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Talking out of both sides of their mouth.

The Deceivin’ Stephen-led Conservatives sure do try to fool a lot of people with their double-speak on issues. Today’s recall of a HOC Committee to try to push human rights laws for First Nations is the latest example. First, the background:

The Tories want to extend human rights law to First Nations, but native leaders say they weren’t properly consulted and don’t have the cash to comply.

And now the Deceivin’ part – first this was obviously a PR stunt, because this recall of the Committee wasn’t going to amount to much right now anyhow.

Conservatives accused their rival MPs of delaying human rights for vulnerable native people. Opposition MPs assailed the government for staging what they called a calculated political stunt. Liberal, NDP and Bloc MPs stressed that even if they agreed to review the bill – which they refused – it could not go back to the House of Commons for third reading until business resumes in the fall.

Secondly, this appears to be nothing but false concern over the human rights issue, when they’ve just decided to press an appeal against a court decision that grants long-overdue rights to First Nations females:


Harper’s principles.

Stephen Walkom in the Star this morning says that the only reason Harper decided to take a tour of Central and South America recently was for one reason only – Canadian business is interested in the countries he visited and he wants to help them make a profit down there:

The Colombian government is handing out oil concessions helter-skelter. Indeed, just a month before Harper’s visit, two Canadian firms were awarded additional contracts worth $19.1 million (U.S.) Canada’s Enbridge Inc. is operator and part-owner of a major Colombian pipeline. So it’s no wonder that Harper’s first stop was Colombia. The government of President Alvaro Uribe, accused by Amnesty International of […]


Libel chill feature on CBC’s The National tonight.

I’ve been following this story as its developed. It was originally going to have been on this past Tuesday, but it is now on tonight between 10 and 11 pm. I’ll let Mark of Section 15 describe in his own words what its about (he’s one of those being interviewed by Leslie Mackinnon).

People and bloggers from every political persuasion should be interested in and indeed concerned about the outcome of this case.

UPDATE: Mark now tells me the CBC have bumped the feature. New airdate not known as of yet


Punishing dishonest politicians

When you look at that title, the first thing you’ll say is the best way to do that is to vote them out at the next election. But in an op-ed this morning. Duff Conacher of the group Democracy Watch proposes something more – create honesty-in-politics laws. The proposal would create a watchdog agency for voters to complain to, and the agency the power to heavily fine politicians who they determined had made a dishonest promise during an election campaign or misled the public in between elections.

I don’t mind the idea in principle, but I think the weakness of the proposed plan is here:

Some say that when candidates […]


Admin note: trying to speed up the site.

Some are saying to me that this site takes too long to load. I dont really notice it on my end with high speed access (well.. it sometimes takes a few seconds, but I’m not sure that counts as slow), but I’m going to turn off a few plugins to see if that speeds things up. The most significant one to start with will be the ability for users to edit their own comments within a 5 min time period. Let me know if turning any of these extra plugins off speeds up the load of the site for those experiencing slowdowns.


Mcguinty wishes to negotiate with border states over flow of handguns and drugs

I think this is a good idea, though I’d have to see the specifics of what Premier Mcguinty proposes the border states do to help stem the flow. If Ottawa wont do it, Ontario should.

Also, a spot-on quote from the Premier:

McGuinty said the federal government has to do its part by banning the gangsters’ “weapon of choice” – handguns. While the federal Conservatives have said handgun laws are already tough enough, McGuinty said handguns are only good for one purpose. “People don’t hunt with handguns,” he said. “It is the weapon of choice for our gangsters. It is easily concealed. It’s very easy to use. It’s time to get them off the streets and it’s time to make them illegal.”


On funding school boards

John Tory and his Progressive Conservatives in Ontario are promising to fund all faith-based school boards if elected:

The leader of the Opposition wants to extend public funding to institutions of other faiths, such as Islamic, Hindu, Jewish and Christian… There are some 53,000 students attending religious schools outside the public system and they deserve the same support children who attend Catholic schools currently get, Tory said. All religions should be treated fairly and schools should reflect Ontario’s diversity in the 21st century, he added. The promise to extend public funding to religious schools who agree to be part of the public system was included in the Conservative election platform.



No need for handguns

The position taken by the Conservatives that they will not ban handguns in the wake of another innocent kid being gunned down in a crossfire in Toronto a few days ago isn’t surprising. From their attempts to kill the long gun registry, to stacking the firearms advisory committee with gun enthusiasts, it’s very evident that the gun lobby has its best friends in government at the moment.

That being said, I am of the opinion that once the Conservatives are ousted from power, handguns of all types should indeed be banned. I see absolutely no reason for ordinary Canadians to have to own a handgun any more then not seeing […]


You meet all types on the train; some aren’t very nice.

I arrived home tonight after house-sitting my folks house for a couple of weeks while they were on vacation. Nice to get out into the countryside for a bit, but internet dialup is a drag. Normally I have rather uneventful trips on the train when I return.. but unfortunately not tonight.

There was a guy and his 2 teenage daughters sitting in the 4 seaters at the front of the train. The guy was 39, his two daughters 18 and 16 (they were talking loud enough for me and everyone else who had no other choice to hear it). In the last half hour of the trip, this guy was […]


Why MMP is good for Ontario.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are those of us of the Liberal Party persuasion who are trying to get our fellow Lib members convinced that this system is good for everyone in Ontario in the long run. I’ve already mentioned the Liberals For MMP website, which will become quite active in the next several weeks/months, but I also want to point your attention today to 2 pro-MMP articles by 2 Liberal bloggers.

The first is by Mushroom from a few days ago, and then there is this excellent article by John Lennard, an initial MMP skeptic who described to me how he had taken the Devil’s Advocate position in a […]

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