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When the pot boils, you can only keep the lid on for so long

For whatever else that can be said about him, and for all the criticism for his heavy-handedness and secretive governing style, Harper has done very well with keeping some of his more radical Conservative MP’s under wraps, so that he can try to dispel the notion amongst Canadians they needn’t fear a Tory majority being too extreme.

However, sooner or later you knew something would get around Harper’s tight-fisted vigilance, and it appears MP Colin Mayes is that something:

Liberals want a Conservative MP to resign as head of the Commons aboriginal affairs committee over his response to a racist e-mail. At issue is a joke e-mail that refers to […]


US Right-wing blogs go extra nutty – demand unquestioning fealty to the Leader, or else

I get into some heated arguments at times with our right-wing blogging acquaintances, but most of them don’t get to the level of nuttiness that their US right-wing blogging counterparts do. I think the November elections and the defeat of the Republicans in both Houses of Congress, plus the overall plunge in the President’s approval ratings – most of it caused by disapproval over Iraq – has caused that group to go into angry fascist mode. Consider what’s now going around the right-wing blogosphere, as hilighted by Glenn Greenwald:

Yesterday, Party loyalist Hugh Hewitt unveiled what he and his comrades are calling “The Pledge” — a creepy, Soviet-sounding declaration of […]


Its beginning to look like Christmas (1 month later)

By the way, I’m very happy to report that it finally feels and looks like .. uh.. winter around here. We got about 5 cm of snow overnight, with more expected in the next couple of days, and its -8C out as I type this. So, it finally feels and looks like the season it’s supposed to be around here.

I may go out for a walk just to enjoy it (my favourite season is winter – a traditional cold snowy Canadian winter – if you hadn’t guessed.. so I’m in the vast minority. Sue me 😉 )


Off the cuff

I was away yesterday afternoon and most of the evening, and so didn’t get the chance to comment on this particular story that got a lot of media and blogging attention. I would be of the opinion expressed by everyone else that I read – which would be that allowing anyone back into the Liberal Party associated with the sponsorship scandal is a bad move.

I see Dion’s aides are calling it an “off-the-cuff” answer to an unexpected question. If that’s the case, and it was a temporary brain cramp and he has no intention of trying to get these people reinstalled – as he said to the media yesterday […]


Another Birthday Cards For Shane post.

There’s a few of these posts around the blogosphere today, but its for a good cause, so I’m also joining in on the effort to publicize this.

Andrew Anderson of Bound By Gravity/Canadian Blog Exchange wrote this post and asked if some of us might be so kind to publicize seven year old Shayne’s birthday wish (he has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of cancer) and see if people would join in helping to grant that wish, and I’m more then happy to do so.


The blogpost where I defend Stockwell Day.

Yes, the title is correct. And I haven’t been drinking anything.

It would take a lot for me to defend someone like Mr. Day, who I don’t even think should be in Cabinet, but David Wilkins, the Ambassador to Canada for the US, has managed to get me to do so. Even though the Conservative government is about as close to the George Bush Administration on most positions foreign-policy wise and on ideology as is possible, even that doesn’t prevent the US from telling Day to stop being uppity and to shut up over Maher Arar:



The energy for Bush’s speech was palpable last night..

I mean, check out Senator John Mccain, Republican presidential hopeful. He obviously felt it was a barn-burner of a speech.

That ought to go over well with the few remaining Bush-bots out there when they vote in the primaries.

Then again, the guy’s turning 71 this year, so maybe we should give him a break. Everyone needs a cat-nap now and then. I know if I had to be at any speech Bush did, I’d be doing the same thing.


Add Chantal Hebert to the list..

..of pundits who’ve decided to take some shot at Stephane Dion’s dual citizenship in a throwaway paragraph at the end of an otherwise good piece on the France-Quebec relationship here

Maybe she’s been hanging out with Coyne too much on this dual citizenship stuff and its relevance (or lack thereof in my opinion). I know she’s not exactly pro-Dion, but I was surprised to see this coming from her.


State Of The Union reaction.

Well.. I watched some of it…. same old same old from Bush. He tried to show he’s conciliatory by acknowledging Pelosi, and then his very next sentence he calls the Congress “the Democrat” majority, which the right-wing loves to use as an insult against the Democrats. As noted elsewhere, his prepared speech that was released before-hand said “Democratic majority”, so I guess he couldn’t help himself from engaging in the partisan jabbing.

What impressed me more was the rebuttal speech given by newly elected Democratic Senator Jim Webb of Virginia. It was very articulate and very forceful. A little wooden perhaps, but I liked the touch of showing the picture […]


Fitzmas finally comes? Pass the popcorn.

The Scooter Libby trial is on – the former White House staff member charged by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald with obstruction of justice in the Valerie Plame affair, where it is alleged her cover as a CIA agent was outed in order to take revenge on Joe Wilson, who publicly debunked the “Iraq is buying uranium from Niger” accusation that Bush made in his SOTU address a few years back.

Well, if Day 1 is any indication of what’s going to happen, Bush may have more to worry about then a Democratic majority listening to his SOTU tonight… in the upcoming weeks, he might have to worry if he can keep Cheney on as vice-president:

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