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The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes – Day 16

I’m still a tad angry at this whole Harper smear, but here is your 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes for today:

“We can debate whether or not… CO2 does or does not contribute to global warming. I think the jury is out.” (Stephen Harper interview on the Rafe Mair Show, CKNW Radio Vancouver, November 29, 2002)

Of course, Harper now says he believes in the science of global warming, but that has curiously and coincidentally occurred at the same time the Canadian public were making the environment a big priority.

Tune in for Day 17 Quotes tomorrow! 🙂


Our cheapshot Prime Minister

Well.. I’d thought I’d seen and heard it all coming from this guy and this party, but he’s gone even below my already low expectations.

liberal Catnip details today how when Dion asked Harper again about stacking the judicial bench full of Tory partisans, Harper decided to pull out a Vancouver Sun article which talked about a Liberal MP’s father-in-law being on a list of people that the RCMP would like to question over the Air India affair. According to Catnip, his wording went like this:

Mr Speaker, obviously the Liberal party opposes the change we’ve made which is to give the police a voice in this process. I’m not […]


Bloggers Hotstove – Feb 20/07 Edition

Another edition of the Bloggers Hotstove, delayed a couple nights due to some people not being able to make it. This week we had Saskboy of Abandoned Stuff in on the panel, joining Greg Staples, James Bow and Mike Park. There was an excellent discussion in the first part of the show on net neutrality (a topic Saskboy has written about several times on his blog), and I highly recommend listening to that part of the show.


Summary of the closing statements in the Scooter Libbey trial – Fitz going after Cheney

Firedoglake has been doing extensive live-blogging of the Scooter Libbey trial, and they’ve also been doing a vblog (Video-blog) summary of the daily proceedings. This is their latest Vblog, detailing their thoughts on the closing arguments from the defence and prosecution, with the big part of the story being that Fitzgerald the prosecutor apparently believes that Libbey is protecting Vice-President Cheney and is the reason he obstructed justice and perjured himself. In otherwards, Fitz believes Libbey can directly implicate Cheney for outing Valerie Wilson as a CIA agent.


Judges – Harper’s changes risk independence of court

If this continues, it might be an issue in the next election, whenever that might be:

Canada’s top judges have fired a powerful salvo at the Conservative government’s plan to reshape the judicial advisory panels that recommend candidates for the bench. As political debate in the Commons rages, the Canadian Judicial Council warned that the Conservatives’ changes to the “judicial advisory committees,” which recommend candidates for appointment to the bench, risk politicizing the judiciary. “Because the majority of voting members are now appointed by the minister (of justice), the advisory committees may neither be, nor seen to be, fully independent of the government,” the council said in a four-page statement […]


Posted Without Comment

I will mention the fella who made this video spelt strategies wrong.. but ignore that and concentrate on the message it’s trying to convey.


The 22 Days of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes – Day 15

For tonight’s episode of The 22 Days Of Harper’s Anti-Environment/Anti-Kyoto Quotes, we have another quotation you may recognize as one that the Liberals released to the public a couple of weeks ago:

“Carbon dioxide which is a naturally occurring gas vital to the life cycles of this planet. Smog is an entirely different issue is not covered by this treaty.” (Transcript of Stephen Harper interview on the Rafe Mair Show, CKNW Radio Vancouver, November 29, 2002)

Smog was never meant to be covered under Kyoto, and could be handled under different laws and regulations, and to be honest, was no reason not be staying out of Kyoto in the first […]


Around the blogosphere in case you missed it

A few things caught my eye and ear that you folks might have missed that I would direct your attention to:

First, another hilarious song created by Jimbobby over at his site. You might notice this recording is not electronically altered, so while I’m not about to hold a “Guess who JimBobby really is” contest, it’s be interesting to see if anyone recognizes his voice.. because I sure don’t.. and as he subtly suggested to me, I probably should. 😕

The second thing that caught my eye is over at JJ’s site. She’s finally sorta back to blogging after her Vietnam trip, and her first post back gives you a […]


Just to show you how fickle polls are..

Thanks to reader Joseph in the prior thread pointing me to this Decima Poll taken at the same time as the Strategic Council Poll that has some Liberals in a panic and some conservatives chortling. This one shows a continuing tight race:

Decima’s results, provided exclusively to The Canadian Press, place the Conservatives at 32 per cent and the Liberals at 30 per cent. The NDP was at 15 per cent, the Green party was at 11 per cent and the Bloc Quebecois was at nine per cent nationally.

More importantly.. look at the results in Ontario and Quebec:



On polls and policies.

A few people are in a tizzy over CTV/Strategic Council’s poll last night that showed what they claimed was a Dion “nosedive” from their December poll. First, its a Strategic Council Poll. I don’t need to remind you about their Harper majority government poll numbers last year, do I? 2ndly, despite the aforementioned scepticism of any poll commissioned by SC, the poll still shows a neck and neck when the MOE is factored in. That would put it in line with the Decima and SES polls which showed a virtual tie between the Liberals and the Tories last week.

Now then, with all that said, I’ll say that the Liberal […]

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