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Harper isnt sure who’s a Quebecois and who isnt.

I almost find this comical – almost:

It’s impossible to precisely define who belongs to the Québécois nation, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says….there is no exact definition, so it’s up to an individual to decide whether they are Québécois.

So then Harper goes on to try and define it. First this :

“Obviously, this idea is linked to the French language. For that reason, if you’re speaking of a Québécois nation you’re speaking of French,” he said. “You’re speaking of the Québécois, not Quebecers.

Well… what about English-speaking Quebeckers?

“I think some anglophones and some ethnic groups identify with the Québécois nation. Maybe some don’t,”

Ok.. so its optional for them, maybe they are, maybe they arent. What about all those francophones living outside of Quebec, like in Acadia or Manitoba or wherever – since they speak French, are they part of the Quebecois nation, since French seems to be a requirement?

“I’m not sure,” Harper said, speaking in French


Thanks for all the support so far (and your continued support).

Well, its been exactly a week since I started my own blog up after I decided it was better that I have my own to rant and rave on instead of using the Progressive Blogger site to do so and run the risk of being accused of using it to further my new found Party and leader. I’ve been extremely pleased/surprised at the response so far.

Granted, when you’re the most visible person at a site with very high traffic (I did 90-95% of the diary postings amongst the moderators at Prog Blog over the last year, I figured) you probably expect to have some of that readership add you […]


The purge begins

Wheat Board President terminated by Conservatives

What I’d like to see Monsieur Dion do is pledge that Measner will immediately be re-instated upon election of a Liberal government.

Update: Michelle says Dion has already done that here, though I will note Dion didnt specifically say he’d re-hire Measner, but reinstate the Wheat Board to its monopoly power (til farmers said otherwise in a properly held plebiscite) if the Tories dismantled it from its current format.


CPAC’s show featuring bloggers at the Liberal Convention

For those of you who missed the Dec 10 Talk Politics show that did a feature on us bloggers covering the Liberal Convention, CPAC has archived the show at their site, and that link is here. As I’ve said at Prog Blog already after I saw the show, Miranda Hussey (A View From The Left) and Devin Maxwell (Maxwell’s House) did admirable jobs being interviewed, as did Jason Morris of

I’m a tad embarrassed because other then being occasionally seen and nodding my head and saying a few “yes” phrases to answers, my big role was to leap out of my chair after we all saw the Friday night […]


Dion’s move to promote Iggy was the smart thing to do

I wasn’t really going to write on the Ignatieff appointment by Dion to Deputy Liberal Leader, because there are plenty of other blogs who can cheer about that if they wish.

However, I read this blogposting by Catnip and felt I had to respond to her. Catnip is not an Iggy fan if you read her site on a daily basis (and you should), and while I’m not particularly crazy about some of Iggy’s political positions either, there’s an old saying in politics: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer (Whether Iggy is considered the former or the latter by Dion is up to others to decide). There’s also […]


Has the Globe and Mail ended the Google “work-around”?

Slightly off political topic, but I wondered if anyone else besides me has been plugging in the Globe and Mail’s “subscription-only” columnists into Google News to read them and discovering that Google News isn’t bringing up those columns anymore. Has the Globe and Mail ended the work-around to be able to read those folks?


How to beat the Tories.

I thought I’d re-hilight an interesting exchange I had with Aaron from – a staunchly conservative website – in the poll thread a couple blogposts ago, where he was claiming that the environmental issue was all Dion had to take to the Canadian electorate in an issue. He questioned how much it would resonate with the Canadian electorate:

I’m seeing a pattern developing here amongst Liberal bloggers. The Liberals should focus on a) the environment and b) cuts to womens’ programs. What segment of the electorate do you think is this post-materialist that they care about far-away issues like this? In other words, how many people outside of downtown Toronto would choose reinstating funding to Equal For Women Everywhere! over a personal tax cut?

My response to that was and is this –


And now for something completely different.. How to get better blog exposure.

I’m highlighting this post by Saskboy because I think its a good read and some good advice to a fair # of bloggers on the dual aggregates I’m now on how to get more readers to your blog — which can be tough when Liblogs is 250+ blogs big and Prog Blog is 325+ blogs strong as of this writing.

I would offer some additional advice; you can also get increased exposure as well for your blog by routinely adding whatever you post to Andrew Anderson’s Canadian Blog Exchange, a linker which highlights what the Canadian Blogosphere is most talking about in the past 24 hrs, but it depends on […]


Some internal discontent with NDP Communications Director

I noticed this morning over at Prog Blog a couple of pieces from NDP bloggers calling for the firing of Brad Lavigne, NDP Communications Director, for muddling the NDP message, specifically on Afghanistan. I guess the thought process is that claiming the reason the NDP message is muddled on Afghanistan is because “the media is pro-Liberal and pro-Conservatives, does not like the NDP, and has a tendency to mis-approximate the NDP’s message” didn’t exactly inspire confidence; not an unreasonable position to hold for an NDP grassroots supporter.

Northern BC Dipper also was critical of an attack on Dion:



User Poll: Defeat the Tories before the budget or after?

Interesting results so far at the Prog blog site with the latest poll asking people if they think the Opposition Parties should pick an issue and defeat the Government before the budget occurs in the Spring (thus theoretically depriving the Tories the opportunity to define what issues they want to run on) or wait til after (so as to not look like opportunists). It’s still early, but as of this posting, its running 70 – 30 in favour of defeating the government before the budget is brought down.

Keep in mind this is at a site where Liberals, Greens, NDP and non-partisans/unaffiliated hang out (and maybe a few renegade Tories) […]

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