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Hilarious spoof of Environment Canada – The Ecofraud Site

Thanks to Jason for pointing out this parody site of Environment Canada, called ecoFRAUD.

The latest article says this:

In what will long be remembered as a stroke of political genius, Canadian Prime Minister Steve announced today that his government has formulated a sure-fire solution to the problem of meeting Canada’s daunting Kyoto targets: deport Oil Patch Minister John Baird to Antarctica.

That sounds like a sure-fire plan to me.. I’m all for it! đŸ™‚

Kudos to the person who made this up. A lot of creativity and humour to touch on a very serious topic of how the Conservatives have failed the environment and Canada.

NOTE: So far, only clicking the English button at the opening screen will take you to the main page. The French button/version of the site isn’t up and running yet.

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