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Too much knowledge is a dangerous thing..

That seems to be the opinion of Elections Ontario, which as you’ll read here, seems determined to give as little information out to the voters of Ontario as possible with regards to what they will be voting either for or against with regards to electoral reform.

Its unfortunate that it appears some back-room power-brokers are doing their utmost to prevent Ontarions from being as educated as possible on the Electoral Reform Referendum. Voters have the right to be able to make an informed decision, whether that vote is yes or no to the proposed question.

It appalls me that an apparent attempt to stifle the amount of information being […]


What’s worse…

.. a sitting MP who’s on a town hall tour and who is holding some of them in (gasp) CONSERVATIVE held ridings?

Or, another sitting MP of the BC Caucus from another party makes an appointment of a “go-to” person in an opposition held riding where that MP (from outside the riding as well) calls that elected MP irrelevant for the riding and openly tells people to ignore him and go to
” the government go-to person” to get better service? Call me biased, but I think the latter is much more grievously wrong then the former.

That’s not how some Conservative supporters in Alberta see it though. Mr. Turner got a letter from an outraged Conservative supporter in Alberta (where some of the Town Hall meetings are going to be held), claiming he was a “back-stabber” and was showing treasonous activity; apparently in her mind, holding town-hall meetings that talk about what the Conservative government is doing wrong is akin to attempting “overthrowing a Government”. It sounds as if she’s using the same rationale Conservative PC candidate Craig Chandler used when telling people who moved to Alberta to either adopt conservative ideals and vote Conservative, or leave.

Apparently the concept of “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” is lost on both Mr Chandler and her. Its also more proof that GHG emissions out there are having more adverse side-effects on people then previously thought. It appears all sense of rational thought is being destroyed out there – particularly those of the Conservative persuasion.


SES Provincial Ontario Poll confirms Ipso’s – Liberals lead.

I haven’t seen too much discussion about this SES poll other then a blogpost early this AM at BCL’s, but it basically confirms the Ipso’s poll done a couple of days ago. Both polls gives the Liberals a 6 or 7 point lead at this stage of the campaign over the PC’s.

Unlike BCL however, who is chuckling about the SES declaration that the PC’s and John Tory have “no momentum”, I won’t do that. It is a LONG way to go in the election campaign, and anything can happen in a month and bit. I’m hoping that the SES declaration that the Ontario electorate aren’t really in a “throw […]


A Great Canadian Debate on the merits of MMP – followup thoughts.

I was asked if I would consider participating in a yes or no columns debate on MMP over at The Great Canadian Debate website, which puts out a different question every week and has 2 bloggers from opposing sides go at it. I of course agreed to do so, and you can find my arguments for it, and my opponent, Cam Holmstrom’s against (one of the few NDP’ers to be against MMP) located here. Followup discussion and debate in their forums are located here.

I won’t re-paste my arguments from there over here (not today anyhow); but I’ll add 2 points.



Caught with your fingers in the cookie jar…

Enough outrage has been vented already in the progressive blogosphere about the blatant undemocratic attempt of the Conservatives to bypass NDP MP Nathan Cullen by appointing the local Conservative candidate as the “government go-to person”, claiming Cullen as a 4th party MP wasn’t able to get the same services a Conservative MP could for the constituents adequately without me being able to add too much more, but I’ll add a couple thoughts:

1) I feel bad for the 60+ Conservative candidates in the Bloc and NDP ridings (those “irrelevant 3rd and 4th parties” according to BC Conservative Caucus leader Dick Harris) who no longer have a job because of all […]


On how the List MPP’s should be picked by the parties in an MMP system.

A critical component to the proposed MMP electoral reform system for Ontario are the List MPP’s. There has been much gnashing of teeth over whether these are “democratically accountable” MPP’s or not. I will not re-visit that argument today, but what I will be touching on today is what might be the best method (from a democratic viewpoint) that parties should endeavour to use when picking people for their various lists, because that was not set in stone by the Citizens Assembly. It was left to the parties to come up with their own method, with the provision being they had to submit their lists to Elections Ontario to a) […]


Speaking of polls and some more spin…

I hate to break Cam’s bubble here, but today’s poll shows the provincial Liberals going UP, not down.

Regrettably for me as a social liberal values person, it’s because of the school funding issue where the pickup has occurred. However, we can’t always be one-issue people, and overall, I’d much prefer Dalton to have another mandate then have John Tory’s recycled Mike Harris party of PC’s back in, who by the way is getting mad because his proposed 1.5 billion $ decrease in government spending is getting called for what it would end up doing – service reductions – though Mr. Tory prefers to call it “efficiencies”. Right.

UPDATE: Apologies […]


Random Stuff on Fall elections and spinning bad poll numbers.

With the NDP and BQ having threatened to force non-confidence votes on the environment and Afghanistan respectively, and with Dion joining in on that threat, I’m beginning to think a Fall Election appears a lot more likely, despite CW amongst the pundit class apparently being still that any election won’t happen till the Spring, or some even predicting til the election is mandated by the fixed date in 2009.

As I’ve previously stated at the bottom of this blogpiece, I think if you’re going to force an election, I believe in the Liberals case, the environment/Climate Change Bill/non-compliance with Kyoto is the issue we should be going on, if we […]


An update to Camp Okutta

I was very pleased on the weekend to see the Camp Okutta website and Youtube video produced by WarChild Canada get some mainstream press coverage. One of War Child’s founders, Dr. Samantha Nutt, explained in the story they thought it was a good way to draw attention to the fact that there are an estimated 250,000 child soldiers worldwide.

And how is the campaign being received?

Just one day after the campaign was launched, Nutt said she had already received “overwhelmingly positive” feedback. “People are calling it extremely creative. Some people are calling it courageous,” she said. “There have been a couple of people who made the mistake of thinking […]


On wedge issues in Ontario

I’ve not commented a lot on provincial politics, or more specifically the Ontario provincial election that is coming up in Ontario. I’ve obviously said a fair bit (and will continue to do so) about the referendum on whether to choose MMP or not, but that’s not quite the same as the general election campaign itself, so I think I will interject an observation on it as I see it right now.

The big issue so far has been the school funding issue. John Tory and the Progressive Conservatives propose to fund private faith-based schools the same way that is done with the public school and Catholic separate school system. I […]

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