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Some in Quebec will vote for the least worst choice on Monday

Due to being in Guelph and meeting some folks as previously discussed, I missed this post by JJ yesterday morning in which she details her dilemma as to how to vote in Quebec’s provincial election on Monday and I highlight it today to show you some of the difficulties some will have in how to vote on Monday:

No matter how I vote, I lose. I’m a federal Liberal, anti separatist, socially progressive, anglo. What do to? I’m sorry, but Jean (or John) Charest is a Tory. He was the leader of the Tories federally for god sakes. He’s a political opportunist…I obviously can’t vote Parti Quebecois. I’m an anglo. […]


Baird refuses to consider opposition proposal for trading system – threatens election

The Budget will not be the cause of an election. But if Environment Minister John Baird’s belligerent tone toward the Committee that is looking to add amendments is any indication, it may be the Tories will fall over the amendments the opposition is proposing toward the Clean Air Act:

“I am prepared to face the electorate,” Baird told reporters, referring to a number of government plans, including fighting climate change. The opposition parties have proposed scores of amendments to the Conservatives’ Clean Air Act – amendments that would put into law the Kyoto Protocol’s emission targets, which the government says are unachievable. “If he wants an election on Kyoto, we are ready anytime,” Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe told reporters….Baird told the committee the government’s initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases will not allow international carbon credits. That means Canadian companies struggling to reduce their emissions won’t be able to buy credits from other countries that have met their targets.

This is the same CAA I might remind you last fall that the government emphasized was NOT a non-confidence bill in the government when initial reaction to it was extremely hostile. Harper at that time was willing to send it directly to committee to prevent it from being totally defeated. Now, he may use it as an excuse to trigger an election. Typical Harper flip-flop – but I for one agree with the BQ leader: the opposition parties would love to go to an election painting the Tories as Anti-Kyoto and the environment being the main issue of the election, or the cause of the downfall of this government.

By the way, Baird continues to use the red herring argument that emissions trading would be useless against smog as his reason for the government opposing it:


Back home

Well.. I’m back at home finally. A long day. Was it productive? Yea.. it was.. regardless of how the job interview goes (today was first round – I guess if they liked the initial interview they have 2nd round interviews that they’ll tell us about next week.. so if all goes well.. I may be back up there in a week and a bit). I met a couple of friends I’d gone to University with (at Guelph – they still live there) and had a nice long chit-chat with them.

I also as you saw earlier got to hang out with David Graham.. and I believe I’ll be getting […]


Blogging from Guelph: Liberal libel lawsuit

Hello to everyone from Guelph – The beautiful “Royal City”. I am blogging from David Graham’s house, the blogger behind The World According to cdlu, and the coder for the Liblogs site. He has graciously allowed me to blog from his living room while I await my 6:52 pm train back to Sarnia this evening. The inteview went alright – I guess I’ll find out next week if it really went ok (meanwhile, anyone reading this in Guelph who has a job opening for a data entry/administrative work or a poltical blogger for your campaign,(preferably Liberal) please contact me 😉 )

What’s caught my eye today is I see that Gerard Kennedy, Navdeep Bains and Omar Alghabra have gone thru with their threat to sue the National Post:

Former Liberal leadership contestant Gerard Kennedy; Navdeep Bains, MP for Mississauga – Brampton South; and Omar Alghabra, MP for Mississauga – Erindale, served the National Post, columnist Jonathan Kay and related persons with notices of libel over statements that the three politicians were involved in deals to exchange votes in return for changes to national security policy. Included as a defendant in one of the notices is John Doe, representing the anonymous source cited by Mr. Kay in his column published in the National Post February 27th, 2007.

So, the 3 are not only suing the Post and Kay, but also the “anonymous source” that supplied Kay with the information for his story.. which means they intend to get Kay to reveal who his source is. This will be an interesting case to watch, and to see whether the courts will try to compel Kay to reveal who the source is


Warning: Light blogpostings today

Its rather early as I type this.. I’m awaiting my cab at 5:30am to take me to Sarnia for a 6:45am train to Guelph. I’ll be there all day today meeting with a couple friends and a blogger or 2 and some political people or 2.. plus a rather important interview at 2 pm. I wont be back here til late (11 pm) so blogging from here is going to be rather light I would suspect – unless I happen to be near a terminal while I am in Guelph, and if I have time I may throw up a “from Guelph” blogging there.

IF that isnt the case, go […]


Its a blogging conspiracy!!

Well.. maybe not.. but I got asked if I thought it sinister that both Liblogs and Prog Blog are down at the same time. I’ve no idea whats up with the Liblogs aggregate.. but I can tell you that at Prog Blog our server has been under strain today from a large spike in traffic. It was down for an hr this AM.. and we’ve had another downtime episode in progress for a couple of hrs now. I can’t tell you at this point when it will be back up at Prog.. but be patient.

UPDATE: As of 6:30 pm EDT, Prog Blog and Liblogs are both back up …hmm……



Another problem for Harper: Stockwell Day

Well.. if Harper was angry before today, he’s going to be doubly peeved now. Stockwell Day has some questions that need to be answered over this document… and I’m wondering if its particularly appropriate for him to be sitting in Cabinet while questions about this are out there.

The Liberals have called for Stockwell Day to step aside temporarily at least until the RCMP comes to a decision on investigating the matter:

The documents specify that both the Canadian Alliance and officials in Mr. Day’s office agreed in advance of Mr. Hart’s official resignation to pay this compensation. They indicate that a total sum of $11,337 had been authorized by […]


Harper’s new smear receives united opposition condemnation

Harper does seem to have a knack of late of getting the opposition united against him with his smearing statements, that much can be said about his latest foray into the mud.

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe:

“We saw the old Stephen Harper of 1993-94. I think he made a huge error, it’s indecent and he’s suggesting just like (U.S. President George W.) Bush … `if you are not with me you are against me’ and `if you are against me you are with the enemy.. From a prime minister I just can’t accept a remark like that … I think he is giving a very bad image of what a democracy is,”

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion:

“The Prime Minister hurt the reputation of Canada, the international reputation today in trivializing the issue of war detainees and the protection they are entitled to receive from a civilized country like Canada. We are all together behind our troops even though we may have different views about this mission. As usual, he was not what he should be as a prime minister.”

NDP Dawn Black:

“It reduces the debate in the House of Commons to a level that’s just simply not acceptable”

Harper was asked point-blank by reporters outside of QP whether he really believed his remarks, and he refused to answer. Apparently he didn’t wish to repeat his outrageous statement beyond the safety of QP (and Parliamentary immunity).

Is this the Prime Minister Canadians want representing him? Is this how he’s going to act with other world leaders when they publicly disagree with him over such issues? Disgraceful.


Brian Mulroney publicly supports the Kelowna Accord that Harper killed.

The 5.1 billion $ Kelowna Accord agreement with natives was one of the first things axed by the “new” Conservative government. Since that time, former Prime Minister Paul Martin has initiated a private member’s bill to require the government to fulfil its obligations under the Kelowna Accord. The combined opposition will pass the bill, but the Conservatives insist it doesn’t compel them to do anything and they don’t feel bound by the bill – a shameful continuation of their paltry response to native issues in their federal budget.

And look who has come out and publicly supported the Kelowna Accord? Why, former Conservative prime minister Brian Mulroney:

Brian Mulroney, the […]


Harper: Cheapshot Redux – Mr. Angry returns

Harper was once again in fine cheapshot low-blow form today in the House during Question Period. Rising to defend his Defence Minister from calls of resignation over the prisoner debacle in Afghanistan where O’Conner essentially admitted to misleading the House, Harper resorted to more mud-slinging:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper went for the jugular again in question period today, accusing Liberal MP’s of being more supportive of Taliban prisoners than of Canadian soldiers. “I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners,” Harper said in the Commons. “I just wish occasionally they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers.” His attack drew angry jeers from the Liberal ranks and had Stephane Dion demanding an apology.

It was another in a series of backhand, personal swipes Harper has taken at Liberals in recent weeks.

This is another Republican-style smear job of trying to equate the Liberals demanding that human rights be respected and an incompetent Defence Minister fired with meaning the Liberals or any other opposition party demanding the same thing must be because they don’t care what happens to Canada’s armed forces.

Between this, the Navdeep Bains smear, and the false charges about patronage appointments with Lucienne Robillard’s ex-husband, I honestly would like to know what planet Harper is on if he thinks this is going to appeal to the moderate middle. He thinks this is going to appeal to anyone outside of his red-meat constituency?

His conduct is unbecoming of a Prime Minister, and he disgraces the chair he sits in.

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