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Quebec – An ADQ government about to happen?

Jean Charest seems to be in a bit of trouble with his Budget he released, as both opposition parties say they don’t like it:

Quebec’s Liberal government delivered a billion-dollar tax cut four years late today, gambling the opposition parties lack the political spine to vote down the budget and trigger an election… The Liberals will need the support of at least one of the opposition parties to pass the budget and cling to power in a vote expected in early June. Jerome-Forget said the opposition parties will face the wrath of the people if they trigger an election just a couple of months after the most recent vote.

I don’t doubt that they would feel the wrath of the Quebec people – if an election campaign happens. Both the media and the Liberal finance minister and even a few bloggers seem to forget however that there is another possibility: if the Budget is voted down, the Lieutenant Governor may ask the ADQ to see if they can form the government by gaining the confidence of the National Assembly, so as to prevent another election in such a short a period of time. Stranger things have happened.

UPDATE: 9:24am – The PQ has announced they will also vote against the Budget as it stands. And, the media have now acknowledged the above scenario:

Even if Charest were to lose a confidence vote, there is a possibility that newly appointed Lieutenant-Governor Pierre Duchesne (who has not yet been sworn in) would ask ADQ Leader Mario Dumont to form a minority government.


5 comments to Quebec – An ADQ government about to happen?

  • What is more likely to happen is that the PQ and ADQ won’t have everybody in the house come vote time. The ADQ did this the other day – there was a vote that could have been a confidence motion, and the ADQ had one MNA present. By keeping most of the troops home, both parties can say they voted against the budget but not risk actually defeating the government.

  • I agree… but .. I believe the possibility of the LG asking the ADQ to form the government as an alternative is very real.

  • There will not be an election in quebec. Not this soon. This is just political theatrics.

  • Well, as I said, Vicky.. I’m suggesting they may not go to the polls if they defeat the government on this.

  • They might not like it, but can the parties really afford to go back to the polls? not only that but the wrath of the quebec people if they have to go to the election booth around the St-Jean time…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the parties either walks out of the National assembly, or don’t show up at all…like the ADQ did yesterday…

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