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Republicans continue to try to use the politics of fear

Here’s a post and commentary over at JJ’s site I found interesting. She talks about the “slippery slope” of the separation of Church and State being slowly eroded down there, but my take on the incident she highlights is how some Republicans continue to try and use the politics of fear, or to be blunt, the fear of Muslims and Islam, as a way of getting voters to vote for them. My hope is however that the last midterm elections are the first signs from Americans that finally, just finally, US voters are getting tired of this tactic, and that if the Republicans continue to try and use it, they will be reduced to a narrow geographic region of support.

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  • JJ

    Thanks for the hat tip, Scott. Just wanted to add that my democrat political operative – actually posted a v important clarification in the comments section… which should be read too…

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