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Any other handbooks?

Just a brief question I’ve been pondering: seeing as they went to the trouble of printing up a 200 page handbook on how to disrupt Parliamentary Committees, I wonder what else they’ve printed up for their MP’s and Ministers to read up on- since apparently verbal instruction would get forgotten too easy by this bunch.

Here’s a couple I thought of that Conservative MP’s might have.

“How to give Harper and our Ministers a proper standing ovation in Parliament when they diss the Opposition”

“How to heckle someone during Question Period”

“How to take advantage of Mike Duffy’s show to claim the opposition are ‘Taliban lovers/weak on terror/dont like soldiers’ […]

Screen capture this

I’ve often said I’m so used to Chantal Hebert of the Star taking shots at Dion, It doesn’t bother me anymore. What I will take note of is when she writes a column that mentions Dion without bashing him. Today’s op-ed by her is such a day.

Harper stands for less action on the environment than most Canadians are craving for and for more military involvement in Afghanistan than public opinion is ready to tolerate. As it happens, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is on the sunny side of the same equation, at least as far as public opinion is concerned…For better or for worse, it is becoming easier to fathom Dion’s vision than Harper’s. Dion is not the first leader of the opposition to seem more focused than the prime minister he seeks to replace. That was also Harper’s case in the dying days of the last Martin mandate.

Okay, so it’s not exactly lavish praise, but with Chantal, if you’re a Liberal and/or Dion supporter, you take what you can get. Interesting column however about Harper running on empty. I would argue again it would almost have been to the benefit of the Liberals to bring him and his government down now and take our chances with the polls being currently tied, rather then let them have time to regroup.

Admin announcement on Prog Blog – we’re down.. be patient.

Yes.. I am aware the Prog Blog site is giving us errors – the same error we were getting earlier a couple of months ago. I’ve left Saskboy an email, and hopefully he can rectify this in the morning.

This will just mean for a few hours.. I wont be subjected to some of my left-wing affiliates charging that we have “Liberal/liberal bias” at the site. 🙄

We won’t have ANY bias of any kind at the moment til we get back up and running.

[email protected], Sat May 19: We’re back up and running.

The Leaking Tories.

This is pretty funny:

Peter Van Loan, the government’s House leader, ignored the demand and continued to insist that the Tories want the minority Parliament to work. He again blamed the opposition parties for its recent dysfunction…But Van Loan’s arguments were weakened by the leak of the manual. The government was so embarrassed and annoyed by the leak, that, according to a source, it ordered all committee chairs to return their copies of the handbook, apparently in a bid to determine who broke confidence.

Nothing like getting caught in the act of deliberately obstructing Parliament/Parliamentary Committees. The more astounding thing is not only do they have a playbook for it […]

Is a high(er) dollar good or bad for Canada?

A very rhetorical subjective question for those out there that are economists or who study it. I ask because the Canadian dollar has reached its highest level since 1978:

Positive retail sales numbers gave the Canadian dollar another boost Friday to levels not seen since Pierre Trudeau was prime minister 30 years ago..The Canadian dollar jumped 0.84 of a cent to 91.86 cents (U.S.)

Now on the one hand, it hurts Canadian manufacturers who export to the US. On the other hand, imported stuff from the US became a lot cheaper, and people who want to take vacations to the US benefit as well. I know we have a couple […]

More examples of Compassionate Conservatism in action

While I’m pleased to see the Ontario government step in with their own funding to allow that autistic kids camp to remain open, this article details some other groups that are being rejected for federal funding – and I think we see a pattern here:

Across Canada, organizations as varied as Fredericton’s sexual assault centre, a Cape Breton baseball program for disabled children and 80 groups in Newfoundland, including museums and parks, had their funding requests rejected, according to opposition parties.

So, the Tories are going after the most disadvantaged in our society.. and they’re whole-scale rejecting applications from Newfoundland – perhaps some payback for Danny Williams bitter complaints against Harper? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

More examples of groups who have long had federal funding now being rejected:

Must be another anarchist on the loose in Baird’s Department

2 leaks from the Environment Ministry in less then a week?

I’d say a few of the public servants aren’t too enamoured with John Baird or the Tory Green Plan.

[email protected];50 AM: As I’ve just said in comments and as Jeff has mentioned here, not only do the Tories now have to worry about just leaks coming from the bureaucracy, apparently they have leaks coming from somewhere on the political side as well, as only an MP or a political staffer should have access to a guideline to Tory chairmen how to ru(i)n their committees.

Update: Ding Dong, the Wolf is dead (as of June 30).

I just saw this story come over the newswire – Wolf has gotten the Board to agree he acted “in good faith” during his tenure.

He assured us that he acted ethically and in good faith in what he believed were the best interests of the institution and we accept that,” the board said in its announcement of his resignation.

Whatever… but if that’s what it took to get him to go, I can live with that.

Wolfowitz wants his dignity intact (whatever that is) before he’ll leave World Bank

Interesting story here – the US government has finally figured out no one wants him at the helm anymore, but Wolf isn’t going to leave without kicking and screaming that it wasn’t all his fault:

The Bush administration, navigating the currents of international diplomacy, remained sympathetic to Wolfowitz’s plight but has appeared less willing by the day to spend political capital on him. Officials were eager to wrap up the unpleasantries and move on. But Wolfowitz, who has clung tenaciously to his post through weeks of controversy, even as World Bank staff members took to the streets to demand his ouster, stuck to his position that he tried to do […]

Tories refuse funding for autistic kids camp.

Another example of “Compassionate Conservatism” in action by the Tories. Apparently, funding a camp for autistic kids is a waste of money:

For more than a decade, the “Yes I Can!” nursery school in Toronto has taken in autistic and low-income kids for its award-winning summer programs, thanks to federal grants that made it possible to hire student counsellors. But not this year. In a surprise move, the federal Conservative government has rejected the centre’s request for $38,000, putting its program in peril.


38 000 dollars? That’s a drop in the bucket. The Tories are claiming the camp scored ‘poorly’ with the new guidelines they brought in to assess projects. Yet, the record of this camp would prove otherwise:

Awards won by the nursery school include the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education, and the Maria De Witt award for an outstanding community program. As well, some of the students who worked at the centre – more than 200 – have gone on to become doctors and speech pathologists, MacDougall said.

It also happens to be “coincidentally” in a riding held by the opposition – in this case the Liberals. Nahhhh… that wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with it, now would it (hello Bev Oda?).

This government wants to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on icebreakers for the arctic, yet it can’t be bothered to give an autistic kids camp 38 thousand bucks to help hire 30 university students, who would be trained in how to work with autistic children. Great priorities, Tories.

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