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Leading from behind

I saw a great description of the strategy Stephen “I ain’t doing nuthin’ on climate change till everyone else does it too” Harper is following over at Desmogblog, and I thought I’d re-print it here:

It’s called leading from behind. See, we can encourage a country like Bangladesh to contribute foreign aid first to set a low standard, and then if we beat that standard we can go on TV and claim to be doing more than our part.

Also over at Desmogblog, they publish the 5 new commandments they expect to be issued from “me-last” Harper any day now, in the spirit of his attitude on climate change. I also like the conclusion:

But why stop there? Take off that helmet. Unstrap that seatbelt. Drive when you’re drunk. In short, from now on, the mission statement of all Harper-led Canadians can be: “Hey, everybody else is doin’ it.”

Yup.. introducing Stephen Harper the anarchist. Actually, I shouldn’t say that – even anarchists believe to a certain extent in global responsibility, so I’m probably insulting the anarchists by associating Harper with them. Harper has shown no such inclination for having any global responsibility or setting a good example when it comes to cutting Greenhouse Gas emissions- his main objective is to protect his Big Oil supporters’ profits.


8 comments to Leading from behind

  • Dan

    [India has done more to meet Kyoto and fight climate change while being exempt than Canada has. Don’t go blaming India for Harper’s inaction, his decision to not do anything is all his.]

    In 1990, India was emitting more GHG than Canada does currently. I mean, don’t let facts get in the way of making a point and all, but according to this [] report, India increased it’s GHG by about 50% over the 1990 – 2000 period to have emissions totaling 1485 Mt’s.

    Comparatively, Canada has increased 19.6% to arrive at 2000 emission levels of 726 Mt’s
    Accepting the general thesis that global warming is caused by the rising of CO2 concentration in the Earth atmosphere, you realize that per-capita emissions and "Intensity targets" become a joke, as there is only a finite amount of atmosphere. Thus making the "TOTAL" amount of GHG emissions the deciding factor. So there is in theory, incentive for all to reduce there GHG emissions.

    India is taking it’s interest to heart by not committing itself to "hard caps". It is a developing nation that is just starting to come into it’s own. As such, it has no incentive ( Other than Saving the Planet ) to reduce it’s GHG emissions, and moreso  with countries like China, the US, Canada  ( the list goes on… ) also  not agreeing to reduce their GHG.

    That being said, Canada’s per – capita emissions are off the charts ( 6th overall worldwide ), and is most likely in the best position to reduce its GHG emissions, and should take a leading role in doing so. Harper has taken baby-steps, but he really needs to get his "game in gear".

  • Scott,

    Please don’t insult anarchists! Harper is an authoritarian idiot who doesn’t want to cause his corporate buddies in the oil patch any harm, even if it means the world goes down the toilet. Authoritarian and corporatist. There’s a waord for that and it ain’t anarchist. In fact, its the diametric opposite of anarchist.


    Hi, I’m in India right now. Canada pollutes way more than India – about 5 to 6 times more. With the exception of some industries, India has some pretty stringent rules regarding the environment:

    Most cars are either diesel or low emission, fuel efficient compacts like Hondas and Toyotas (that must meet strick standard and display a sticker on their headlight). Most people actually own motor bikes or those three-wheeled auto-rickshaws. The bikes get over 100 mpg and most of the rickshaws are propane powered. There are two models of fully electric scooters on the market here now too. There is actually a market, at least in Mumbai, for garbage – you sell your garbage and recyclables to competing collectors, who in turn sell it to bulk recyclers who re-use it. Bottles and paper are all recycled.

    Remember, in 1990, India had almost no GHG emissions, because it was not nearly as industrialized as it is now. Which is why it is exempt and why it still signed the Kyoto accord – it it had to go to its 1990 levels, ti would have to shut down its industry completely. I remember 1990 in Canada and we had lots of industry and economy.

    Everywhere here are reminders that being green is the way of the future. Its good business.

    India has done more to meet Kyoto and fight climate change while being exempt than Canada has. Don’t go blaming India for Harper’s inaction, his decision to not do anything is all his.

  • paul


    I don’t know where you came from I see an awful lot of immigrants from the third world. Beyond that, the biggest polluters in India are companies owned by Billionaires.
    While noble, your notions are a bit sophomoric. It is also really nice of you to volunteer other peoples livelihoods to set a good example, with little real results.

  • marta

    Well after  at least  200 Years    the Industrialized  World    was LEADING   In pollution of the Planet 
    got pretty rich by doing It  .  Would not it be fair  now to LEAD  by EXAMPLE how to tackle the  problems   and yes put some of the richness /$$$$$$/ to start the process ???
    What is fair anyway????????????????????????

    The greed has no  limits..

  • paul

    Sign…don’t forget the hidden agenda.

    Sorry Scott…the Libs "just didn’t get the job done".

    Let me ask you.
    Other than, Briton, which countries that have any kind of industrial base are positioned to sacrifice anything in these talks? India and South Africa are already opposed to any hard targets for themselves.

    Even you Liberals weren’t willing to take the political flak in making any tough decisions.

  • Jay

    What actually happened on election night was that his heart grew another size too small.

    Unfortunately it was already shrunken so much that now it really doesn’t exist any longer. I think the last stem cell keeled over after he ignored the plight of people with AIDS…the first time.

  • marta

    Just watch him  how he will proceed with militarizing Canada  /..If we let him doing it./ he is enormously  enjoying  to put his weight /no pun lolol/  up on international stages   and declaring Canada  as the World Superpower    meaning HE IS THE  SUPERPOWER  HIMSELF…     What a Total Freakish   Attention Grabber.. 
    Is he on Steroid ??  I am Not kidding .he may have a Medical condition what needs to be Controlled!!!   Remember the first night he was elected ????


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