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A sad day at Progressive Bloggers. Our creator leaves.

A few of us knew this was going to happen earlier last week when Wayne privately told us the news, but its still a sad day at Progressive Bloggers.

The main reason Progressive Bloggers is currently up and running at all is because Wayne (with the help of Dan Arnold of Calgary Grit) took the idea I threw out there originally, and made it into a reality.

That leaves me, I guess, as the only original member of the bunch who are in moderator/administrative roles who first discussed the concept of Progressive Bloggers back in the Spring of 2005. I am not the new administrator there now… I […]


Mackenzie King redux?

Ok.. so it isn’t actually Harper doing the seance trying to commune with dead people, but this story is getting weird when its progressed to the point of the Prime Minister’s Office denying Harper is also paying his image adviser for spiritual advice:

Neither Harper nor anyone on his staff pays for any kind of psychic services, a spokeswoman said Friday amid reports that stylist Michelle Muntean has a clairvoyant gift…..Whether Harper gets an occasional free nugget of spiritual advice while sitting in Muntean’s makeup chair is unknown. Sources have said that she is the only person that he tolerates image advice from. Other politicians have been interested in such […]


NDP grab former Quebec environment minister to run for them

This is a bit of a coup for the NDP, a party that needs some good publicity (ANY publicity):

Jack Layton (will announce today) that former Quebec environment minister Thomas Mulcair has agreed to run as (the NDP’s) star candidate in the province.

What amuses me most is this part:

Mulcair had been actively courted behind the scenes by both the NDP and the Conservatives…sources close to him said…the Tories were interested in the ex-minister because they believed he could help improve their image on the environment, but he turned them down once he realized they were more interested in having him toe their line than in adopting his positions…



Baird and Tories: The Sky is Falling!!

I expect to see a chart similar to this one in use by Baird very shortly. His tale of doom and gloom would fit into the “Code Red” category according to Chicken Little.

This should tell you how Baird’s tale of Canadian economic Armegeddon is playing so far. Look at the title and theme of the Canadian Press story: Critics Mock Ottawa’s Apocalyptic Scenario of Kyoto Compliance. Let’s read some of the humourous details of Baird’s attempts to fear-monger Canadians (or as Steve calls it, The Apocalypse Mirage🙂

Environment Minister John Baird has gone on the offensive against advocates of the Kyoto Protocol, presenting a federal study which […]


For the greater good.

I noticed over at Jeff’s blog the story of the local Greens in St. Catherines musing about not running a Green candidate in order to help elect the Liberal candidate over the incumbent Conservative MP. This would be significant in that the Conservative MP only won by 246 votes, while the Green candidate picked up a fairly substantial 2000+. If voting totals were to hold from last election, this decision would swing the riding to the Liberals.

Of course, this has some of our NDP blog friends all in a huff (who seem to have all forgot the Tories are in power, not the Greens, or the Liberals for that […]


On-line poll easily manipulated

BigCityLib details here why no one in the blogosphere or the media should be taking the Angus Reid online poll as an accurate gauge of public opinion out there: It’s easy to “freep”, or to manipulate the results:

Sign up, then sign up again using a different name, and then again. Indulge your fantasies: be black, switch genders, or adopt the persona of a Western Separatist–its all possible on the AR forums, and you can do it all from a single IP address! Then start taking surveys: which party would you vote for, do you like cheese, have you ever suffered from skin tags? The fun and games never end, […]


A followup to the Jane Taber online chat about the Dion/May pact.

Well, Jane didn’t call Dion a lunatic or anything, so I have to consider it a smashing success.

Seriously, Ms. Taber actually treated the topic very evenhandedly, much better then I would have thought. Read for yourself here. (The chat and questions from readers to her start at the bottom of page 1 and finish at page 3).


Stephane Dion not a leader, eh?

The Liberals have released a TV Ad to counter the “Stephane Dion is not a leader” meme that the Tories have been throwing out there. And in my mind, they’ve picked a perfect way to counter it… showing how Dion forged a consensus among the world to get an agreement at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change at Montreal in December 2005.

You can see the ad at the newly redesigned Liberal Party website, but here is the same ad courtesy of Youtube:

It’s real nice to see some stuff coming out from the Liberals in the advertising department, particularly with better poll #’s showing up, the reports of […]


Guns don’t kill people.. bullets do…

I’m not particularly a fan of Chris Rock, but the little ditty that he did which I saw posted earlier does indeed have a ring of logic to it.

Gun collectors still want to collect guns? No problem. Just make the ammo for them exorbitantly expensive. They’re collecting the guns after all, not the bullets to go with them, right? What about the hunters? Well, I’m sure we can make a provision for them, provided the ammo is securely locked away somewhere – perhaps not even at their homes.

Of course, a move to make ammo prohibitively expensive like that would mean you’d almost have to turn a gun shop […]


Lowering expectations with leaks

You know, I could do a blogpost this AM expressing my disbelief and outrage that the Conservatives draft for their revised and soon to released Green plan is actually weaker then the original Clean Air Act that they presented last fall, but I’m not going to.

Why? As others have expressed, I simply can’t believe that this is what they’re going with. I believe all these leaks (from a usually very good group at controlling information) are designed to lower expectations amongst the public and raise the outrage levels of the environmental groups and the opposition parties. Then, when they release something that is slightly tougher then what has been […]

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