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Wednesday Bits and Bites

– A few of you have written me congratulating me for being a nominee for Best Canadian Blog in the Weblog Awards, including from some I wouldn’t expect to receive congratulations, so I’m writing thanks. I don’t expect to win, mind you, but being nominated is nice.

– Alzheimers is a terrible disease. I think it’s worse on the family members of the person who is afflicted with it then on the actual person who has it… that observation I make watching what my mother has had to deal with in trying to take care of my grandfather’s affairs and fielding mini-emergency calls from the retirement home.

– I’ve actually gotten my folks to agree to install wireless internet here (of the high-speed lite variety, but still way better then dialup) so if all goes well, that excruciating experience of dialup may soon be over (if my parents house has line of sight to the wireless tower)

(By the way Aaron (Unruh), I did try to write you an email thanking you for the congrats you sent and putting our often bitter exchanges on here on hold for at least a minute to do so, but your email bounced me, both from my yahoo account and the progressive bloggers account, so I presume I’m on your spam list ;). Hence my decision to do a public acknowledgment)

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