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Economists give the Baird plan a backhanded compliment.

Guess what, economists agree with Baird and the Conservatives that their Green Sham Plan #2 will have minimal economic impact on Canada’s economy. That’s got to count for something, right?

Well.. not exactly. Check out why:

Philippe Crabbe, a University of Ottawa economist, laughed when asked about the likely impact on consumers, suggesting the plan is so weak that the impact will be negligible… Crabbe was skeptical that in-depth analysis has been done. “There’s no evidence there was a complete study of the plan. He was particularly critical of a provision that will allow large polluters to avoid cutting emissions by contributing to a technology fund at a rate of […]


Suzuki, other environmentalists: Conservatives green plan is an embarrassment

When Canada’s leading and most respected environmentalist comes out and calls your plan “an embarrassment” and “not a strategy, but a sham”, I think you know this government is going to have difficulty selling this plan to Canadians. (By the way, kudos to the guy for publicly confronting John Baird and telling him it was a disappointment)

Other environmental groups are just as scathing:

“Turn the Corner”, released Thursday afternoon, proposes to reduce emissions 20 percent by 2020. However, that would be a 20 percent reduction from 2006 levels. “That would leave Canada 11 percent above its Kyoto commitments many years after the country is legally obligated to meet them,” says John Bennett of the Climate Action Network Canada, a coalition of environmental groups. “This government is all about pretending to reduce emissions,” Bennett told IPS.

And what does Bennett think of the Conservatives?

“I have never dealt with a more partisan government, everything is about politics” says Bennett. “Even worse, they think people are stupid and will believe stupid things.”

I don’t think Canadians are stupid, and I think they will see this plan for what it is – a strategy designed not to be serious about climate change,  but to deceive Canadians.


It’s time (to go to the people).

Chantal Hebert asks the question today in the Toronto Star whether the opposition will force an election over the environmental issue, now that Baird and the Tories have come up with their new version of the Green stall plan.

The title of my article reflects my answer – its definitely time.

I was very angry last night, and I’m still angry today. I am angry at this green sham that Baird and the Conservatives have brought forth, and the lying about Afghanistan, and the disregard in general this bunch in power has for international treaties (not just with Kyoto, but now apparently with the Geneva Conventions) , and for the […]


Green Party: Baird’s Plan is WEAKER then Rona’s original plan

Hat tip to Mark Francis of Section 15 for forwarding this along to me. The Green Party has released a statement that says Baird’s plan is actually weaker then what Rona Ambrose officially released in the original Clean Air Act a year ago.

The key part of the statement:

The new target announced by Mr. Baird is a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions against today’s levels by 2020. Thus Mr. Baird has set a course that will take Canada to 11% above our Kyoto target by 2020. We will be unable to reach our mandated Kyoto target until well into the 2020s. In contrast, the EU has adopted a target of 20% reductions below 1990 levels by 2020. The similarity of the numbers and the alarming variation of base year appear to be designed to confuse Canadians about the nature of the Harper-Baird plan. It is a plan for increased climate risk.

In fact, the changed base year makes Mr. Baird’s announced target even weaker than that announced by his predecessor, Rona Ambrose, last fall. She announced 45-65% reductions below 2003 levels by 2050. Mr. Baird has changed the base year to 2006, when emissions were higher.

This plan is all about the packaging folks.. trying to dupe Canadians into believing its actually reasonable. It must be exposed for the sham that it is.


Conservatives officially abandon Kyoto in words, if not the actual deed

Remember that Globe and Mail poll yesterday? It showed by almost a 2-1 margin that Canadians polled said we should try to achieve our Kyoto commitments, instead of some made-in-Canada plan that falls far short.

Well.. that’s just what we have as of today. I don’t even have to “spin” it. The newspaper articles title says it all:

Kyoto commitments abandoned

That’s on both the Globe and the Star in one form or the other. You can’t get it much starker then that.

As for their farce of a plan, what exactly are its major highlights?

It relies on the intensity-based targets that allow industries to increase their greenhouse gas outputs as they increase production. Those types on controls have been repeatedly panned by environmental experts who have demanded absolute reductions. Under Mr. Baird’s strategy, Canada would not meet its targets under the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas until 2025 — 13 years late.

Here’s an interesting part of the Baird plan: He claims companies CAN trade within the Kyoto Protocol agreement to get credits if they’re falling behind on reducing GHG. But, there seems to be a slight hitch Mr. Baird has overlooked:

the accord stipulates that countries that do not meet Kyoto targets cannot participate.

Of course, Baird and the Tories have decided the best way to initiate this sham of a plan is to do it through current environmental regulations. They know if they tried to put this to a vote in the House they’d get utterly defeated, so they’ll sidestep the will of Parliament – whose MP’s representing more then 2/3 of the constituents who voted for them re-wrote the Clean Air Act into what was really needed – and do it this way.

What I want to ask Minister Baird and his Conservative cohorts is this: If you say we can’t meet Kyoto, then why are you keeping us in the treaty? After all, if we fail to meet our targets by 2012, we get penalized 30% under the protocol’s terms, (which we are a signatory to) so why keep us in the Treaty to face those penalties if they’re impossible to meet? If you dont believe in Kyoto, show some mettle and withdraw from it, rather then be cowards and try to have it both ways so you dont incur the wrath of the Canadian electorate (which I predict you will anyhow).

Its a black day for Canada and its environmental reputation today.


A solar farm starts up in Ontario

I thought I’d mention this because this is going to happen not far from where I currently reside. A company from California is setting up a solar farm not far from Sarnia:

It will be the largest solar power station in North America and among the most expansive in the world to use photovoltaic cells that produce electricity when exposed to sunlight. Once complete, the 40-megawatt Sarnia project will be able to supply enough emission-free electricity to power between 10,000 and 15,000 homes on sunny days…If all goes according to schedule, the Sarnia solar farm will be fully functional in 2010 and will continue supplying clean electricity to the grid […]


Tories dropping in SC poll, and danger signals to them on Kyoto and Afghanistan

Must have been a good week to poll, I guess. Strategic Council releases their poll tonight as well. Its not as gloomy for them as the Decima poll is… but it still shows them dropping back to their 36% Jan 2006 Election level. The Liberals are also at their 2006 election level – 30%.

What I find most is significant about this poll is that the Tories slid in Ontario substantially, the Green Party now sits only 1% behind the NDP nationally, and perhaps most dangerous for the Tories, an overwhelming majority think we should try “achieve targets and meet our Kyoto commitments”, and that John Baird’s claim of massive […]


Conservative support plummets in new Decima Poll

At this rate, the new Conservative war-room they built is going to be mothballed for quite awhile, if poll results like Decima’s released today are any indication:

Support for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives appears to have taken a nose-dive. A new poll suggests the Tories have dropped to 30 per cent support and are in a statistical dead heat with the Liberals. The Conservatives had been polling near 40 per cent after their budget in late March.

Now, to be fair, the Liberals are themselves still stalled out at 29%, but these new Tory #’s are a far cry from the whisperings a month ago when everyone was predicting a Conservative […]


Testing WordPress 2.1.3

I’ve finally upgraded to it.. so let me know if you see any bugs


Liberals release 2nd Tv Ad

Again… It can be found at the Liberal site, but here it is here on Youtube:

A variation of the first ad they released, but this time going after the Conservatives on the climate change file.

I like the ads style I’ve seen so far. Hopefully the strategists up there will remember once election time rolls around there are other issues you can go after Harper on besides climate change (though I’ll say the first ad used the environment file more as of an example to show that yes, Stephane has been and can be and is a leader. That’s fine, but I do not agree unlike one unanmed […]

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