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I hope he has an opponent in the nomination meeting.

This blogpost from Michelle got overlooked a bit yesterday, so I’m going to highlight it again. I grew up near Haldimand-Norfolk – one county north in Oxford as a matter of fact – and I know that area well.

I find it hard to believe that there is no one of better quality then this guy to run as the Liberal nominee there to represent the Liberal Party. In fact, I know it’s not true. Someone will hopefully step up and contest him, because in my opinion, it would be regrettable if the Liberals of Haldimand-Norfolk didn’t have someone else who in my opinion would better represent the values […]


Quebec minority still looming from looking at new poll.

On the Bloggers Hotstove yesterday, Tasha predicted she still thought Charest would get a majority government.. predicated I believe on the presumption that a) the Budget would help Charest, and b) The PQ’s vote would collapse. Antonio later in the show disagreed with that assessment.. and it appears so far his disagreement was valid.

A new poll released by La Presse this AM in the Quebec City region shows Mario Dumont’s ADQ has surged in popularity since the last poll taken there to the 40% level. The PQ has also climbed ahead of the Liberals, who have fallen drastically in this region. The poll shows that initially anyhow, in this […]


Will the Tories actually try to fall on the Clean Air Act amendments? Foolhardy

Due to all the stuff about the Budget, this was a story that didn’t get talked about at many places yesterday (with a notable exception here and there):

The government’s centrepiece environmental legislation, the Clean Air Act, is in deep trouble and there’s speculation it could become the trigger for an election. This week all three opposition parties proposed amendments to the bill – amendments that would enshrine the emissions-cutting targets of the Kyoto Protocol, which the Conservatives have called unachievable.
After the amendments were tabled, the government cancelled a Tuesday meeting of the committee studying the bill.

Perhaps the 3 opposition parties who have been bickering over what changes are to be made finally decided to work together, since the Budget passing is a foregone conclusion. The apparent decision to shut down the Committee for now is due to the fact all 3 parties proposed hard caps on emissions be put into the CAA and to follow Kyoto guidelines – and that is obviously anathema to the Conservatives:


The Bloggers Hotstove – Budget Edition Mar 20/07

To listen to an entertaining Bloggers Hotstove on the Budget with Greg Staples, Dan Arnold of CalgaryGrit, Antonio of Fuddle Duddle, and Tasha Kherridian, click here. Most of the entertainment is between Dan and Antonio.


Remember that part about permanent peace between the provinces and the feds, Mr Flaherty?

I do seem to recall that Jim Flaherty saying that with this Budget, that provincial-federal griping over the fiscal imbalance would be gone for good…

Ah yes, Dan reminded us what Flaherty said:

“The long, tiring, unproductive era of bickering between the provincial and federal governments is over.”

(The Budget should)”end the bickering” between provinces over the issue [of equalization]”.

“The day of governments with their hands out to other governments has passed.”

Grand stuff, and grand statements. And what should appear today in the paper? Why, according to Ontario, the Budget is unfair to them:

McGuinty isn’t happy that Ontario won’t see the same per capita funding as […]


Some wide-ranging criticism of the Budget

So we’ve shown that at least a piece of the Blogging Tories are rather unhappy about this Conservative Budget…. but they aren’t the only ones. Michelle has a long list of quotes from other groups who also aren’t crazy about this Budget. It basically is getting grumpy reviews from both the right and the left, and particularly from environmental groups. So, maybe Mr Flaherty hopes that what’s left – the middle – likes it more then the wings on each side do. We’ll see.


Membership breakdown at Prog Blog: Unaffiliateds the largest group.

Since everyone else is still posting Budget stuff today, I thought I’d be different and post on something a tad different this AM. We’ve had new moderators at Prog Blog recently as some of you know, and with that we’ve been attempting to clear up the backlog of applying blogs waiting to become members.Last night, I decided to take a look at the political breakdown of our blogs by seeing how many of them were members of specific political aggregates and those who weren’t, and there are some interesting numbers at Prog Blog:

Total # of blogs (as of Mar 20/07): 359

Approximate % of blogs at Prog Blog who […]


Not all BT’ers are happy

Just to show Aaron I’m not a complete Liberal shill as he claims, I will direct your attention to GPM’s blogpost which lists some of the Blogging Tory reaction to the Budget that at least partially makes wrong my predictions that they’d praise the Budget as the best thing since sliced bread. I say partially because the BT’ers are a big group, and while a lot of these are well recognized prominent BT blogs, they aren’t anywhere near yet being seen as the consensus view of that group.. not just yet anyhow.


Something for everyone in the budget? Not quite.

I saw this at The Next Agenda by Frank in the comments thread as to who didn’t get anything out of the Conservatives budget today: – If you’re single – nothing – If you’re childless – nothing – If you’re poor – nothing – If you’re a senior – nothing – If you’re a native and ‘unassimilated’ – nothing – If you do not own a vehicle and have no interest in doing so – nothing

And if you’re a single, childless, poor, unassimilated native, senior who relies on public transportation – die already, you’re a burden to our electoral base. Or get married and move to the suburbs ASAP. […]


My predictions of the post-Budget reaction.

My migraine prevents me from being able to concentrate at the moment, so in brief:

– Blogging Tory bloggers will praise the Budget as being the greatest Budget ever delivered in Canadian political history. – NDP and Liberal Bloggers will state many of the promises are window-dressing, and nothing more then to seduce Canadians into believing they are moderates, and to give them a majority. – Green Bloggers will pointedly look at no mention of Kyoto, and most of the “green initiatives” with the exception of some (ie.the car rebate for efficient cars) were already announced over the past few weeks.

Outside the blogging world, there has been a lot […]

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