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Lapdog or ideological soulmate?

Either way, all you need to know about Harper’s relationship with the US is stated in this single paragraph this AM in the Star:

Harper now stands virtually alone among U.S. allies in not condemning or even criticizing the Guantanamo prison camp, which even the administration here concedes has become a stain on America’s reputation worldwide.

..wouldn’t want to criticize his American Idol in Bush and get him ticked off at us, now would we.


7 comments to Lapdog or ideological soulmate?

  • Actually,  bloggers started using the "American Idol" line first Louise.  Coincidentally, that appeared in their lexicon not long after that started.

    If they want to use 'President Harper", good on them – if Liberal bloggers want to use that line, fine.. if not, there is no rule saying we have to. We have a bit more freedom of independent thought over on this side of the ideological divide.

  • Louise

    Referring to Bush as Harper's American Idol is passe.  Now, it is "President" Harper. Dion and Coderre now use that terminology. It may catch on with Liberals.

  • anon

    Aaron:  Get off the crack, it affects your reasoning. 

    If everyone else HAD criticized the poor air quality of taxi service in NYC, or if, say, the NYC taxi service had been criticized for human rights abuses repeatedly, then MAYBE your analogy would apply.

    But thank you, very much, for highlighting – in a public forum, and for posterity – your idiocy and lack of critical reasoning.

  • "Harper hasn't condemned Guantanamo Bay."

    He also hasn't gone public with his criticism of the allegedly poor quality of taxi service in New York City. Real leaders (i.e.: not Chretien or Martin) have better things to do than pander to some Canadians' silly nationalism by attacking Americans.

  • anon


    Ok, let's start over then:  Harper hasn't condemned Guantanamo Bay.  I notice that you are avoiding that fact and attacking rhetoric.

  • E-Man

    "..wouldn’t want to criticize his American Idol in Bush and get him ticked off at us, now would we."

    This is what passes for mature commentary?  You seriously drag down the level of debate in the blogsphere when you talk like that.  Why on earth would anyone care what you say when you talk like a preteen girl?  You wonder why people have such a low opinion of bloggers – take a look in the mirror.

  • DavidA

    Bwahaha!  Ok, a little friendly advice: Do not use Dions pathetic one-liners.   The leader of her majesty's opposition may sound like a fool, but you must do a much better job of propping him up by not shedding light on his jackassery.

    If you let it die we may forget about it.

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