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Canadian Embassy responds to emails: removes link to extreme right-wing blogger.

I saw this at Unrepentant Old Hippie, as well as elsewhere, and wanted to repost the response that the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC has been sending out to those of you who emailed into them complaining of their promoting a link with Wendy Sullivan, aka “RightGirl” who Dave at the Galloping Beaver first alerted everyone to the fact the Canadian Embassy was giving her props, when her derogatory and prejudicial posts on the First Nations shows she deserves no such thing. The Embassy must have received a bunch of complaints, because they have acted:

“Thank you for your email regarding a post made this week in the blog “Right Wing Girl” and the our article about the Canadian Angels website from a 2006 edition of the Connect2Canada newsletter. Our mention of Canadian Angels was made over a year ago. We have now removed that reference to the Canadian Angels site from the Connect2Canada website and newsletter and will not make future references to it. Thank you again for your message. We very much value the feedback of Connect2Canada members. Regards, Bernard Etzinger, Connect2Canada team, Canadian Embassy, Washington, DC”

I’d like to give props to Dave for starting this whole campaign and letting the Embassy know the type of stuff Rightgirl was publishing, and asking if they really want to be associated with that. I only played a small part in the whole thing, so credit goes to the people who decided not to let this go unchallenged. Props to all of you readers and the other blogs/bloggers for writing in as well. I think that its time we start exposing/publicizing these extremists rantings whenever we see them being interviewed on the MSM or other sites and start pointing out what these people publish or believe in, and ask those media or NGO’s or whoever it is if they can justify giving these extremists continued mainstream exposure.


A Day of Action also a day of calm

Well, despite the blockades in some areas, yesterday’s Native Day Of Action went without any major conflicts. I would say this is to the various police forces credit – they decided not to take a confrontational approach, so we had no Oka-type scenarios anywhere. That attitude was in contrast to some of our right-wing blogosphere colleagues, who when they were not making derogatory statements about the First Nations peoples, were calling for the army and/or riot police to be sent in against “Native terrorists”. Thank goodness these people aren’t the ones making decisions on this – they would have had this country up in flames yesterday if it was up […]


Your long weekend chuckle

This skit is from a few weeks ago on This Hour Has 22 Minutes, but I still get a chuckle out of this.

Scary thing though, it isn’t too far from the truth.


Friends dont let friends vote Conservative.

The Young Liberals have launched another little initiative this Canada Day holiday weekend, with the unveiling of the new website Take Back Canada, as well as setting up some stations across Canada to promote the website and their new campaign. You can get more information at the site, and you can join their Facebook group. Another clever little promo the YLC is doing in my view. When you’re in opposition, you need to sometimes take the initiative and do something to make the headlines, or take them from the guys in power, and using the publicity to spread your message. Its nice to see the YLC is playing a proactive […]


Scraping the bottom of the rightwing blogging barrel

Well, as I (unfortunately) predicted, the First Nation’s National Day of Protest has brought the frothing rabid, hate-spewing right-wingers out of the woodwork. I hope all the news organizations out there who have used some of these folks before as “credible” people for commentary would either think twice about using them, or confront them about their hate-filled screeds and force them to defend themselves to the general public.

[email protected] 3:10pm: Seems Dave over at the Galloping Beaver has discovered one of the bloggers with the loathsome remarks I linked to has been getting lauded down at the Canadian Embassy in Washington for her efforts down there to do with an […]


Paint the town blue

Well, it seems that is isn’t just a couple of bloggers noticing the surprising prevalence of blue at this year’s Canada Day celebrations; some in the media are starting to notice it as well.

Its hinted at in the media piece that military symbols are going to be highly noticeable at this event – which isn’t a shocker, given that Harper tries his hardest to convey he supports Canadian troops and no one else apparently does. We’re also told from Justin’s site that according to his information, for the first time ever, there will be a “VIP” tent set up so that Harper can receive guests.

Hey, I support having […]


Support for Afghanistan mission dropping in other NATO countries.

The Pew Project released a poll that measured public attitudes in 47 countries on a variety of topics. The one that caught my eye was the attitude toward the Afghanistan mission. According to the Pew poll, majorities in 7 of the 12 NATO countries want troops out of Afghanistan “as soon as possible”. In Canada and Germany, a plurality (49%) are advocating immediate removal. Only in the US and Britain are majorities in favour of maintaining troops in Afghanistan, and even there, the numbers are only 50-42 to stay. The Czech republic appears to be divided, with 45% advocating removal now.

I thought since some media pundits on the […]


The conservatives on the US Supreme Court get nostalgic; pine for the 1950’s.

In a ruling today in a split 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court struck down voluntary integration plans in a couple of public schools. At the same time, they tried insisting they weren’t going against the spirit of Brown v. Board of Education, which barred public school districts from assigning students on the basis of race.

The dissenting Justices beg to differ – first, Breyer:

The plurality pays inadequate attention to this law, to past opinions’ rationales, their language, and the contexts in which they arise. As a result, it reverses course and reaches the wrong conclusion. In doing so, it distorts precedent, it misapplies the relevant constitutional principles, it […]


Via Rail cancels some corridor service over the Day of Protest

I’m not particularly surprised at this, nor will I be surprised to see the howls of outrage from certain segments of the right-wing blogging community because of it. I’m not referring to mere grumbling about it; what I mean is I will expect to see calls for the military to be called in and the SWAT team and so on. Some of these folks froth at the mouth over wanting confrontation, while others haven’t needed much of an excuse to slag the Native community. This will trigger some interesting reading posts over there, I’m sure, going on past history.


Stabbed in the front

Contrary to what some might think, I actually like Andrew Coyne as a writer/op-ed/journalist. He’s the only reason anyone should bother looking through the National Post in my opinion. He’s also not as “conservative” in some viewpoints as you might think. For instance, he supports MMP electoral reform, and he also holds constitutional and federalist positions that are very similar to what Pierre Trudeau articulated. I also got to meet and chat with him at the Liberal Party convention in December ; anyone who praises the Progressive Blogger site as a good setup is a good guy in my books 😉

However, I have to take issue with this column he wrote on Afghanistan. It’s not the fault of the opposition parties who are supposedly undercutting the troops, which Harper claims, and it appears Andrew supports. It’s the Canadian people who do not support this mission being extended as it stands. A recent Decima research poll said this:

Only one in four (26%) Canadians feel that Canada should be willing to extend our mission in Afghanistan beyond February 2009 if that is necessary to complete our goals there. Fully 67% felt that we need to do our best to accomplish progress in Afghanistan but that we must stick to that deadline and get our troops out. This is the majority view in every region, among men and women, urban and rural voters, all income and every age group.

Andrew conveniently leaves that part out of his argument when he attacks the opposition parties. I’m sure they’d all love to take credit for swaying the Canadian public to their viewpoints, but I get the feeling the Canadian public has come to this majority view about Afghanistan and troop withdrawal all on their own, or ironically enough, from reading the very media that Coyne works; seeing another Don Cherry tribute on HNIC during Coaches Corner to another dead Canadian soldier and showing their picture(s) probably has done more to get people to think this mission needs to end in its current format soon then anything the opposition parties have done.

There is no one stabbing Canadian solders or the Afghanistan mission in the back. The Canadian public are making it quite well known that this mission in their mind is done in its current format. Deceivin’ Stephen is just trying to use the mission as another partisan attack on his opposition, something else Andrew seems to have overlooked.

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