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There sure are a lot of “small persons” in Confederation, all of a sudden.

The title of course is referring to the comment that Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan made about Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty when the Premier protested about the unfairness of Albertan and BC getting seat redistribution that would accurately reflect representation by population for them, while Ontario got shortchanged of seats.

I have said prior that this was nothing more then a gerrymandering exercise to get more seats in provinces that the Cons have a better shot of winning then in urban Ontario, and it appears via Impolitical, the Premier of Quebec and the Premier of Manitoba agree with Dalton’s position on this.

I am willing to bet you won’t hear Premier Charest getting called a “small man of Confederation” by Van Loan – not in a province where they need to make a breakthrough if they have any hope of forming a majority government. I also doubt Premier Doer will get insulted either; he’s a popular premier out that way, and it’s another swing province where the Cons must maintain the seats they have to help form a government the next time an election rolls around.

As you can guess, I’m amused that Van Loan’s stupid comment (and the Cons. weak not-very-transparent attempt to isolate Ontario on this issue) has utterly blown up in his and the Cons. face and failed.


3 comments to There sure are a lot of “small persons” in Confederation, all of a sudden.

  • Gord

    The real question I have is are there any politicians in this conutry willing to take a real stand and state that we should have represenation by population in the House of Commons? I have never seen the Liberals make such a stand so in a sense, McGuinty is maybe just complaining because it looks bad for Ontario to be the only province that is under-represented. On principle, is it any less fair than having three provinces under-reopresented?

    What is the basis of Quebec’s complaint? BC and Alberta have more population than Quebec so they are moaning about them getting rep by pop. Why is it that all parties seem to pander to Quebec? You are kind of missing how politically, this is a diversionary tactic by Harper to deflect BC and Alberta from realizing how they are going to be short changed by an elected senate because there is no possibility of the west getting fair representation. (Currently BC and Alberta have about half the senators of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia event though their combined populations are 4.5 times the combined populationsof NB and NS.)
    In my opinion, the conservatives and liberals are both equally unprincipled. If Premier McGuinty and his MP brother really stood up and firmly stood in support of representation by population, I might have more respect for them.  I have to agree with you though that for the life of me, I can’t see how the Conservatives are going to electorally benefit from all this – and we both know that this is ALL tthat really matters to both parties.

  • slg

    The small "minded" men of Ontario are Flaherty, Baird, Van Loan and Clement – who just can’t get over the fact that although the Harris government tried to paint McGuinty as a weak leader (sound familiar) he beat them.  They can’t get themselves out of provincial government and obviously aren’t ready for prime time.  All of the above are trashing their own province out of some sort of childish revenge.

    Baird is the worst – he seldom misses to dig at McGuinty in QP – this is inappropriate and not statesmanlike at all.  What a bunch of immature baboons.  

    They are truly "embarrassing".
    I have to wonder what guests from other countries in the gallery must 

  • Jay

    You know I was always under the impression that an independent body made these decisions about how many and the borders of ridings in Canada.  I have courses GIS and I have used apportionment to distribute ridings based on population. I had thought we had adavnced to that point. Software should be used to assign ridings, not humans. Humans have bias. Its very simple if you know how to use the software. You type in the number of people per riding and voila and few minutes later ridings have been created that are represented by exactly the same population.

    PVL is full of shit and a liar.

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