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UN questions Canada’s new climate change plan. Add them to Bairds attack list.

I guess we can add the UN to the growing list of people or organizations that Baird will soon be coming out and attacking for not thinking his plan is up to snuff:

Canada’s “less ambitious” climate-change plan cannot guarantee that greenhouse gas emissions will actually go down, says the head of the international body that oversees the Kyoto treaty. Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, questioned the assertion that with tough enough intensity targets, an absolute reduction would occur….Mr. de Boer suggested there is some confusion over how Canada intends to live up to the Kyoto Protocol, which it signed in 1997… Another United Nations official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said there’s a sense of alarm in the agency that Canada’s reluctance to try to meet the Kyoto targets will encourage other countries to shirk the treaty. “Canada is perceived to be a role model for the United States. If Canada throws up its hands and says there’s no point, it has a negative rub off for the U.S.,” the official said.

So let’s see… yesterday it was Liberals, Dion, environmentalists, Al Gore, and (for whatever reason) the EU that Baird took turns at attacking or blaming. So I guess there should be a statement tomorrow attacking the UN now as well from Baird or his office.

As for the 2nd part, I can already tell the UN that the current Conservative government doesn’t care at all whether their attitude encourages other countries – and particularly not the US – to shirk Kyoto or not. They are ideological brothers, and are both probably actively encouraging each other to stick it to Kyoto as much as possible. Why else do you think Canada is signaling it wants to join that little group of nations (which the US is a member of) that would prefer emissions targets to be voluntary?


Star: MacKay warned in November 2006 of credible human rights abuses.

The Star has published a report today in its online section that Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay was warned last year that things may not be right in Afghanistan:

In a Nov. 28, 2006 letter, Human Rights Watch wrote MacKay to say the organization had received “credible reports” of detainees being abused by Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security. “In some cases the treatment amounted to torture,” wrote Brad Adams, the executive director of the Asia division.

I’m curious to find out whether McKay did any follow-up investigation of this letter, or if he just dismissed these folks as “Taliban-lovers” and decided to do nothing.


Baird goes after the entire world.

I’m wondering exactly how the strategy of bad-mouthing everyone is supposed to win you support among the Canadian voter for your proposed climate-change plan, but that is apparently what Baird has decided is his best shot of getting voters to like his plan:

Baird responded yesterday by saying that U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases had climbed when Gore was vice-president… Baird also bad-mouthed the Liberal party, its leader, Stéphane Dion, environmentalists and the European Union.

The first three, I can see some reasoning for going after, since all have said his plan comes up way short. I’m not really sure why he decided to go out of his way to go after the EU, when no one from anywhere in that organization has even commented on the new plan the Conservatives have brought up. It’s also pretty easy to pick apart:

The environment minister twice referred to climate change plans for the “next 13 years” in Europe and promised Canada would take over Europe’s leadership role on the issue. In fact, the EU ministers have committed to cutting greenhouse gases to 20 per cent below Europe’s 1990 emissions by 2020 while the target for the same year in the Conservative plan is five per cent above Canada’s 1990 levels.

Note this is a newspaper report pointing out the obvious – not an editorial or an opinion columnist or an opposition party spokesperson’s rebuttal. If Baird is hoping that attacking everyone and everything is going to sell his plan to the public, I’m afraid he’s in for a rude awakening.


Shooting sprees are apparently contagious

Another attempt by someone to go on a shooting spree in the US. Three people dead in Kansas City, and the gunman attempted to take more people out in a shopping mall:

Authorities said the violence began early Sunday afternoon, when they went to a home to check on a woman relatives hadn’t seen for days. The victim was found dead and her car missing, Sanders said. The car was spotted later in the day by an officer, who pulled the driver over and was shot in the arm, police said. The officer, whose wound was not life-threatening, returned fire. The car took off and was seen later at […]


Just another Justin Trudeau post

I’ve been away all day and saw much to my surprise that Justin Trudeau had won – on the first ballot. I’ve been hearing for awhile of a “deal” worked out between the 2nd and 3rd place candidates for an Anyone-But-Trudeau vote to take him down on the 2nd ballot. It appears though that either the other candidates underestimated Trudeau’s get-out-the-vote of his memberships, or they did worse in selling memberships then they were letting on.

I’ve been ambivalent about his candidacy. I would have preferred if he had ran out in BC, and I’ve been more impressed with his brother Alexandre as a potential candidate for office. Regardless, Justin […]


The incompetence of the Bush Administration over Katrina revealed.

The totally inadequate response by Bush during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is generally seen as the issue that really started the slide in popularity of Bush. I’ve no doubt Iraq would have continued to do so anyway, but Katrina accelerated the process. However, the sheer ineptitude of the Bush Administration’s response to Katrina can be found in the pages of the Washington Post today:

Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold for cash. But only $40 million has been used so far for disaster victims or reconstruction, according to U.S. officials and contractors. Most of the aid went uncollected, including $400 million […]


I would pay good money to watch this

So, Johnny Baird got a bit ticked over the Al Gore statement that his environmental plan was a fraud designed to mislead the Canadian public. He released a statement trying to defend himself, and then ended it apparently with this:

Baird’s statement also offered an invitation for Gore to discuss climate change and the Conservatives’ environmental policies with him.

Discuss? More like ‘debate’ with him. If I’m Al Gore, I tell him sure, but only if it’s a public discussion/debate.

Why would I pay good money to watch? I think the former vice-president – who has dealt with far worse politicians in both his old job and in his new one -  would rip John Baird to pieces in that debate, both on the reality of this Conservative plan and in debate style. I would love to see Baird get his comeuppance.


I love Al Gore

Al Gore slams the Conservative Green Plan (Attempt #2):

“I’m hearing a reduction in intensity is going to be presented to the Canadian people as a legitimate policy,” he said at the consumer environmental show. “In my opinion, it is a complete and total fraud. It is designed to mislead the Canadian people.” …Gore also praised Canada’s best known environmentalist, David Suzuki, for confronting Environment Minister John Baird on Friday, the first day of the three-day Green Living Show.

I figure Mr. Gore wanted to make sure he made clear where he stood on the Conservatives plan, just so John Baird couldn’t go around a 2nd time claiming Al Gore […]


The environmental time clock at Prog Blog is now updated

As some of you know, we have been running an “environmental time countdown clock” at Progressive Bloggers ever since Ms. Ambrose and the Conservatives released their original Clean Air Act promising to set national air quality standards in 2025. It was based on Steve’s sarcastic post at his blog about how long they were going to wait before doing anything of substance. Well, now that Mr. Baird has come out with Green Plan #2, and promised we’d meet Kyoto Targets.. but not til 2025 at the earliest under his plan, we decided at Prog Blog to modify the clock somewhat to meet current reality on the ground. The original file […]


My solution to stopping Greenhouse Gases in Canada…

…. is maybe we should just let the Norwegians buy all of our oil companies:

A firm owned by the Norwegian government has paid $2.2 billion to acquire Calgary-based North American Oil Sands Corp. A Statoil executive told a Calgary news conference that Thursday’s announcement of new targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions did not come as a surprise. “When it comes to environmental issues we’ve seen this coming in Europe,” said Statoil senior vice-president Peder Sortland. “To us, it was a surprise almost that it didn’t come sooner.” Statoil said it will capture carbon dioxide emissions from its new oilsands operations and seal them underground, just as it has […]

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