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Bringing some sanity to the mix.

Some of the pundit takes on last night’s election results include this good piece from Paul Wells. One thing that got me shaking my head was the fact that he was told there are 10 people in charge of formulating the policy platform. Ten people? Let’s get that trimmed down to 2 people at most.

And Warren Kinsella’s take – he still refuses to use proper links for individual posts, so I’ll quote him on what these results mean:

…it means that the Liberal Party of Canada needs to get its head out of its arse. Staff changes, organizational changes, policy changes, you name it. Top to bottom, all of it. This was big, and that needs to be acknowledged.

His assertion that either Martin Cauchon or Justin Trudeau would have won this riding hands down is now hindsight or a big “what if”. It can’t be dwelt on now. Nor will I get into the swipe at Martin he takes. I think the line above is the most important line of his commentary. I’d certainly like to see some bold new policies pushed. I’ll resist the temptation to call for Dion to endorse electoral reform and call for PR as he once advocated as an academic. (Ok, so maybe I just mentioned it anyway). I’ve already harped on that more then once, but simple stuff like what was suggested here – even that would be a start (I also note the columnist also agrees with me that going sooner to an election rather then waiting later might better serve Dion – though he goes at it from a different angle).

This isn’t the end of the world.. but it’s a big wakeup call as I said last night. I hope that the Liberal braintrust acknowledges that and doesn’t merely react by circling the wagons.

UPDATE: Jeff’s on a roll. Maybe the LPC should be looking to hire him.

10 comments to Bringing some sanity to the mix.

  • billg

    So….I guess the 3 bi-elections learned ya nothing then.  And, Demosthenes…does that mean you'd like the Liberal party to try the old "scary guy" comedy routine again next election?  And Scott…real policy, it has to be something that will shake Canadians and wake the MSM…if you refuse to admit that there's anything in the current Liberal policy file that will shake votes free then…well then ya learnt nothing Monday, and, are giving Mr Harper a free pass.  Very few Liberals want to admit it, and I'm not sure why, but, Mr Harper is the new central figure, Mr Layton and Mr Dion are now fighting it out for left's vote.  Oh ya, Burlivespipe….Deceivin' Stephen….Lyin Dalton McGuinty….Fiberal Chretien…I'm not sure what your point is…that politicians say one thing and do another?  Wow, great detective work. 

  • billg, of course gays can still marry and women still have the right to choose. Steve-o doesn't have his majority yet, does he? There was an excellent article in the Walrus a little while back that noted that he's a fair bit more the born-again than people give him credit for… but more than that, that he's been pretty clearly telling the "theocons" that they just need to hold their horses until he gets a firmer grip on the reins.

    And yeah, problem for Stevie is that he ain't getting that grip any time soon. Unless those numbers go up, and I don't see how they could if what he's done to date doesn't work, he's no better off after an election than before.

  • mushroom

    "I've already thrown in my little pro-electoral reform bit.. It isnt that hard to look around and come up with some bold ideas.."

    This is beginning to be Dion's ace.  The alternative is bleeding votes to the Dippers.

    It's the sixth ballot of the Convention.  Only a rainbow coalition can prevent a Harper majority. 

  • And billig, people seem content with the minority chameleon, shape shifting to Liberal and Quebec nationalist (poof!-your a nation!) from one timbit to the next. If God forbids he gets a majority (and I think a glance down south shows that God doesn't care much for politicals and the stupid foibles of modern man) than the shape shifter will become the 'shafter.' Deceivin' Stephen will become headline fodder for all…

  • slg

    Go figure eh – new Decima poll after all this still has the CPC and Liberals at a virtual tie federally….hmm…..

  • Well BillG.. clicking on that one link will take you to 2 policy suggestions.. I've already thrown in my little pro-electoral reform bit.. It isnt that hard to look around and come up with some bold ideas..  It's if the LPC is brave enough, reformist enough and (dare I say it ) radical enough to propose them.

  • billg

    The problem is, what major policy announcements can you make?  The Liberals (and I've commented on your blog many times about this) cannot win the next election on Kyoto and Afghanastan policy's, and whether or not Libs want to admit it, the country is still hummin' right along, people of the same sex can still get married, and, a woman still has the right to choose…scary scary wont work again, so, what in the hell do people expect Mr Dion to do?   John Tory is going to get ass kicked in the Ontario election to a guy who lied about raising everyone's tax's in Ontario 900.00$ and, who, has recently called Jews and Muslims who send their kids to religious schools segregationists…whatever Dalton, regardless, he's still going to get another majority, and I'm fine with that, because with a few exceptions, things are hummin' right along.   I know its hard for partisans, but, when the other guy is doing a good job, like Mr McGuinty and Mr Harper, its hard to sell the voters new policy's, because to most voters…"if it aint broke why fix it"

  • Not to worry.  Stephan Dion has always been underestimated. Paul Martin booted him out of cabinet until popular opinion forced Martin to take him back in.  No one gave Dion much of a chance to win the Liberal leadership.  He did.  Can he defeat the control freak now ensconced at 24 Sussex?  I think so.

  • 2 is a lot better then 10.

    If one person can be put in charge.. even better.

  • I'll echo the approval of Jeff's post. Especially those "leak jar" and "shadow Throne Speech" ideas, those were just plain brilliant.

    I do have to sort of disagree with the policy platform bit; two people is a bit much. I'd say that the more important part is a bit of organization and transparency. You can have one or two people at the top of the pyramid, but there does need to be one.

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