of their own in the New Year.

2ndly, this story with the amusing title, Tories Admit To Breaking Rules, greeted me in the Toronto Star today, over the Tories “quietly” admitting they failed to publicly disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations.


The “tropical glaciers” are going extinct.

Nope, there’s no such thing as global warming (says Scott with sarcasm).

I’m sure the “global warming skeptics” can find some justification for all this melting and disappearing of glacers happenning without it being due to “so-called global warming” and “so-called greenhouse gases”, right? Anything to avoid facing the facts so they can avoid taking any action on it.. wouldnt want to reduce the profits of the oil companies from several billion to a couple billion -even if its for the good of the planet and the survival of it as we know it – now would we?

And remember.. only 6943 days (give or take) til the Tories set […]


The peacemaker.

So, it appears Foreign Minister Peter McKay wants to have a role in the Middle East as a facilitator and start up peace talks again – and he also wants to go to China to ease tensions between the 2 countries. Both are very laudable goals, and no one can help but to wish him well. I just hope he’s learned he needs some more…. what’s the word… TACT then he’s shown in certain domestic political situations of late… else I fear both trips are a wasted exercise.

By the way, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas – although some families will still be having Christmas celebrations and family […]


Merry Christmas

As you might expect, blogposting is going to be rather light with it being the holiday season and my visiting the folks. A sincere Merry Christmas to all of you.

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