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Environmental groups praise revised Bill C-30, urge Conservatives to respect the will of Parliament.

Adding to the pressure that the Conservatives now find themselves in over the amended Bill C-30 petard they hoisted themselves on in not expecting the opposition to unite and come up with an amended bill before their own regulations came out, environmental groups have come out and publicly supported the amended Bill C-30 (now known as the Clean Air and Climate Change Act) and urged the Tories to pass it. After all, they’re the ones who sent it to committee for it to be amended in the first place:

The Climate Action Network, Pembina Institute and Sierra Club of Canada said the bill, now called the clean air and climate change act, is much stronger now than it was when it was first tabled in the House of Commons in October. “We expect that the government will respect the bill, put it before Parliament and respect the will of the people,” John Bennett, executive director of the Climate Action Network, said in Ottawa. “This is a moment of truth for government….This is a government bill. This is their bill. They agreed to have it brought to a committee. Two-thirds of Canadians voted for MPs who made these amendments,” he said.

Exactly. The government sent this bill to get amended to avoid it getting defeated entirely when it was panned in October, and the Committee has done that. The key words in that quote above are, respect the will of the people. As NDP MP Nathan Cullen and Liberal Leader Stepahne Dion says, the government should stop being a crybaby and deal with it:

“Just accept defeat on the things that you’ve lost, and accept the fact that there are things you’ve voted for, and that’s how the Parliament works when you’re in a minority position,” Cullen said….Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said the government agreed to send the bill to the committee and now it must act on it. “They wanted a new act, they have one now, so they cannot postpone the action anymore,” he said.

Or call an election over it, Mr Harper. I dare you. I’d be more then happy to campaign against the only party in Canada that is anti-environment.


6 comments to Environmental groups praise revised Bill C-30, urge Conservatives to respect the will of Parliament.

  • knb

    Paladiea…I know, it’s tough to choose a topic these days. One subject leads to the next.

    On this topic, I think the CPC will try to undermine this bill. I haven’t figured out how, except to say, it will be a tactic filled with misleading information, designed to have Canadians “fear” the amended bill.

    James Moore was on tv, saying just how disappointed he was in the bill and what scary new powers it gave the Environment Minister. Cullen and McGuinty were clear on how he was misleading the public, Moore was grinning at their comments. It’s that “gotcha” grin that drives me mad. It’s as if they go fishing, looking for what the opposition will react to, then exploit that.

    Most of us do not think in those terms. We honestly state our beliefs and enter into most agreements in good faith, even those with political masters. It would seem logical therefore, that most people would not fall for the nonsense, but by the time the general public hears it, it’s been honed to a sound-bite. There is a diabolical genius to this and THAT, imo, is what must be exposed.

  • I would, but I’m still enraged over Harper’s throwing crap all over the memories of our veterans…

  • Politically, every party is painted into a corner now. Voting down the bill could hurt the Conservatives. Not voting it down could hurt. An election could hurt the Bloc, the NDP, maybe the Liberals.

    Hopefully, the one winner will be the climate.

  • Damnit. I was just about to blog about that! 🙂

  • […] Well, with the Conservatives dithering on the new and improved Clean Air and Climate Change Act, the Ontario government has decided it’s fed up with the BS and signed an agreement with 9 states around the Great Lakes area in order to curb pollution. The program, which so far includes New York and eight other northeastern states, puts an absolute cap on emissions from electricity generating stations and would allow those that are below their targets to sell credits to those that are above. […]

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