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Nothing like sublinimal messaging..

Interesting colour setup for the stage at this year’s Canada Day celebrations:

Sublinimal messaging

Maybe I’m being a conspiracy theorist… but it wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the Conservatives official party colours are blue, would it?

Sure hope they remember that red and white are Canada’s colours of the flag and our country’s official colours in their zeal to promote Canada’s new(ish) government’s official colours.

10 comments to Nothing like sublinimal messaging..

  • slg

    It isn't blue flags people are waving or T-shirts or other Canadiana stuff for the National Holiday.

    Hey, blue is such a cold colour isn't it?

  • Platty.

    Martin never STOOD on that stage.  It's not a public stage.  It's what the NCC sets up for CTV, CBC to use to broadcast from.  The stage is probably never seen on TV as it's where most of the main cameras are setup. 

    The main stage is black.  Dark and black.  Perfect for Harper.

  • The stage was blue when Paul was standing on it three years ago, so, does that mean that Marty was a closet Torie??

  • Scott.  The media stage boards have been blue for at least three years if my memory serves me correct.

  • The colours of Canada are red and white, and have been, since George V said so, in 1921, so blue does not belong for Canada Day.

  • ALW

    Also, just because the Liberals didn't *change* Canada's colours to red and white, doesn't mean that they haven't *leveraged* that fact to try and blur the line between "Liberal Party" and "Canada". The effect is the same: an attempt to imply that "against Liberal" means "against Canada".  That's a bit more disingenous than a blue stage on Parliament Hill, I'd say.

  • ALW

    Er, slow news day?

    I hear the carpet in Langevin Block is blue now too, instead of red.  Woooo!

  • Actually, several Conservatives have made that argument before.

  • Sure hope they remember that red and white are Canada’s colours of the flag and our country’s official colours

    That kind of reasoning will get you nowhere, Scott. I suspect the Tory base thinks our official colours were chosen as some kind of Liberal conspiracy.

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