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Happy Birthday Michael!

Cute looking kid eh? :). That’s my nephew Michael. He turned 3 on Monday, but I just got the pics now.. so I’m posting them as any proud uncle would.


Political bloggers are akin to terrorists???

Jim Elve runs BlogsCanada, which is like a blogdirectory of Canadian Blogs. That site also has a section on it called The E-Group, where people with a variety of multi-partisan viewpoints will post their political commentary like what other bloggers do. Jim was the one who helped me first get into blogging in 2004 – he took me on as a contributing writer (which I still am over there – tho not as active as I once was for obvious reasons).

He was interviewed yesterday by the Calgary Herald on the subject of a new book on blogging released by a University of Calgary professor, who among other things says this about bloggers:


Practise what you preach

I saw this over at Michelle’s site this morning. Apparently, not only are the Conservatives going to have to explain Harper’s conversion to the environmental cause from his “Kyoto is a socialist money-grabbing scheme” letter, they’re also going to have to explain the fact they apparently are good at preaching about ethics, not so good at following them:

The Tory candidate whose appointment to citizenship judge facilitated the defection of Liberal MP Wajid Khan dodged the screening process for that job, a parliamentary committee heard yesterday. Raminder Gill took up his new position in October, having circumvented a three-month screening that usually includes an interview and a reference check, said […]


Did you know that Carbon Dioxide is essential to life?

Personally, I thought it was oxygen myself. But, that’s one of the reasons Harper used in 2002 to criticize Kyoto about, for its targeting of Co2.. which according to him was “essential to life”. Now, its true that plants and trees need Co2, but they certainly cant handle accelerating rates of Co2 that industries are polluting the atmosphere with; those are NOT essential to life, and for Harper to try and use this as a justification astounds me.

I wonder how long the Liberals had this letter waiting to counterattack with. Perhaps they were anticipating something like the attack ads and were keeping this in their back pocket. Its a brilliant manoeuvrer whatever the case, using Harper’s own words against him to show he really is a climate change skeptic.


An update to my Smart Women Blogger’s Posting

Well, it appears Warren’s posting bemoaning the lack of “smart women bloggers” drew quite a reaction. I can’t link to his posting because of his continued refusal to add permalinks to his posts, but its in his first Jan 30/06 entry here.

I do want to clarify one thing however: He linked back to my posting I did on the topic yesterday, and mentioned I estimated only “17% of the relevant blogs are overseen by females”. I want to make clear I wasn’t estimating for the whole blogosphere – I was only giving a count as to how many Progressive Blogger affiliates that we have are run by women out […]


A Something Completely Different Type Poll

I’ve seen it mentioned by a few people that they really like my assorted and large selection of smileys (the ones that can be added by people wishing to comment)

So tell me, out of that bunch, what’s your most favourite smiley?


I would laugh so hard if this ends up being true…

The Conservatives may have breached copyright laws when they made their attack ads on Dion:

The television ads, which began airing Monday, use footage from last fall’s Liberal leadership debates to deliver the message that the new Grit leader is weak, indecisive and an environmental failure. But that footage belongs to a consortium of TV networks which pooled their resources to provide live coverage of the debates…The networks are now looking into how the Conservatives obtained the debate footage for their ads. CPAC anchor Peter Van Dusen said Monday that any outside use of debate video would have to be approved by all pool members. Moreover, he said such video […]


Smart women bloggers

Warren Kinsella wrote up his personal Top 10 Bloggers List and in it complained or bemoaned the fact that there arent more ‘smart women bloggers’ out there (only 1 made his list). Well, I’ve got 4 pretty smart women bloggers on my sidebar IMHO, a 5th if you count that Skdadl is one of the group bloggers at Pogge, and for that matter Bionic is the female half of the duo who blogs over at The Next Agenda, so technically that’s 6 blogs on my sidebar with pretty “smart women bloggers”. (I’d count Denise Brundson over at Fuddle-Duddle as a 7th, but she hasn’t been blogging much at all lately, […]


Is there a death cake at a death party?

Fidel Castro is one of the last remnants of the Cold War, and one you wont find me defending (though obviously I defend our country’s past and present decision to trade with Cuba).

That being said, when I read today that Miami (the city of Miami, not just its Cuban community) is planning a “death party” when Castro dies..

I dont know.. call me old-fashioned.. but I find that to be so.. 17th century.


The Jan 28/06 Bloggers HotStove

I participated on this version of the Bloggers Hotstove with James Bow, Mike Park (Rational Reasons) and Greg Staples.. so it was a very left-oriented panel, with Greg gamely trying to present the Tory point of view even though he was outnumbered. There were a lot of topics discussed, and it got heated at times. If you don’t get bored with Greg’s attempted joke parody at the start, I think it was a pretty interesting show ;). The link to go retrieve the Mp3 file for streaming or downloading is here.

Topics of discussion – Colin Mayes praising the “Indian joke” he got as being “a good joke”, the […]

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