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In Support of Belinda Stronach – Facebook Group

For those who use Facebook, there was just started today a group open to anyone who wishes to join to show their support for Belinda Stronach as she’s undergoing her battle against breast cancer. That group is here.


Best wishes, Belinda

Ms. Stronach is battling breast cancer, its been revealed – a fight she’s had privately apparently for the past couple of months.

My personal best wishes and prayers go out to her.


White House to close Guantanamo? I’ll believe it when they do it.

Why would I be so pessimistic at not believing George Bush? Well, he and his administration have a pattern of saying or hinting they’d do this, and then turning around and denying it.

Examples? Let’s start with June of 2005. The Washington Post says there is a concerted effort by the US Admin to close Guantanamo down; a week later, Darth Cheney denies it. Next comes June 2006. The President says in a Press Conference that he would “like to close Guantanamo”; 2 weeks later the White House Press Secretary hemmed and hawed and says, well… not really. And now, what do you know… it’s June 2007, and what do […]


Look for the Cons to send Bill C-288 to court to avoid Kyoto compliance

I think you can see the strategy the Tories are going to attempt with Bill C-288, the Kyoto Implementation Bill. Harper is claiming its a “constitutionally impossible” bill. That tells me that when the deadlines the bill lays out are reached, the Conservatives will go to court rather then be forced to implement measures that follow Kyoto guidelines, which they clearly have shown they don’t wish to follow.

Look also for this particular bill to be the way the government is brought down by the combined Opposition, if the deadlines come and the government is charged with flouting the will of Parliament by refusing to abide by it or by […]


Another reason to sack O’Connor as Defence Minister

If you really need another reason, here’s more evidence of poor lack of judgment; he thought ex-Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld was doing a bang-up job and was showing leadership.

Seriously, I’d like to know what O’Connor has on Harper, because this guy would have been shuffled out long ago in any other Cabinet in any other government, regardless of what party was in power, due to his incompetence. Perhaps Harper is too stubborn to admit he made a mistake.

(H/T to Diva Rachel)


Book Review: Paris 1919

One of the traits I have is I love reading about historical events. Many people find history boring, but I am not one of those. I like books that tell me what led to certain events – what caused them, their repercussions, and so on.

My friend Michelle also shares that trait, and one day not long ago we were talking about that, and she recommended a book to me called Paris 1919, which details the history of the 1919 Paris peace talks following the end of World War 1. I was warned it might be boring if one doesn’t like history, but since I do, I didn’t find it […]


Monopolies and near-monopolies are bad.

There have been a couple of other bloggers talking about this, and I’m going to throw my 2 cents in; I wouldn’t be very happy either if Bell and Telus were allowed to merge. I just left the one because I wasn’t happy with the cellphone plan and joined the other. I will be, against my will, plopped back into it if they merge.

We are faced with a situation where competition gets even reduced further, if this plan is allowed to go through, and I’m with Dan that the choice may be down to VoIP, or Rogers I suppose.


Conservatives plunge in BC: poll

Here’s one of the reasons we’re not having an election anytime soon, Conservative support is cratering in areas they need to increase support in if they want a majority government, or even to just hang on to power. BC is no exception:

Federal Tory policies on the environment and Afghanistan have cost the party support in British Columbia..The Tories have 33 per cent support compared with 29 per cent for the NDP and 28 per cent for the Liberals, according to the survey of 852 B.C. adults conducted by Mustel Group Market Research, and released yesterday. Liberal support has been stable since the last Mustel survey, conducted in March, but […]


School’s out early.

Remember when you were in grade school and on the final day of school before the summer vacation, sometimes you’d have an assembly and the principle would let you go home at noon? Well, that’s what Parliament has done, as MP’s all decided they were sick of each other and voted to adjourn 2 days early to go home till Sept 17. That means bloggers who are political in nature are going to have to find ways of being able to blog worthy posts each day.

I think I’m going to start a countdown clock till the Progressive Blogger get-togethers in Ottawa and Toronto this summer… 🙂


An attempt at a gotcha moment – for what?

Stephen Taylor must be having trouble to find stuff to blog about. His latest blog-column attempts a “gotcha moment” to claim Garth over-exaggerated the # of viewers Garth has had of his Mptv videos. Garth rebuts with a column here that says Taylor missed the relevant download numbers and only took a look at the page-views. While I can understand Garth’s desire to show Stephen is incorrect with his inferences that Turner is stretching the truth, I am sure Stephen will be pleased to see the rebuttal in the sense it gives him more publicity – something he embraces, which is usually given to him by the media even as he attacks them at the same time. It’s been Stephen’s “shtick” since I’ve observed his blogging, and its one of the more oxymoronic things I’ve witnessed, though in this case, the publicity comes from an MP, not a journalist.

Anyhow, I’m not sure what this column and attempt at a gotcha moment of Stephen’s is supposed to prove in the grander scheme of things, other then it shows that Garth continues to be obsessed over by certain members of the Blogging Tory group. I mean, I haven’t seen any of the Liberal bloggers obsessing this much over Emerson or Khan’s defections; what blogging there was of them has long ago ceased, and in both their cases, they jumped straight to the Conservatives, unlike Garth who sat as an independent first and THEN became a Liberal.

Apparently that’s still a sin over in Blogging Tory land, because it’s strange to me they pay so much attention to an MP from Halton. Perhaps they view his efforts to reach out to voters with his blog and the videos – and acting like a blogger does – as a threat to their efforts to spread the Conservative gospel, or it’s just that they can’t brook dissent of their Dear Leader and will do anything and everything in their power to discredit and destroy those who dare challenge Deceivin’ Stephen.

UPDATE: I see from Jason’s site that Stephen T. is now reporting that Conservative staffers are able to use Facebook again. What a relief. And of course, this move was lauded by Stephen, just as the original ban was lauded. The Conservatives can do no wrong! (Jason’s post and mine were not coordinated, by the way).

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