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The energy for Bush’s speech was palpable last night..

I mean, check out Senator John Mccain, Republican presidential hopeful. He obviously felt it was a barn-burner of a speech.

That ought to go over well with the few remaining Bush-bots out there when they vote in the primaries.

Then again, the guy’s turning 71 this year, so maybe we should give him a break. Everyone needs a cat-nap now and then. I know if I had to be at any speech Bush did, I’d be doing the same thing.

2 comments to The energy for Bush’s speech was palpable last night..

  • I don’t know – maybe he was was resting his eyes :em31:

    Regardless of what he was doing.. perception is more important then reality in politics.. and I think this video is going to get played a fair bit over the next 2 years.

  • Heh. Maybe he was checking his blackberry?

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