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The quote of the day in Question Period

Just when you think Harper can’t make any more outrageous statements, he proves you wrong. Today, he brushed aside another demand from Dion for his Defence Minister O’Connor to resign with the retort that Dion didn’t serve in the military, so his opinion on the matter wasn’t worth listening to. As Darren points out here, and Macleans does here, (H/T to Steel City Grit) that would mean there wouldn’t be a lot of questions asked by anyone in QP by anybody (which may be Harper’s dream of what would happen, given how much a disaster the last month in QP has been for him and his government).

Now, I’ve not […]


Interesting similarities of Harper’s style to Bush’s

I’ve said often before that George “Dubya” Bush was Harper and the Conservatives “American Idol”, but take a look at this slideshow and see how striking it is that Harper has been using the exact same slogans and phrases that Bush has. Also note that in one shot, a “Bush/Cheney 2004” campaign poster is visible in the PMO’s building.

Nice to also see the Liberals starting to use the “American Idol” phrase. I won’t be so brazen and take credit for their using it, but I’m not the only one who’s picked up on it.

By the way, the Young Liberal Site and ads have been getting very good coverage […]


Charest’s possible departure would benefit Quebec Liberals in long run.

It seems the talks on Quebec’s budget have suddenly reached an impasse:

With less than two days left to reach a solution, a $240 million gap still sits between the parties, with the PQ demanding a $300 million injection into health funding and the Liberals only offering $60 million… PQ finance critic Francois Legault said the PQ is not against tax cuts it just believes the tax relief should go to lower income earners…”If Mr. Charest does not agree, I think he should start talking to Mario Dumont,” Legault said, naming the leader of the Action democratique du Quebec which has already promised to reject the budget.

Don’t worry about Charest though: If he gets defeated, and leaves, either by election loss or an ADQ takeover, he’s well set for his post-political career:

Earlier this year, Charest told close confidants his next election would likely be his last he is said to have had lucrative private sector offers through his friend, former prime minister Brian Mulroney.

That statement is a little reminder that Charest really isn’t a “Liberal” in the PLQ; he was after all the former leader of the Progressive Conservatives. While he would be one of the few “Red Tories” in the current right-wing batch of the new Conservative Party if he were a member, he still is a conservative at heart. He has dragged the Quebec Liberals to the right; which is partially to blame for why he has steadily lost support since he first became Premier.

I believe it would benefit the PLQ electorally to make sure their next leader is one leans a bit more “progressive” in his political viewpoint over such things as taxes and services and so on.


QUACK! QUACK! Ducks 1, Senaturds a big fat goose-egg.


2 more Quacks to go 🙂

Ottawa was dominated again tonight.. only reason they were even in it was due to their goaltender.


NDP Blogs cheer anti-democratic labour movement hecklers of Dion

I’ve always said that I felt the Liberals spent far too much time going after the NDP, both before I became a Liberal and after. Despite some who would claim otherwise, my blogposts on here would also show I’ve also been one of the more NDP sympathetic Liberal bloggers, I would daresay, since I became a Liberal blogger and Liberal Party member. I feel we as Liberals have much more in common with the NDP (particularly us on the social left-wing of the Liberal Party) then some Liberals and Liberal bloggers are willing to admit. I think our efforts should be focused on going after the Conservatives, despite the fact Layton may irritate some Liberals with some of his actions. I believe that should be brushed off and ignored for the most part.

That being said, I’m going to slip into “Liberal bias” mode; I have to call out some of the Blogging Dipper and NDP sympathetic bloggers, who are actually cheering the fact Dion was heckled and shouted down at the labour rally today in Ottawa.

As I said elsewhere at one site, its rather appalling to see the labour movement acting in the same manner as the Conservatives do in QP in Parliament Hill – which is not allowing someone to speak their mind or views just because they dont like a policy of his or the Party that person represents. The NDP bloggers and blogs can’t be held responsible for those doing the heckling, but its sad to see the NDP blogs actively cheering this anti-democratic behaviour of not allowing someone the right to express their views by shouting them down, not to mention cheering on actions that are plain discourteous and disrespectful.

Real democratic there what you’re cheering on, NDP blogging folks. You disgrace the “democratic” part of the New Democratic Party name by applauding that behaviour.


Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil.

There are new allegations of wrongdoing by the RCMP:

The new allegations, according to a lawyer’s letter, include potentially criminal acts like illegal electronic surveillance, alteration of documents, harassment, and cover-up in criminal investigations. The RCMP is alleged to have “spied” on the political campaigns of at least two members who sought election to government. That raised alarm bells with both Liberal and Conservative MPs. A 2003 ministerial directive forbids the Mounties from conducting surveillance on organized political, religious or labour union meetings.

Yet, our Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day thinks everything will be peachy once he hires a new police commissioner (oh, and anyway, it was the Liberals fault […]


How to properly make a website and ads with humour and with a point

The Young Liberals have responded to the Tories new attack ads and website with a website and ads of their own, 3 to be exact. Quite frankly, and admittedly with my own bias on the topic, I think they put the Tories to shame, both with the quality of the ads as well as with the simple design of the website.

The YLC folks are going to try and get 1 or 2 or all of these ads on the TV. I personally think they should have a “Vote for which ad you like most” button, and then ask people to pick the one they like, with the YLC or […]


We’ve seen this movie before. More Tory attack ads.

Did this surprise anyone today?

The television, radio and Internet ads accuse Dion of being a weak leader who cant direct the Liberal senators to support term limits for the Red Chamber. The Conservative Party today released its latest round of television and radio advertisements attacking Liberal Leader Stphane Dion.

So the Tories have now gotten to the point of trying to claim Stephane Dion is “not a leader” over the term limits bill? This is nothing more then an obvious attempt to try and get Canadians to change the channel and forget about the Conservatives weak environmental plans and the Afghan detainees debacle. I’m not the only one saying that either:


Your morning roundup of Tory ministers attempting damage control

John Baird went to a meeting with his provincial environment minister counterparts and got taken to task for the governments Green Plan (Part 2) :

A number of ministers emerged from a closed-door meeting with Baird saying they were disappointed with the government for failing to set a hard cap on industries that produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Baird of course decided to continue parroting the line that this was the “toughest plan ever”, but that was later contradicted by environmental groups who have studied his plan. In fact, the Pembina Institute calculates that these loopholes they’ve found in the plan means that Canada’s emissions will increase over the next […]


QUACK! Ducks 3, Sens 2.

1 Down, 3 to go for the team representing Anaheim (with the most Canadians of the 2 teams 😉 )

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