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Stockwell Day reverts to form.

You might remember that I had an article actually praising Day for standing up for Maher Arar and insisting he be removed from the US no-fly list. Well, we all knew it wouldn’t last (Day doing something that merits praise), and he’s shown that today.

Day released this statement today:

“Opposition parties are being soft on security and soft on terrorism,” Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in a statement. “Canada’s new government remains unwavering in its determination to safeguard national security.”

I’ll ignore the continued silly use of “Canada’s New Government” – all of the Tories still use it. What do you think prompted this statement? The continued […]


Pardon the brief interruption from politics..

I just want to say there’s nothing like eating hot oatmeal with brown sugar on a cold winter’s night.

Carry on. πŸ™‚

(Quaker Oatmeal – Maple and Brown Sugar, if anyone is wondering)


The David Sweet Watch

I saw this earlier in the week on another site and decided to re-visit it: a new website is up in Hamilton called the David Sweet Watch, which is taking aim at the Conservative MP from Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale.

The mission of the site? expose the real David Sweet, the one you never see in the local and national media, over the next few months in the hopes that the good people of Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale can make an informed decision – whether it be NDP, Liberal, Green, or Independent – in the upcoming federal election.

To be honest, I’d not heard of David Sweet, so I did a quick search of him online. He has a very interesting past, as this release shows. So, he is identified as being in the social conservative wing, and I believe the premise of the site is his views are too narrow and don’t represent all of his constituents. I’ve often seen sites like this down in the US going after candidates that they feel need to defeated from office, but its not as common up here. So, it will be interesting to watch how it develops and if it gains any attention in the local media.


Supreme Court strikes down security certificates

This just in – The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously 9-0 to that the security certificates used to detain and deport suspected terrorists violates the Charter of Rights and is unconstitutional. They have however, given the federal government a year to re-write the law to comply with the Charter and the Constitution.

First impression: A big win for Alexandre Trudeau, (the Trudeau not in the news this week) who has long publicly opposed these.

Second Impression: Though it is not exactly related to the sunset clause brouhaha going on in the Commons, it does I think give extra moral legitimacy for the Liberals (and NDP and BQ) who argue that […]


Don’t divulge data, Dalton

An op-ed piece in the Toronto Star this morning caught my eye. It’s written by Thomas Walkom, and it takes Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to task for being willing to introduce a new driver’s license that is full of information on the person that owns it and hand it over to the US government. Apparently Mcguinty feels if he doesn’t do this, American tourists will stop coming to Ontario. Walkom feels that a) these new driver’s license wont address the problem of Americans who need passports to get back home, and b) that we shouldnt be giving data to a US government that’s been very questionable in how it handles data and how it handles itself in general.

I rather agree – we’ve a government in the US that has misused information (and admittedly wrong information) from Canada to send Maher Ahar overseas to be tortured.. and we have a US government that will now deny habeus corpus rights to foreigners that it imprisons due to whatever suspcions they hold about the persons – whether they’re legitimate or not. Do we want to be giving information on our citizens to the US the way things are right now? I dont think so.

As Walkom says:

….fearful America has gone badly astray. It has become a dangerous country run by an even more dangerous government. Already, many Ontarians who are Muslim – or who look Muslim – avoid travelling to the U.S. They fear, not unreasonably, that what happened to Arar might happen to them. In this world, it does not make sense to gather a lot of information on drivers – including those who never plan to visit the U.S. – and then hand over all of it to Washington. We gain little. We risk much. Why do it?

Well put. Don’t do it. Dont divulge data, Dalton. (Not at least til we see who’s running the show in Jan/09).


The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes – Day 17

Your Day 17 quote from Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes is short, not so sweet, and blunt:

“We think the deal itself [Kyoto] is simply bogus.” (Transcript of Stephen Harper interview on the Rafe Mair Show, CKNW Radio Vancouver, November 29, 2002)

..havent heard that type of language from him in a couple of years now. Wouldnt have to do with the polls on the environment or anything, would it?

Day 18 quotes tomorrow. πŸ™‚


Another song from Jimbobby Sez

Mama, Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Tories

He has far too much time on his hands.. but he spends his time well πŸ™‚


Harper ignores calls for apology to Liberal MP

Well.. I earlier today said I thought it would be 50/50 on whether Harper would apologize and recant his smear of Navdeep Bains yesterday, when he implied that the Liberals were opposed to anti-terror legislation renewal to protect the MP’s father-in-law. I figured if his advisers got a whiff of public opinion, they might get Harper to back down.. but the 2004 version of Harper is still prevalent today – look how he completely sidestepped the question and tried to use it to show how tough he was on terror:

Liberal MP Navdeep Bains demanded an apology from the prime minister during question period. “Yesterday, the prime minister in the […]


Blog martyrs

I would think it would be a pretty hard thing to do to turn Jason Cherniak into a blog martyr, given his notoriety amongst some of his blogging acquaintances, but that has managed to happen.

Well done folks in showing what a thin skin some of you have against some very mild criticism in my opinion.

Edit: If I’m not clear, as apparently a couple of commenters seem to show.. I think the Ipsos employee was silly in what he did. I’m criticizing them for them having the thin skin, not Jason.


Condemnation of the PM’s cheapshot is across the board.

A night of sleep did not leave me feeling any less angry at what the Prime Minister did yesterday in the House, when he attempted to link the Liberals opposition to extending the sunset clauses as somehow being due to the fact they wanted to protect Navdeep Bain’s father-in-law from testifying. This was the 2004 “Paul Martin supports child porn” version of Harper. It was also the start of sinking poll numbers in that election campaign due to that comment when the voters didnt like what they saw or hear, so we’ll see if this has any effect. I suspect it will, at least short-term.

Liberals and Progressives aren’t the […]

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