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Slightly incognito

I will be a tad absent for a couple of days I think. My long awaited move from Wallaceburg is happening, though not in the way I was hoping. At any rate, I’m packing some tonight (Friday) and moving out of the apartment tomorrow, and back to my folks, where I will be continuing to look for both more permanent living quarters and employment.

For those who need to get a hold of me, my current email address is now going to be the yahoo account I use (which I will list on this site in the Contact tab) , or the one at the Progressive Bloggers site which is listed on the left-handed panel at that website.  For those who have it, my cellphone # is the way to get in touch personally.

2 comments to Slightly incognito

  • I too was about to write "good luck with the move", but see it’s already been said.
    I’d chip in a hand if I weren’t on the other side of the country.

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Good luck with the move and finding better work.

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