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Dion expands on his electoral reform review agreement with May

This article here has those of us in the Liberal blogging community who advocate that the Liberals should be making electoral reform (ie. a form of Proportional Representation) a top priority and campaign plank very hopeful. As Greg Morrow points out, this is not the first time Dion is on record as saying he supports electoral reform and some kind of PR (but not pure PR, but few of us who support electoral reform want that either), and as he links there, I will link to Jeff’s interview with him on the topic of electoral reform here.

I have long said that the Liberals supporting electoral reforms to the House would be a bold new maneuver to show they are willing to think outside the box… as well as countering the sham “elected Senators” bill that Harper is trying to pass off for reform. So, I’m pleased to see Dion go into more public detail about it.. and I hope he will consider making that a prominent election promise.

9 comments to Dion expands on his electoral reform review agreement with May

  • As I said though… most of us on this side of the aisle (and I daresay a lot on the NDP and Green side) never wanted pure PR anyhow

    Exactly so there was really no reason to bring Israel up other than to send a “PR is scary” signal out to the audience. If Dion really supports electoral reform, bravo, but I will have to see much more definite statements from him on the subject. More importantly, I will have to see much more openness to project by the rest of the party (excluding yourself) before I believe you guys are actually allies here.

  • He’s mentioning that Greg in the context of not liking a pure PR setup. As I said though… most of us on this side of the aisle (and I daresay a lot on the NDP and Green side) never wanted pure PR anyhow – though he seems to imply that’s the format May and the Greens want.

    A form of Mixed Member PR is what most of us (and what Dion appears to like as well) advocate as being the best setup for an electoral system in Canada.

  • It’s a pretty tepid “endorsement”. It’s a promise to study the idea of thinking about electoral reform. Also,mentioning Israel as his example of PR did not fill me with much confidence in his enthusiasm for the subject.

  • I don’t mean to constantly throw cold water on you, but this is not a promise to be taken seriously. SMP has been the key to Liberal dominance at the national level over the course of the 20th century. Dion knows this as well as anyone, and even if he did try he would be removed as leader long before he could ever implement reforms.

    Not that that would stop him from making promises of electoral reform. I’m sure that he can lie as well as any of his predecessors.

  • knb

    Thanks Scott. I’ll start my research. I am an artist though, so this may take some time, lol.

  • By all means… I’m a bit of a wonk when it comes to pressing for PR. Searching my blogsite on the topic as well as my diaries at Prog Blog as well as my past entries at BlogsCanada would let you find a divvy of info 🙂

  • knb

    Hmmm, I confess that I am sorely uninformed on this subject. I guess I’m going to have to read up and ask a lot of questions Scott, if you’ll indulge me.

  • No one I know of us who support electoral reforms are fans of pure PR.. I certainly am not.. and I know Greg isn’t. I think a lot of the bloggers on the NDP/Green side of the ledger don’t either.

  • James

    Meh, I’ve never been a big fan of pure PR, I think B.C. had the right idea with the STV system (Shame they didn’t get the threshold required). I could live with mixed-member PR if need be since it’s at least preferable over FPTP.

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