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Not all Toronto-based media pundits are anti-MMP.

Proof of that? First, Linda Mcquaig of the Toronto Star writes a column supporting MMP, which ends with this statement:

…it’s interesting to note that, under an MMP system, Mike Harris would never have won a majority government. Nor would the NDP’s Bob Rae. Neither of these leaders had the support of the majority of Ontario voters. Instead we would have ended up with governments that more accurately reflected the generally centrist-progressive nature of Ontarians. Anyone who has a problem with that has a problem with democracy.

..and though she tells me it isn’t in her mandate to write about, if any of you are on Facebook, you will notice that Antonia Zerbisias of the Star  is also pro-MMP.

The Toronto media have been getting a generally bad rap as being the Establishment writing against this.. so I thought I’d give credit where it’s due.

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