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A good rant worthy of marking a milestone

Quickly — I know I’m probably a tad biased because she’s a friend of mine, but check out A Liberal In DC’s post today talking about what she wishes for. It’s a very worthy post to commemorate her 100th blogpost, and I agree both with the sentiment of what she says and the specifics (and yea, we’re probably all naive to think this will happen).

Dion and Liberals should propose electoral reform – a form of PR for the House.

Roaming around on a quiet day in the blogosphere, I found this posting from Devon, a Green supporter, making the point that the Liberals are now the only federal party (excluding the BQ which he pointedly doesn’t count as a federal party) who are not advocating some form of electoral reform specifically to do with proportional representation. He wonders how long the Liberals can hold out not making some sort of proposal.

As a new Liberal, this is one issue I will probably differ the most from Dion and the Liberal Party as well as the majority of the Liblogs bloggers. I strongly believe that the First Past the Post […]

Equalization deal fails to materialize

My blogger colleague Antonio from Fuddle-Duddle (who I got to meet at Montreal and who I’d like to tell everyone that takes issue with what he says sometimes.. er.. most of the time… that while he can be passionate over what he believes in, which sometimes leads to heated exchanges in his comment section… he really is a decent guy and made us all feel welcome in Montreal) has been fretting a bit at his site that the Tories would get an equalization deal with the provinces over solving the fiscal imbalance and this would bring ruin to the Liberals.

For now anyways, Antonio’s fears are unfounded, as the provinces […]

The Environmental Clock for the Tories ticks on. Check out the Countdown!

I thought it only appropriate that I add the Progressive Blogger Clean Air Targets Countdown Clock to my site, since Wayne and I came up with the idea. (Actually, I proposed it, and Wayne coded it to make it happen).

It can be found just below the “US Blogs” Blogroll. If you click on the main timer, it will take you to the main Progressive Blogger page, where as you will see, there is a link that has been put at the bottom of the clock at the site which shows what code is needed to create it; anyone is able to grab that code (cut and paste 😉 ) […]

A Liberal Party – Green Party alliance?

Very interesting story in today’s Toronto Star about the interesting possibility that the 2 parties are going to team up on environmental issues against the Conservatives and potentially the NDP:

May was the most explicit, saying that Dion’s election as Liberal leader this month will help her party because realism dictates that the Greens, with no seats in Parliament yet, need to work with a mainstream, established Canadian political force….Dion, meanwhile, told reporters earlier that he wanted to “commend” May for previous complimentary words. As well, Dion noted that he had attended a meeting of the European caucus of the Green party last February, where he was favourably received for […]

“So-called Greenhouse gases” being under-reported?

That phrase has been running around parts of the Liberal and Progressive blog-osphere late last night and this morning – its being reported that Harper said this at a press conference when talking about the environment. It shows the Tories and Harper for what they are – climate change skeptics – despite all evidence to the contrary that it indeed is occurring and needs to be stopped by aggressive action. I might also add that’s something the Green “Stall” Plan the Tories have proposed does NOT do.

The thing is however for such a significant phrase, it has been under-reported in the mainstream media. I’ve not seen anywhere in the […]

On traffic rankings for Canadian blogging sites.

I know that since I am now on both Progressive Bloggers and Liblogs aggregates and sending both of them feeds from here at the same time, I have to be make certain that posts I do here are relevant to both sites (particularly Liblogs). That being said, I couldn’t help but notice and comment on this post that came through last evening from Gregory Morrow of He decided to look at and see how certain Canadian blogging sites compared to each other for traffic rankings. Of the ones he looked at, Progressive Bloggers finished 3rd – ahead of such noted bloggers/blogging sites as Small Dead Animals (#4), MyBlagh […]

Greetings to Liblogs bloggers

I’ve been informed I’ve been officially accepted into the Liblogs list and my postings have been appearing there. I just wanted to say hello to everyone over there. Many of you I already know from you being also Progressive Blogger members and reading your feeds over there in my moderator capacity, but there are a large contingent of you that aren’t members over there, so I thought I’d introduce myself and say hello. I would classify myself as being a left-of-centre Liberal person, and it will be that tack you will see coming from me.

I look forward to meeting you and reading some of your blog-posts.

Conservatives: Attempting to distract from the real issues.

The Conservatives and their supporters up here are beginning to display the trait of their Republican brethren down south, which is to blame the prior government for everything, in an effort to deflect attention from themselves. Clinton’s been out of power for 6 years, and the Republicans were still trying to blame him for everything real or imagined, despite the fact they’ve been holding power in 3 levels of government for most of that time frame.

Same up here… the Conservatives are trying to avoid defending their own record by trying to drudge up Liberal misdeeds from the past 2 years. Problem is, Dion is a clean figure and that line of attack will wear pretty thin and irrelevant (John Ibittson said much the same thing in his Globe & Mail column a couple of days ago).

I need my fix…

So Parliament takes an official break for the Christmas holidays and doesn’t resume til January 29. Whatever shall we political junkies do during that time?

Interesting though that the Conservatives were trying to get the session extended til Feb 5, but the BQ reportedly nixed it. Rumours were it had to do with this rumoured Cabinet shuffle, but I’m puzzled why when you’re not sitting in Parliament for well over a month, you figure you need to tack on an extra week to decide who you’re shuffling in Cabinet. I mean.. I know some of the time you’ll be spending celebrating Christmas and New Years, but c’mon… there are a […]

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