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Stupid scammers

As some on here know, I use a Yahoo mail account when I’m away from home so I’m able to check my primary account as well as send people email if I need to. The downside to Yahoo email is that it gets a lot of spam and scam.

I got a rather amusing email today telling me that Yahoo Mail had held a contest and I’d won 400 thousand dollars. The kicker was the person who wrote me this wasnt even using a Yahoo mail account – which you’d figure the staff at Yahoo Mail would use to inform me of such a decision – but a HOTMAIL account […]


Harper HATES being argued with.

The Barbados Prime Minister gives a lecture on how Cuba must be encouraged, not isolated, and witness Harper’s reaction:

… looks like Harper was sucking on some lemons while he was listening. I’m not posting this to agree or disagree with the Barbados Prime Minister; I just find this a perfect pictorial example of how Harper can’t stand being disagreed with on issues.

H/T to Dave


Afternoon headlines: Stating the obvious, & an international incident

In what must be the most unsurprising news story of the past week, Reuters declares that Canadians have little sympathy for Conrad Black’s plight. Thats what happens when you revoke your Canadian citizenship and declare ‘good riddance’ so you can go get yourself a snobby British Title. Of course, that wont stop certain segments of the conservative population from pleading with Harper to help poor old Conrad out. Maybe they should petition Bush instead – he’s already shown he’s more then willing to throw away jail sentences for convicted conservatives.

Also, I must say I almost feel sorry for poor Steve Harper; here he is trying to build up relations with Central and South America, and in the midst of his trip, an international incident breaks out over a soccer brawl here, with Chile officially protesting what they call “unjustified aggression” by Toronto police officers toward their U-20 soccer team. He really hasnt gotten much of a break of late, has he? As I said, I ALMOST feel sorry for him.


Harper on Cuba has some leeway.

I see a few blogs took shots yesterday (and today) at Harper’s refusal to go visit Cuba over the reason of a concern for human rights, while failing to mention the same for Columbia , and of course with his earlier references to China and Russia.

It’s easy to charge him with being inconsistent on this, as I have already done earlier a few blogposts ago, but at least with Cuba, Harper can argue with some validity that he is merely continuing a policy started by the Liberals. In 1998, Jean Chretien downgraded contacts with Cuba after Casto treated harshly some dissidents that Chretien had personally brought up asking Castro […]


A diverse big tent

When you’re a party that positions itself in the centre of the political spectrum, you attract a wide kaleidoscope of views from both sides of the political spectrum who nevertheless gravitate to the “Big Tent” party. My position on electoral reform and supporting PR is one such example, and another example is in a post that got overlooked last night because of the hour it was posted: Michelle argues that the Ontario government should privatize the LCBO.

I don’t particularly agree with that view, but I like interesting provocative posts, and she has obviously thought her arguments about this out, so I encourage others to read it and then discuss.



Tories slump in new poll: Macleans issues its version of the “cut and run” meme.

It’s amazing how a few short months ago, the Tories were seen as merely needing to deliver a feel-good budget, call an election, and be almost seen as shoo-ins by some to win a majority government. The Tories must have felt the same way, since they now are trying to scramble to figure out what to do in the Fall.

They’ll need to find something, as they’ve now slumped into a tie with the Liberals, with the media story questioning whether Harper has started to lose his way among certain segments of the Canadian society. Heck, even the wealthy section of the population are starting to lose confidence in him, […]


A living history reminder of WWI – John Babcock soldiers on.

A slight departure from politics in this blogpost. I saw this really cool news story - “Last WWI vet celebrates 107th birthday”:

Canada’s last known surviving First World War veteran had an early birthday celebration in Spokane, Wash., on Wednesday with friends, family and a letter from the Queen. Surrounded by family and reporters, John Babcock opened a package of birthday wishes that B.C. MP James Moore brought from Canada. Included in the parcel were letters of congratulations from Queen Elizabeth and Governor General Michalle Jean and a tie with red poppies from Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Babcock said that he still loves Canada even though he’s been an American citizen a long time. I think I can say for a lot of people that the feeling is mutual up here towards him. He says he didnt feel like a real soldier because he got to fight before the war ended, but I don’t think he should feel that way. The fact he would be brave enough and feel duty bound to sign up to represent his country – even though he was not of age yet to do so – is more then enough for him to get the accolades he deserves.


Another Tory talking point removed – this time on crime.

I seem to recall a speech or a discussion that Harper made a year or so ago about how the cities had become a lot less safer then when he was a kid. I also seem to recall a lot of people took issue with that, saying the stats didn’t match up to Harper’s perception of things (or perhaps his deliberate attempt to paint that perception politically). Well, that has been borne out by the latest StatsCanada study: the crime rate has dropped to its lowest rate in almost a generation – and all without the Tories much-ballyhooed “tough on crime” bills being passed:

A new study says the national […]


Stripping the lord of an award.

That is what the NDP want done with Lord Conrad Black and the Order of Canada that was awarded to him a few years back. Personally, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Black, and I don’t have a problem particularly with stripping him of that, as there is precedence for it, but I think its only proper til the appeals process runs its course and he loses all those before you initiate those proceedings – it would look rather silly if the Award was stripped only to have an appeals court declare Black innocent.


Harper does the predictable: tiptoes around human rights in Columbia

A couple of days ago, on the eve of Harper’s trip to Columbia and Haiti, I asked the question whether Harper would be consistent on his human rights lectures of countries and whether he would apply it to countries he considers friendly or friends of Canada and not just those he considers adversaries, such as China and Russia.

I was prepared to give him credit if he did so; unfortunately, it appears I was expecting too much from him. Apparently it’s ok to have massive human rights problems if you’re considered a friend:

Stephen Harper became the first Canadian prime minister to visit Colombia this week, and dismissed criticism that […]

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