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An unlikely but interesting scenario

Just doing some musing on the day after a historic Quebec election.. and I’m thinking to myself that a fair portion of the ADQ’s vote and seats has come from 1 big mass protest vote – not unlike what unexpectedly drove Bob Rae and the provincial NDP to power in Ontario in 1990.

If I were a PQ strategist, I might offer them this advice – announce that you will be voting against the Liberals and supporting the ADQ to form the government. Why? Well, the ADQ has a lot of neophyte politicians in that party – some who have some very.. interesting viewpoints on sensitive topics. If I’m […]


2 federalist parties DIDNT win in Quebec tonight, Antonio.

The #’s are still bouncing around on the last few seats, (Its currently 48 Libs, 41 ADQ, 36 PQ) but it’s more or less settled. It also does appear that as I said in the live-blogging last thread, Antonio of Fuddle-Duddle has correctly predicted that Charest with the help of the advance polls would come back … and he has been now declared re-elected by over 1000 votes.

Antonio has also said at his blog, despite his disappointment of the Liberal decimation, “2 federalist parties won”, and the PQ was decimated.

I agree with the 2nd part, I dont with the first part. Dumont has just said on the TV […]


Live Quebec blogging Election results

8:00pm EST: The Quebec polls close.. here comes the results!!!

8:02 pm – No one has called the election yet.. quelle surprise! I always love these folks when they show one poll out of a riding and say.. “well.. we were expecting the PQ to do well here.. but they’re down 26 votes.. but uh.. remember.. its only 1 poll” No kidding.

8:05pm – Lib 2, PQ 1, ADQ 1 (leading or elected). “Very early”. 63 seats out of 125 are needed for a majority.

8:07pm – CBC is hard at it trying to make a projection already. Something tells me that might take awhile. Don’t underestimate those computer […]


Someone’s been sitting near the reactor too long..

As much as citizens outside of Toronto might be tempted to gleefully support this idea, I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict the first politician to pitch this or support it has just ended their career as a politician:

Storing millions of bundles of intensely radioactive waste fuel underground in heavily populated southern and eastern Ontario is rapidly shaping up as a geologically safe choice, according to the nuclear industry. Earlier disposal studies by federal agencies concluded the Canadian Shield’s granite was the only rock formation stable enough for the necessary millennia of storage. But a just-released report from the industry-led Nuclear Waste Management Organization gives […]


E-Day in Quebec

For political science folks like myself, the most interesting elections to watch and analyze are the ones where you have no clue who is going to win. That would be an understatement in Quebec, where theoretically any of the 3 parties could end up winning the most seats, though not necessarily the government to go along with it. We could see a 1985 Ontario minority scenario shaping up – where the Liberals had less seats then the Conservatives, but were supported by the NDP and became the government. The permutations and combinations of things that could happen tonight are very fascinating, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.



A retraction is issued.

In case you were asleep all day and all night, there’s been a major kerfuffle online about some comments Jason made where he reported rumours that certain people felt Olivia Chow hadnt exactly won fair and square. He has now apologized and admitted he was wrong for saying what he did, even if it wasn’t a direct accusation. Good on you Jason.

I’m still troubled by his assertion though that one of the reasons the Liberal Party supported Bill C-31 is that many believed the rumours he reported to be true. I have enough problems with that Bill already which I talked briefly about – I’d find it unacceptable if […]


Some pictures from Guelph

For those on the Progressive Bloggers group at Facebook, you’ll probably get notification of these, but for those in Prog Blog and others elsewhere not yet on Facebook, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures from my recent Friday Guelph trip.

Both shots are of myself (on the left with the glasses) and David Graham of The World According to cdlu, the coder for the Liblogs aggregate, as well as a Progressive Blogger affiliate, who we occasionally ask for tech advice if we run into trouble at Prog. In this instance, the first photo on the left is us staring at the stats for the server […]


2 quick random points

a) I am very leery of Voter ID laws that may be the cause of further discouraging those who are poor or marginalized from coming out to exercise their democratic right to vote. I believe the current system we had in place was perfectly adequate, and I’ve seen no evidence of widespread voting fraud that Bill C-31 purported to address. This type of a voting fraud bill is what the Republicans have been trying to do for years in federal and state elections in the US in order to disenfranchise those groups that would be most affected by these requirements and thus not be able to come out to vote […]


The Budget: *A bag of tricks*

I was sent a link to this and decided to post it, not because I necessarily endorse CUPE or all its positions, but because the animation is clever, well-done and makes several valid points – and they’re made in a way that anyone can understand.

The animation is here


Pleading with the electorate often doesn’t work

I’m not sure how many people in Quebec are going to follow Charest’s warning/plea to please not elect a minority government. Using the argument that it would irretrievably harm Quebec’s ability to protect its identity and “badly weaken” its negotiating position with the rest of Canada is also a bit of a puzzler. Huh? How does a minority government cause a weakening of identity? And what exactly are you intending to negotiate about in the next 2 years, Mr. Charest?

Usually such pleas are futile, and end up hardening the hearts of the very electorate you’re trying to persuade. It also gives the look of desperation to your campaign.


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