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Random Monday Morning thoughts

– We are getting moderate to heavy rain here, and will be for most of the day. Hopefully the organizers down here have backup plans for the events to be held inside today for the Dion rally, (or get him a good raincoat). I’ll try and do some blogging of the event if I can.

– Former US Ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci was often criticized up here for making statements that seemed to be meddling in our affairs, but I’ll give him some props for backing Canada’s Arctic sovereignty claim, even though the reasoning behind it (security, “stop terrorists”) seems to me to be a bit of a stretch. However, seeing as those phrases are about the only thing that might move the Americans on this issue to support Canada’s claims, I won’t complain too loudly.

– One would hope the death of the first member of the Quebec-based Van-Doos soldiers from Quebec in Afghanistan is not the start of a sad pattern this fall. I do find Granatstein’s statement in here that the deaths are no different from English Canadian soldiers in the defense of “Canadian interests” a tad dismissive however. The fact of the matter is the Afghanistan mission is more deeply unpopular in Quebec then elsewhere, and there will be questions whether Canadian interests really are being defended or not – and that will increase if more Quebec-based soldiers die.

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  • kursk

    There should be no difference in any Canadian soldiers death in defence of our interests.However, the reality is that generations of kow-towing to Quebec by Federal politicians has created an us vs. them mentality in the way we view military affairs.

    I really think that anyone questioning weather our being over there is in Canadas best interest should give their head a shake.All of the other set piece raison d'etre aside, just ensuring that a govt somewhat friendly to the west does not have Al-Quaida camping in its backyard (and training terrorists..) should be enough to ensure even our most modest commitment.

    I have always found that Quebekers live in a somewhat moral vacuum.They do not deny themselves the lions share of the military contracts, basing of hardware (armour and jetfighters…) or any of the perks that come with power at the top levels of the Canadian civilian/military leadership.

    What they do allow themselves to believe is a fanciful idea of themselves as neutralists..eager to enjoy the fruits of safety and security of Canada, without the conviction to actually lift a finger in defence of themselves nor the ROC.Safety and security are not obtained cheaply, something they have been loathe to find out for themselves for many years and at least one major (possibly two ..) conflicts.

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