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Better US-Canada relations on tap with Senator Leahy involved?

I’m actually posting this from my folks, where we are having the family Christmas today, but I thought I’d point to this article in the Star today where they have yet another interview with Senator Leahy discussing his wish that US-Canada relations will improve with the Democrats in power and specifically with him being in a Senate role to promote that.

Leahy seems like a good guy, but I note from my reading of liberal blogs in the US he has disappointed some of them with how he has voted on certain issues or backed down from others, so we shall have to wait and see. Still, given the history […]


Will all this “Green Christmas” weather make Canadians think more about climate change?

Just writing this on a rainy (and 10 Degree Celsius day where I am) Dec 22, on the 2nd day of “so-called winter”, and found some interesting headlines to ponder:

– Moscow is experiencing “unusual” winter weather, which is causing a bit of disquiet in that country. Higher then normal temperatures in Europe are also occurring this autumn and winter and according to European Weather Bureau statistics what we are seeing would only normally occur once every 10 000 years. Is this the anomaly or is this part of Global Warming?

– Most of the major populated areas in Canada are going to see a Green Christmas according to Environment […]


Stock Day update: Is Kate and the SDA bunch upset at Stock for his “spear-chucker” comment?

I’d like to sincerely thank Darren McEwen for being brave enough to travel over to Small Dead Animals and find this priceless blogposting of Kate McMillan’s. You see, Kate wrote a column back then berating Don Martin of the Post for using the term, “prairie knuckledraggers”, which she called ‘cultural bigotry’. She wrote a letter to Don, and I quote directly from her blogposting part of her letter:

Mr. Martin – as a lifetime resident of the rural prairies, I cannot adequately explain how abhorrant these cultural slurs (“prairie knuckledraggers”) towards our lifestyle and values are becoming…”Knuckledragger. Redneck.” For reasons unexplained, these are the favoured terms of elitist politicians and […]


Adam Radwanski moves his blog to Macleans

Just a blogroll note: Adam Radwanski sent me an email informing me he’s officially moved his blog to the Maclean’s site, so please update your bookmarks accordingly if you have him (and you should – other then Wells, he’s about the only thing worth reading over there.. mainly from my point of view he’s the only liberal left over there after the new ownership purged all or most of the progressive writers.. but that’s probably just my liberal bias setting in).


What a card that Stock Day guy is!

I think we’re now beginning to see why Harper is trying to maintain a muzzle on his Cabinet ministers and MP’s. They risk putting their feet in their mouths constantly, as Stockwell Day has aptly demonstrated in his constituency piece here, where he goes and uses the term “spear-chucker”, which as others have pointed out, is defined as a racial epithet.

Whether he meant to use this term is besides the point. Just what exactly is this man doing in the Cabinet? The only reason I can think he’s being kept around is that he’s Harper’s modern day version of the court jester. These folks were given unprecedented freedom to […]


Republicans continue to try to use the politics of fear

Here’s a post and commentary over at JJ’s site I found interesting. She talks about the “slippery slope” of the separation of Church and State being slowly eroded down there, but my take on the incident she highlights is how some Republicans continue to try and use the politics of fear, or to be blunt, the fear of Muslims and Islam, as a way of getting voters to vote for them. My hope is however that the last midterm elections are the first signs from Americans that finally, just finally, US voters are getting tired of this tactic, and that if the Republicans continue to try and use it, they […]


It’s not just Kyoto that shows Tory indifference to environment.

Everyone’s been focused on Kyoto and the Clean Air Act, but there are other distressing indicators out there that show how little the Conservatives think of the Environment in general, and if given the choice between doing the right thing or supporting their friends in business/industry, the environment will come out the loser. An op-ed in today’s Toronto Star details how Ottawa is refusing to release 2 reports that NAFTA’s environmental watchdog has recently done saying that Canada has

failed to enforce the Migratory Birds Convention Act by not penalizing logging companies for their destruction of migratory birds nests due to logging failed to enforce the Fisheries Act by penalizing […]


Best Wishes to our Canadian soldiers involved in new Afghan offensive

I saw this story in the Star that details Canadian soldiers entering a new allied offensive in southern Afghanistan in an effort to dislodge Taliban forces.

Regardless of whether you think they should still be there carrying on the mission or should be withdrawn now, they all deserve our support… and it is my sincere hope that none of the families of these brave men and women will be forced to deal with a funeral over the Christmas holidays.


Democrats will summon US Atty-General for his explanation on Maher Arar

It turns out one of the positive things that will happen due to the Democrats taking control of Congress in January, (and there are many) is they’re finally going to demand answers of the Bush administration and summon US Attorney-General (and Bush toadie) Alberto Gonzalez to the judiciary committee in January to explain why they have continued to bar Maher Arar from the US and continue to label him a security risk even after he was exonerated by a Canadian inquiry. The Dem to be leading that charge is Patrick Leahy, and he isnt impressed with the Bush Administration’s stance on this issue:

Leahy says he wants Gonzales before his […]


The media begin to notice the NDP Bloggers discontent.

Remember that article I posted about several NDP bloggers grumbling about Brad Lavigne ignoring blogs and of the NDP communications strategy in general? Well, it has generated enough buzz that the NDP hierarchy sent out emails to NDP bloggers trying to re-assure them, and now the story has been noticed and talked about in Macleans.

I’m not blogging this to gloat – I’m blogging this to congratulate the NDP bloggers of making enough of an impact to get nationally noticed – both at NDP National HQ and in at least 1 mainstream media outfit. It shows that bloggers are increasingly getting read and watched and WILL play an increased role […]

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