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Dion in the top 10 of green politicians in the world

This was a nice thing to see yesterday. – an environmental website/news site based out of Seattle, published a list of The Top 15 Green Politicians in the world. Stephane Dion came in ranked #10 on the list – ahead of Angela Merkel and Barbara Boxer.

No sign of where John Baird or Stephen Harper placed in their rankings. I suspect if there was a list of Top 15 Anti-Green politicians, both would make the Top 10 of that rather easily.


Majority of Canadians now want government to help get Khadr released.

It appears that the military tribunal which ruled it had no jurisdiction in ruling on Khadr and dismissed all charges against him has caused Canadians to believe its time our government did something to bring him home:

The survey of 1,028 people found that 51 per cent believe Ottawa should actively intervene to secure Khadr’s release, up from 40 per cent just two weeks ago, said Craig Worden, vice-president, public affairs at Angus Reid. Also, according to the survey, 53 per cent of Canadians don’t trust the federal government to help should they be arrested in a foreign country.

As you can see, a majority now also believe Canada won’t do much to help them out with their rights as a Canadian citizen should they be charged in a foreign land – which appears to be a well-justified fear.

Regardless, it appears a lot of Canadians are starting to share the view held by many that we should bring Khadr here and either charge him here – where he has a chance of a fair trial that is his right to have as a Canadian citizen – or release him if we have no evidence. Notwithstanding the bad reputation his family has, Canadians are starting to remember that no matter who you are or who your family is, being detained for 5 years without a fair trial is a miscarriage of justice.

UPDATE: A caveat to this poll result. This apparently is another of the notorious Angus-Reid online polls which I have had a great deal of skepticism over, because I believe the methodology to be unproven and suspect. I’ve always said I don’t care what the poll #’s are for what issue.. if it’s an online poll over a standard one, then one needs to take it with a grain of salt. This is no different. My remarks in the comments section about the need for judicial process and the rule of law and the presumption of innocence over guilt to be honoured aren’t changed by whether this poll is accurate or not, however.


My parents would be ashamed (if they knew anything about blogs).

Shockingly, I somehow have come up with a RESTRICTED rating on my blog.

Apparently sex (8x) and gay (1x) were the reason why.. though I can be darned if I can find “sex” 8 times on my blog.. unless its to do with “same-sex marriage”.

Guess I’ll need to pray extra hard at Church this Sunday for forgiveness. 🙂

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Progressive Bloggers also got a restricted rating… but thats not my fault.. all my filthy mouthed aggregates are to blame for that. Key words to get that rating?

gay (5x) crack (3x) assholes (2x) hell (1x)

Filthy progressives….

UPDATE 2: Well, now I don’t feel so bad. […]


Nothing like sublinimal messaging..

Interesting colour setup for the stage at this year’s Canada Day celebrations:

Maybe I’m being a conspiracy theorist… but it wouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the Conservatives official party colours are blue, would it?

Sure hope they remember that red and white are Canada’s colours of the flag and our country’s official colours in their zeal to promote Canada’s new(ish) government’s official colours.


We have the election trigger. Will all 3 opposition parties agree to pull it?

With all due respect to Impolitical, if the government ignores or fails to meet the guidelines set out by Bill C-288, I’d rather leave the court challenges to the public or the environmental groups. The opposition parties can use the failure to comply with the law’s guidelines or the ignoring of it (defying the will of Parliament in the process) as a reason – and with justification – to vote non-confidence in the Conservative government, bring it down, and take it to the people.

Other issues can be discussed within the course of an election campaign, but I believe this bill on the environment and the refusal of the Conservatives […]


Statements that make your head spin.

“You are the acting arm of Quebec pacifism.” – Quebec Premier Jean Charest, addressing the Van Doos regiment about to depart for Afghanistan.

I know Afghanistan is very unpopular in Quebec, but Charest’s attempt at employing this type of alliteration to get Quebeckers to support the deployment might give you a hint why he only won a minority after being expected to win a majority at the start of the campaign. It doesn’t quite rank up there with putting increased equalization payments towards a tax cut, but it’s up there.

(H/T to BigCityLib)


Harper’s harping and more whitewashing

Shorter Stephen Harper: There is a bureaucratic conspiracy going on against me and my government.

More shorter Stephen Harper: I’m going on a public relations tour in the North in an effort to invoke patriotism and try to get people to forget about the environment and Afghanistan.

Shorter Canadian military: We don’t really want to know whether Afghan detainees were tortured or not after we handed them over. We just want to whitewash the whole affair and try to forget it ever happened.

UPDATE: I see The Jurist is in short-form mode on this Monday morning as well.


A live view of the Manitoba tornadoes

Think you could do what these guys do? I sure couldn’t:

This is one of the monster tornadoes that went rampaging through Manitoba on Friday and Saturday: the same system that caused the F-4 tornado in Elie. Manitoba. This one appears to be larger and more monstrous.. but no confirmation yet on what this one measured at.


A chastened Harper finally gets it.

Thomas Walkom touches on it a bit today, but I’ll add to it: Harper and his advisers have finally figured out that no matter how much they encourage Canadians to support the troops, and no matter how much they accuse the opposition parties of being anti-troops, the majority of Canadians just do not want to see the Afghanistan mission as it is in its current form beyond Feb 2009.

A cynic might suggest that it took a poll which showed an overwhelming number of Quebeckers opposed sending off the Quebec-based Vandoos to the Afghan theatre to finally get Harper to act a bit more contrite and diplomatic sounding then he […]


June 30th Blogstravaganza

James Bow, the well known blogger who is the head of the Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians, is also an author, and next Saturday, June 30th, he and fellow blogger Bob Tarantino are going to be doing a dual book launch and blog gathering in Toronto. James will be launching his second novel, “Fathom Five”, a young adult fantasy that’s a sequel to “The Unwritten Girl”, and Bob Tarantino will be promoting his book called “Under Arrest: Canadian Laws You Won’t Believe”.

The book launchings themselves will take place at Nicholas Hoare Booksellers, 45 Front Street East, just west of Church Street, and then across the street at the Flatiron […]

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