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First panic, then no big deal.

I thought I was joking last night when I said maybe *Canada’s New Government* hit the wrong quick-dial button when they sent the environmental speech to the Liberal offices last night, but that’s the reason they’re giving this AM:

The blunder occurred because of a wrong fax number that was printed in a government directory, said Baird’s spokesperson, Mike Van Soelen.

Nice. Even more interesting was the government’s reaction once they found out what they had done :

It was an embarrassing slip-up and sent the government into panic-mode reaction… What the government could not explain is why it reacted with panic as it did when the speech leaked out, […]


A leak or an attempted dupe? Looks bad on Baird either way

Real nice security Baird has in his Department – either someone isn’t too thrilled with the proposed environmental plan Baird’s going to be rolling out, or its an elaborate attempt to hoax the Liberals. It looks silly on the Tories whatever occurred:

The federal Liberals say a main section of the Conservatives’ environmental plan was faxed to their offices Tuesday, a potentially significant breach of security. The fax reportedly contained part of a speech scheduled to be given by Environment Minister John Baird on Thursday as the federal government unveils its emissions targets for heavy industry.

So far the Liberals haven’t released the plan to reporters. If it is […]


Meet Stockwell Day: Judge, Jury, Executioner.

Nice to see Minister Day is pre-judging detainees kept in Canadian custody as all being guilty already:

Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day defended Canada’s role in Afghanistan in a rousing speech this morning.. and described some Afghan detainees captured by Canadian forces as killers and torturers..We’re saying to them that these people that we’re bringing you to put in jail, yes, these people have no compunction about machine-gunning, mowing down little children. They have no compunction about decapitating or hanging elderly women. They have no compunction about the vicious forms of torture you can imagine on innocent people. Now we’ve captured them and yes these people that we’ve captured want […]


Reports advise Tories to woo the environmentally conscious – Tories apparently reject that advice.

I was reading the Star and saw the headline Tories to court the ‘Suzuki nation’, and as I read the article, I think the title the Star uses is a bit misleading, because from what I see, they have consultants telling them to go after the Suzuki Nation, but the government doesn’t appear it will. What is the “Suzuki Nation”? Glad you asked:

..making up one-fifth of the population, finds the negative state of the environment in conflict with their values, expresses high environmental concern and is motivated to take action. These are people who would be compelled to act even without offers of tax cuts and other economic incentives designed to change individual behaviour.

So, the consultants advised that the government go after this particular group with their green plans.. but so far, the Conservatives apparently don’t show much inclination to follow it:

The report by market researcher Phoenix Strategies suggests individuals can be pushed into environmental action with targeted communications. That seems to go against the thrust of the Tory green plan to be released this week. Government officials have suggested the plan will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from corporate Canada rather than changing individual behaviour… The Conservative government has so far demonstrated little faith in the ability of individuals to make a lifestyle change and clean up the environment. Last spring, the Tories cut the popular One-Tonne Challenge a public awareness campaign led by comedian Rick Mercer.

So, this bunch, whose ideology contains within it the desire to place the decisions of today with individuals, won’t do anything to encourage said individuals to help do their part. A contradiction of the ideology, but typical with this “Conservative” government.


Something in the air? The water?

I don’t know what’s going on south of the border right now, but here’s another case of someone who has an issue or a problem with someone else deciding to kill them and then kill themselves.

And of course, the solution to stop all this is to make sure EVERYONE has a gun, according to the gun lobby down there.



The most unsurprising political announcement of the year

That award would go to John “the sky is falling” Baird for announcing to environmental groups that he is abandoning the government’s Clean Air Act, because of the opposition amendments making it a better bill.

Ok.. that’s snark on my part, but you know what’s even better? Baird saying this:

In Friday’s meeting, Baird reportedly described the rewritten legislation as a Liberal bill and said he would never bring it forward, said John Bennett of ClimateforChange.

I’m sure the NDP – who have been publicizing quite widely about the 11 amendments they added to toughen the bill – will be rather surprised to hear John Baird considers this “a Liberal […]


Hebert: Include May on leaders debates

Basically, Chantal says today that Jack Layton’s and the NDP’s argument for keeping Elizabeth May out of the debates is flimsy, and she should have a place at the debate table. You can read her list of reasons why here, but this part here of her column is what stood out for me:

At this juncture, one in 10 voters is inclined to support the Green party in the next election, more than the number that plan to vote for the Bloc and enough to impact on the outcome of the campaign. In absentia, May is already partly responsible for the tenor of the debate on the environment in the […]


Dion expands on his electoral reform review agreement with May

This article here has those of us in the Liberal blogging community who advocate that the Liberals should be making electoral reform (ie. a form of Proportional Representation) a top priority and campaign plank very hopeful. As Greg Morrow points out, this is not the first time Dion is on record as saying he supports electoral reform and some kind of PR (but not pure PR, but few of us who support electoral reform want that either), and as he links there, I will link to Jeff’s interview with him on the topic of electoral reform here.

I have long said that the Liberals supporting electoral reforms to the House […]


Dr. Eric Hoskins wins the Liberal nomination for Haldimand-Norfolk.

If you’ve read here for awhile, you might have noticed that some attention has been paid to this riding’s Liberal nomination by a few of us. I grew up very near the “Norfolk” part of the Haldimand-Norfolk riding, so I’m very familiar with it.

So, along with Michelle, I’d also like to extend my congrats to Dr. Eric Hoskins for winning the Liberal nomination for the riding on Saturday evening. I was told that the riding had 70% turnout among its membership to vote from the riding president, and that is a fantastic number in a very big rural riding on what was a very nice day.

This will […]


Happy Earth Day! (and Australia feels the effects of climate change)

Today of course is Earth Day, and on this day, I think this editorial cartoon found in today’s Star is more then appropriate.

This was also a real nice story today on what some folks were doing in the city to help celebrate Earth Day weekend, as they called it.

Also, I find it rather ironic (some would call it poetic justice, but I’m not that mean) that Australia – one of the nations that is led by a climate-change skeptic and is one of those nations that calls for only voluntary caps on Greenhouse Gas Emissions – is facing the worse drought in its history – attributed to […]

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