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Open the SPP process up

Harper and Bush and Calderone can belittle the opponents of the SPP talks all they want, but the easiest way to dispel public suspicion of the motives behind what was described today as a “process that is now routinely pricked by unnecessary secrecy and an unseemly skew to corporate elites” is to open up the process either to admit and allow other groups besides the business and political elite to be involved, or to allow the public to see what is being discussed and allow for a good public debate of the goings-on. As stated in Linda McQuaig’s article, the NAFTA provision that refuses Canada to cut back energy exports to the US in times of shortage was done behind closed doors and presented as a fait accompli to the public, so people have a right to be suspicious this time around.

If the “3 Amigos” want to prove that such things as the bulk export of Canadian water isn’t also on the table, or something else that infringes on Canadian sovereignty or of the other 2 country’s sovereignty for that matter, its time to allow the public of all 3 countries to see what’s going on and a proper debate take place, before its too late to do anything about it.


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  • Timothy Webster


    I don't think the Conservatives under Harper should be equated with previous Canadian governments. Though governments in Africa lead by some less than honorable people are quite comparable. I just hope that the Conservatives can rebuild after Harper. Perhaps someday they will form an excellent government.

    Also lets look at what is really being said.

    “The original spirit of the SPP was one all Canadians could embrace,” said Mr. Dion. “It existed to strengthen Canada’s national interest on security, trade, competitiveness, health, safety and the environment by working closely with our neighbours – to allow Canada and its friends to provide a better life for each nation’s people.

    “But Mr. Harper is taking the SPP in a very different direction,” added Mr. Dion. “Under the veil of secrecy, he is blurring the line between partnership and imitation.”

  • Timothy Webster

    Actually SaxBoy, lets look at the history if you will.

    Martin was against the missle defense as a waste of money, and it is. Harper is open and welcoming this waste of money. Martin approved increased defense spending required to support the mission in Afghanistan, with focus on buying heavy lift helicopters. Harper bought some C17 planes, while most countries are using the AN224 for heavy lift into Afghanistan. The C17 is a good aircraft for the mission it was designed for. The C17 is however not required for heavy transport into Afghanistan. Harper's deal included heavy lift helicopters too, but if we used a more cost effective solution than the C17 planes, commercialized AN224 aircraft, we would have more money for heavy lift helicopters. I feel we should be purchasing twice as many heavy lift helicopters than we are.

    Martin did not resisted strongly enough the post 911 unnecessary police power laws. But the Liberals fought to see these laws removed. Harper unsuccessfully fought to have them extended.

    No this is not Liberal vs Conservative. I seen too many dirty tricks first hand. Without an open process, these secrete deals, betrayals, and dirty tricks are  bound to occur. Without a more open process what is there to keep anyone honest? except the threat of dirty tricks.

  • slg

    American headlines today:
    Confirmed: Bush used private companies to spy on Americans.
    It has been discovered that the GOP has a manual on how to keep protestors away from Bush (sound familiar? "Manuals")
    White House working hard to hide those emails from Congress
    Rove lied about the negatives about Hilary Clinton – Gallop poll shows.
    The mining inspector (Utah) is a Bush/Rove appointee and there have been twice as many mining accidents since his tenure.
    …and there's plenty more and that's only today's news….

    Now, do you really believe anything Bush and Harper say?  If you do, you're naive as hell. 

  • What I know is that Dion spoke of the SPP at the Farmer's Rally in Wallaceburg and said that he opposed the secretive nature of the talks and would like to have it opened to the public for all to see and hear what they are up to.

  • SaxBoy

    Dion has been silent on the issue for ever, as far as I know (and Scott know this too). More about Dion's latest NDP mimickery can be found here.

    I never said that all Liberals support SPP, but the party definitely does support SPP, and so does Dion. The Liberal party DOES love the SPP is taking place, no different from when Paul Martin was prime minister. SPP forever!

  • I wasn't a Liberal at the time of this group being formed.  Moreover, I'm a Liberal on the left-wing of the party, so I naturally oppose stuff like this – for you to suggest that all Liberals support this is painting the entire membership as somehow loving the fact that this is taking place.

    Nor do I support the secretive back-room wheeling and dealing. Nor does the new Liberal leader Stephane Dion.  I realize the NDP'ers here are going to get all indignant about it, but you aren't the only ones allowed to oppose the initiative as it stands.

  • SaxBoy

    SPP is the unification of North American leaders and the top of North American corporate world. The fact that both parties are so secretive about SPP is intentional; big business and our leaders, both with a hidden corporate agenda, do not want transparency. 

    So Tim, you  can make this a Liberal vs Conservatives issue, but not without ignoring history. SPP (and the bypassing of an open democratic debate, on national and international scale through our democratic institutions) is the product of a neo-liberal agenda, initiated by Liberal Paul Martin. 

    The Conservatives and the Liberals both have a strong pro-corporate neo-liberal agenda.  As long as we keep supporting these two parties (Scott is a Liberal supporter), we can expect more of these secretive back-room deals, not less. Get used to it.

  • Timothy Webster

    "SPP is the face of new liberalism: get used to it"
    What are you talking about?!

    We need an more open process so everyone knows what is being traded away. If you don't want a more open process, why don't you?

    The Conservative party under Harper is showing itself to be a  super secretive back room corrupt group lead by a despot. The Conservative party today is not the reform party of yesterday.

  • SaxBoy

    I think we should all thank Paul Martin for being a founding member of the SPP.  What a vision this man had for corporate Canada. No participation by the public, no media interference, it's like heaven on earth for any corporatist!

    I wonder why Liberals are still talking about SPP as if it flew in from a parallel universe. Isn't it SPP showing us what liberalism is really about? All about big business, very little about the people.

    It's time to wake up, Scott. SPP is the face of the new liberalism; get used to it. 

  • The reason there is so much speculation, is because people are forced to speculate, due to the lack of transparency.  It was a bit rich to listen to these men ridicule all the "conspiracy" talk, when it stems from their lack of openness.  Criticizing the climate you created, how insightful.

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