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The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes – Day 17

Your Day 17 quote from Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes is short, not so sweet, and blunt:

“We think the deal itself [Kyoto] is simply bogus.” (Transcript of Stephen Harper interview on the Rafe Mair Show, CKNW Radio Vancouver, November 29, 2002)

..havent heard that type of language from him in a couple of years now. Wouldnt have to do with the polls on the environment or anything, would it?

Day 18 quotes tomorrow. 🙂

1 comment to The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes – Day 17

  • tric

    Actually, he’s right. No one could meet the targets. Eddie Goldenberg, a senior Liberal advisor, has revealed today that the government of Jean Chretien always knew that the targets were unachievable. Worse yet, another source explains that the targets were set in a completely capricious manner, unconnected in any way to any kind of science.

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