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Clinton’s logic on why the US needs universal healthcare: ‘we are losing jobs to Canada’

Now this is interesting; apparently the US is losing jobs to Canada because of our better health-care system, or so says US Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, in a turning of the tables, as its usually us complaining about losing jobs to the US for a myriad of reasons:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton told a union audience yesterday that “high value” American jobs are going to Canada because lower health-care costs north of the border have become such a competitive advantage. The New York senator said the U.S. has to get its health-care costs under control or continue to see jobs flee north… Clinton specifically cited the closing at the end of this year of the Ford assembly plant at Wixom, Mich., which is moving to St. Thomas, Ont. “We’ve got to get those health-care costs under control because that’s one of the excuses people use for moving jobs,” she said.

Buzz Hargrove for some reason felt he had to offer a rebuttal by saying we were losing jobs up here too, due to overseas imports. I see Buzz’s logic in saying that, but I’m not sure why he felt compelled to want to point out Clinton’s apparent wrong reasoning. Clinton was making this point to try and advocate a universal health care system in the US, not because she was arguing for closing the border to Canadian-built cars or any other such trade issue. Her last effort at universality failed as First Lady in 1994, so she’s making a different stab at it for a different reason, feeling the loss-of-jobs argument might resonate better.

Buzz’s statement makes it look like he doesn’t want universal health care down there because it might stem the flow of jobs from the US to Canada; that’s probably not the case, but I think his releasing a statement trying to attack Clinton’s logic was unnecessary. IF Hilary can get elected as nominee, get elected, and bring in universal health-care, or a version close to it, more power to her. Its a bit of a disgrace that the richest nation on earth has 45 million uninsured Americans who risk losing everything if they get seriously ill.

This is getting the job done?

This isn’t what I quite had in mind when Canada’s New(ish) Government said it was getting the job done.

Conservatives waste taxpayers money to avoid embarrassment

Michelle has been good at posting documents at her blog from time to time exposing the Conservatives modus operandi, and she has done so again, showing how much Baird and his office was willing to pay an economist to be a sole source contract supplier to his office and to give the Minister’s office advice on climate change, but later on when the same economist issued a scathing report on the Conservatives climate change targets, the Conservatives would not allow him to present his findings to the Environment Committee when it became apparent his views didn’t agree with those of Baird or the Conservative government.

Our taxpayers dollars were paid […]

Most partisan government ever in Canadian history.

I don’t see how anyone could challenge that label of Canada’s once-new Conservative government. This time, the NDP has gotten a taste of what the CPC has been throwing Dion’s way since he became leader. After Layton and the NDP (amongst others) criticized the bad optics of the Conservatives being a sponsor in a racing circuit that is the only one that uses leaded fuel still and hasn’t embraced “clean” racing alternative fuels yet, the Conservatives turned their attack dogs on the NDP, releasing this statement:

Ryan Sparrow, a spokesman for the Conservative party, said New Democrats will have to answer to automotive workers for their criticism of motor sports.“They’re casting doubt on the whole sport,” said Sparrow.

So now the Tories are trying to use this as a wedge issue against the NDP, after it was pointed out how much leaded fuel and GHG these things emit. They can’t help but turn EVERYTHING into a wedge issue. The NDP are against the automobile!


A change of nickname for Harper perhaps?

If things progress as mentioned in this story and the government decides to cave in to US demands for more concessions on Canadian softwood lumber, I may have to change my nickname for Harper from “Deceivin’ Stephen” to “Sellout Stephen”

This was predicted by many analysts when this sellout.. er.. deal.. first came to be.. and they are being proven correct. I would not be surprised at all to see the government go against the wishes of the BC forest industry and to concede even more ground to the Americans, all on the basis of keeping close ties to Harper’s American Idol.

(H/T to The Jurist)

My 15 seconds of fame (or not).

I received an interesting email from someone purporting to be from the Hill Times this morning asking if I would do an interview over the phone with them for a story they are writing on. After confirming it was indeed a Hill Times staffer, I did about a 10 minute interview with him asking me some questions. I gave him the names of 3 other bloggers who might be able to add more to the topic, so it will be interesting to see how much of my ramblings get in to this story (if any). I’m sure the other 3 bloggers if they were got ahold of will be a lot more insightful.

Anyhow, the story in question they hope to have in next Monday’s edition (they only publish once a week). I won’t give it away yet, except to say its indirectly related to the Bourque story of him being sponsored, but very indirectly, and its actually a topic we’ve discussed before at Prog Blog.  That’s your only clues till the story actually gets published.

Monday Bits and Bites

There already have been a lot of blog-postings looking at the Tories strategy of trying to appeal to NASCAR fans as well as the fact they sponsored Pierre Bourque’s car. My angle on this is that I have to take issue with Diane Finley’s comical little statement on the matter about how NASCAR people are the Conservatives “kind of people“, and that “they’re hard-working families, they’re taxpayers who play by the rules”.

This is of course is a message (implied or otherwise) that the Conservatives are trying to spread: there are 2 types of Canadians – those who don’t like NASCAR (who are elitists that sip Starbucks coffee and who […]

My Political Compass now a Facebook Application

This is good… My Political Compass is now able to be added as a Facebook Application, and you can show it on your profile.

The link to it if you have Facebook is here

Hey Steve, what about YOUR senators holding up the will of the Commons?

So I see Deceivin’ Stephen went on a self-righteous rant about the “Liberal” Senators holding up the will of the elected House of Commons:

“So I think there’d be a sure lot of anger if a bunch of unelected guys decided they could block what the elected people did and what their constituents want.””Everyone expects that the elected house’s judgment will prevail,” Harper said.

I fully agree, Steve – the elected house’s judgment should prevail – so why don’t you tell your Conservative senators to stop impeding the “judgment” of the elected house and allow Bill C-288 to pass? That would be the Kyoto Implementation Bill, if any were wondering, […]

Prog Blog multiple get-togethers announced. Date to be determined by affiliates

Just a repeat of the announcement at Progressive Bloggers for those who dont visit the frontpage there too often. We’ve decided there is enough interest for multiple meetings, so I’ve decided we’re going to try a meeting in Toronto/GTA one week, and a meeting in Ottawa another week…. mainly because some have even expressed interest in going to both (and I wouldn’t mind it either, to try and meet as many people as I can).

All we need to do is figure out what weekend works for the most people.. so the Prog Blog poll question asks that, so if you’re a member of Prog.. go vote on it πŸ™‚ […]

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