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A State Of The Union Address with no applause lines?

For the last several years that Bush has had his State Of The Union address, it was basically a speech filled with partisan political statements designed to get Republicans cheering and poke Democrats in the eye at every possible opportunity.

Now that President Bush faces a Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, and Speaker Pelosi sitting beind him (with a crabby Dick Cheney next to her), it will be interesting to see how many partisan punch-lines he’s going to attempt tonight. Will he try and be conciliatory? Or will he basically go all-out and try to sell his Iraq surge plan? I dont normally watch SOTU addresses, but I […]

Tories have failed to pick up momentum from their Green epiphany: poll

BigCityLib points to a new Ipsos-Reid Poll released today that shows the Liberals maintain a narrow 4 point lead nationally. A couple of thoughts on this poll: It would appear to me that so far, the Conservatives sudden desire to show how environmentally friendly and “green” they are haven’t impressed the Canadian public much. It also appears that the hostile stance taken by the Tories against the Wheat Board as well as the proposed fiscal imbalance solution has really caused them (in this particular poll) to take a nosedive in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, as the Liberals lead by 8 points there.


The sleeper non-confidence in the government issue

When we did that special edition of the Bloggers Hotstove on the Sunday after the Cabinet shuffle and the Khan defection, we got asked what would be issues we thought could bring the Conservative Government down, if it wasn’t going to be the actual budget vote.

Greg Staples, our host and moderator, opined that childcare would be the sleeper issue. If more stories like this start appearing about how the Tories plans to create additional daycare spaces has created exactly 0 of them, (as in zero) and with the plan to try and lure private business into the childcare business by dangling a tax credit in front of them a […]

Fingers crossed..

Michelle Oliel runs the Liberal blog Michelle’s World, which is one of the blogs on my sidepanel. I got to meet her at the Liberal Convention in December and we’ve become friends.  She’s had a bit of a drop-off in blogpostings the last month, and the reason for that is what she details in this posting; Michelle will be going for an operation next month to see whether she has cervical cancer or not – I guess they detected something in the past month and this will be to see if the cells they found that look abnormal are cancerous or not.

My best wishes and prayers to her. Hopefully its nothing major… but it looks like they detected whatever it is early. I’m sure with her spunk and spirit she’ll be just fine.

Addenum to my blogopshere posting: TNA hilights WWF global warming videos

The Next Agenda is a terrific site. Its unfortunate that they have a feed compatibility issue with Prog Blog, because a lot of what they post over there is top-quality, and more people deserve to see them.

I forgot to put this in my recommend reads this morning, so I’m putting it up now: This post over there shows some new global warming videos that the World Wildlife Fund have put together – very effective.

Obama smears a rightwing hatchet job – not Clinton

Here’s an op-ed over at Huffington Post by Karen Russell who’s as skeptical as I am that Hillary Clinton had anything to do with the smears that have come against Barack Obama since he announced his presidency. Some examples being: his middle name is .. horrors.. Hussein, and that he must be or might be or maybe considered a “Muslim”, which is a) ridiculous since its well known he’s a devout Christian, and b) even if he was, being a Muslim shouldn’t make any difference to whether he’s fit to run for President then when there were whispers in the 1960’s about whether it was ok for John F. Kennedy […]

More evidence of global warming found in the ice.

This journal is a fascinating look at how scientists have been drilling through the ice at Antarctica to obtain ice cores and examine them for past and present climate indicators:

Ice cores are cylinders of ice, removed from an ice sheet or glacier by drilling into the polar ice caps, located in places like Antarctica and Greenland, where temperatures remain below freezing year around. Because snow cannot melt in these environments, each year’s snowfall accumulates on top of previous year’s snowfalls. Over a long period of time, these snowfalls form layers of ice deep down.

Ice cores preserve the compounds that fell with them at the time (volcanic ash, radioactive particles, etc), so its an important way to examine what has gone on in the climate in years past, and what its currently doing. And what may you ask, does the ice cores from more recent years show?

Roundup around the blogosphere while you were asleep.

Another of my efforts to highlight blog-postings that caught my eye on the weekend.

1) I’m highlighting this post at Joseph’s site because I am tremendously amused at how in one breath he says he was trying to find a balance at posting and how to get higher traffic, and in the next paragraph he calls all those readers he’s trying to keep “idiots” :). Priceless. (and I would be interested to see some response to his question).

2) Dave at the Galloping Beaver has a perfect analogy for what the Tories are doing by trying to recycle the Liberal environmental programs and brand them as their own.

3) JJ over at her blog has a thoughtful post about what constitutes poverty in Canada and how it compares to the US. Some heated discussion ensues in the comments section.

4) Call me a wonk, but this post by Devon over at his site comparing UK Supermarkets to Canadian ones and showing how they’ve really gotten into the “Going Green” movement while their Canadian counterparts lag I found quite interesting.

PS – I wonder if people like the little preview panel they get now when they cursor over an external link. I thought the plugin was neat when I saw it elsewhere and decided to give it a try.

A Reminder From The Not-too-distant past….

…What Canada’s New Government(tm), would have been doing in 2003 if they’d been Canada’s New Government(tm) back then:

Harper tells Fox News Most Canadians Support Iraq War

In an interview with the American TV network, Harper said he endorsed the war and said he was speaking “for the silent majority” of Canadians. Only in Quebec, with its “pacifist tradition,” are most people opposed to the war, Harper said.

H/T to Pale, a commenter over at The Next Agenda, who keeps this link to show people who conveniently have forgotten this fact.

The media starting to call for Green Participation in Leaders debates as well

So I see from over at Devon’s site he’s highlighting a call from The G & M’s Business columnist that Elizabeth May be allowed into the televised leader’s debates.

I say why not; you might actually have a few more Canadians tune in to watch how Elizabeth May does and what she says from the mere curiosity factor of it all. That’s what the debates are for after all – to have leaders debate and express ideas. Anything to help increase viewer and voter participation is a good idea.. and May with her freshness and charisma (and with the environment being the biggest factor in a Canadian election), I say […]

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