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Star: MacKay warned in November 2006 of credible human rights abuses.

The Star has published a report today in its online section that Foreign Affairs Minister Peter McKay was warned last year that things may not be right in Afghanistan:

In a Nov. 28, 2006 letter, Human Rights Watch wrote MacKay to say the organization had received “credible reports” of detainees being abused by Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security. “In some cases the treatment amounted to torture,” wrote Brad Adams, the executive director of the Asia division.

I’m curious to find out whether McKay did any follow-up investigation of this letter, or if he just dismissed these folks as “Taliban-lovers” and decided to do nothing.

1 comment to Star: MacKay warned in November 2006 of credible human rights abuses.

  • Whooee! Scottie, do you really think Day reads his mail? I figger when his secretary sees a return address of HRW, the letter gets placed in the circular file with all the other namby-pambly human rights appeals.

    Today’s news is that Day or MacKay or both had reports from their own people wrt abuses. If they don’t act on reports from their own guys, why would they even bother to read the reports by bleeding heart human rights advocates?


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