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What’s worse…

.. a sitting MP who’s on a town hall tour and who is holding some of them in (gasp) CONSERVATIVE held ridings?

Or, another sitting MP of the BC Caucus from another party makes an appointment of a “go-to” person in an opposition held riding where that MP (from outside the riding as well) calls that elected MP irrelevant for the riding and openly tells people to ignore him and go to
” the government go-to person” to get better service? Call me biased, but I think the latter is much more grievously wrong then the former.

That’s not how some Conservative supporters in Alberta see it though. Mr. Turner got a letter from an outraged Conservative supporter in Alberta (where some of the Town Hall meetings are going to be held), claiming he was a “back-stabber” and was showing treasonous activity; apparently in her mind, holding town-hall meetings that talk about what the Conservative government is doing wrong is akin to attempting “overthrowing a Government”. It sounds as if she’s using the same rationale Conservative PC candidate Craig Chandler used when telling people who moved to Alberta to either adopt conservative ideals and vote Conservative, or leave.

Apparently the concept of “Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” is lost on both Mr Chandler and her. Its also more proof that GHG emissions out there are having more adverse side-effects on people then previously thought. It appears all sense of rational thought is being destroyed out there – particularly those of the Conservative persuasion.


8 comments to What’s worse…

  • Scarey Conservative

    Banana republics?
    Like Venezeula?
    That's where rebel papers and websites are REALLY shut down, not just in little leftwing imaginations.

    Speaking of overweighting electoral districts, how do you like the way Alberta is getting screwed federally? Or is this only an issue in certain 'situations'? What is the relative value of an Albertan's vote these days compared to a voter in PEI or Quebec?

  • As I posted in the comments over at Dave's site the other day, I still consider Chandler to be a friend; but this time I too think he has gone way too far.   The gerrymandering of districts in Alberta which give overweight to rural areas pretty much ensures the Conservatives are going to win in any scenario anyway; and since most migrants are moving to the cities, it's not like Chandler has anything to worry about.

    Guess the next logical step is to bring back the Alberta Press Bill, and tack on the "notwithstanding clause" to ensure rebel papers and websites are shut down and would-be dissenters are imprisoned — just like they do in banana republics.

  • Scarey Conservative

    That's pathetic. You don't remember any of the spending Trudeau? You feel you can talk intelligently about deficit spending without mentioning trudeau and his high spending liberals?
    Or you are aware of the trudeau deficits and you are simply trying to mislead.
    In the non liberal world that is called lying.
    Check it out yourself.
     Steal a dictionary and look up lying, it's under the 'L's near liberal.

  • So much ignorance wasted on such a small mind. Those rabid CON supporters — eager to get back to Mulroney-like deficits i guess — just like to always pull out "quit blamin' the governmint!" when it was all they could do to hold the Liberals to account for everything and sundry the previous 13 years.
    And Harris' blat really was an admission of guilt, don't you think? In effect, his advice to Cullen's constituents effectively said: "I was an opposition MP for good on 13 years and accomplished squat. In fact, I got fat off ol' parliamentary teat and brought my voters diddly-squiddly, so how could i assume anything but for that riding?"

  •  Nothing like watching an ignorant Con spout off over democracy.  Very amusing and satisfying. 

  • Very nice juxtaposition.  🙂

  • "Its also more proof that GHG emissions out there are having more adverse side-effects on people then previously thought. It appears all sense of rational thought is being destroyed out there…"

    That would make you a by-product of Ontario's spewing manufacturing sector?

  • Scarey conservative

    Speaking of rational thought, it seems odd that Iggy, known as the 'smart' liberal, is on board with using the puffin, a bird whose 'admirable' traits are hiding it's own shit and flapping it's wings, would make a fine mascot for the liberal party.
    Oddly enough, I agree with him.

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