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As per here, we find out that Afghanistan refused to back Canada’s resolution before the UN General Assembly censuring Iran for it’s bad human rights record, and in fact the Afghani’s voted for the Iranian move to throw the resolution out.

It’s mentioned that the National Post is in a huff that Afghanistan cares more about border relations with Iran then with us, when we’re doing all the supplying reconstruction aid and with the loss of many Canadian lives.

That may be true – it also may be true that the Afghani’s realize that they may be the next ones to be scrutinized at the UN for mistreatment of prisoners […]


Stacking the deck

The best way to summarize Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan and the Harper Government’s attitude to the province of Ontario on their complaints of being short-changed on the proposed seat re-distribution in Canada where BC and Alberta are getting seats that will accurately reflect their increase in population. while Ontario does not is this:

“We don’t understand why Ontario would be crybabies over our attempts to add more seats in areas of the country where we are more likely to win them”

As we saw yesterday, this continues a pattern of attempting to demonize a rival by the Cons government – it’s painfully obvious to others as well, and […]


On red herrings and straw-men.

At first glance, you might wonder why Stockwell Day would issue such a feeble attempt in trying to draw Canadian outrage by equating the tasering death of a Polish immigrant to the issues of drunk driving. On the surface, it does seem pretty idiotic of Day – after all, this issue wasn’t one like the detainee question where the government is directly implicated and being directly attacked. This was mostly directed against the RCMP’s use of these tasers, and Harper and his office – normally so hypersensitive to any issue in which public opinion would turn against the Cons, and then trying to neutralize that particular issue as a problem […]


Guarded Optimism

Well, my grandfather’s surgery got moved up and he was operated on last evening. The surgery in itself was a success, but how he reacts when he is not sedated will be the big question.

As for my little shift with him, it was an interesting experience, with fortunately not a lot of agitation from him when I was there. I have nothing but admiration for the Personal Support Workers who do this for a living on a daily basis, because I found the experience to be physically and emotionally tiring, even when he was pretty good on the whole for the 6 1/2 hrs I was there.


A light day for politics talk – family matters intervene

I probably won’t be discussing much politics today, because I’ll be visiting and/or keeping an eye on my grandfather most of the day. He’s in getting ready for surgery on his prostate tomorrow, and the family feels that with his Alzheimer’s, it’s for the best we keep him under 24/7 watch, and we’re using a combo of family members and personal support workers to do that. I have my shift to watch him today in the early morning (8:30am – 3 pm), part of the day with my cousin, part of it on my own, to talk to him, keep him occupied, and make sure nothing bad happens (or if […]


On keeping focus

I don’t mind if the Liberals and Dion ask that this independent arbitrator look into all possibilities of what went on with Mulroney and Schreiber, and to see what exactly went on in the Privy Council Office (I’m skeptical myself that in this regime, with its top-down control style of Harper’s, that officials in the PCO would withhold something as potentially damaging as these letters from him), but I think Liberals need to not yield to the temptation of trying to present this as the Conservatives equivalent to the Gomery Commission.

Let the inquiry do it’s investigations and make its report, and if something juicy or incriminating comes up, then […]


What they said.

Some of our blogging acquaintances on the right-wing and even some like Peter MacKay and others in the Cons. government can’t understand all the fuss over a few Taliban prisoners getting tortured – after all they’re the bad guys right?

For a rebuttal to that, a couple of my Progressive Blogger associates have done quite well in issuing responses. First Impolitical sums it up distinctly why this attitude is wrong:

Where, when and how detainees are captured have nothing to do with whether they are being tortured once handed over and in Afghan prisons…It doesn’t matter who the prisoners are, Taliban, Al Qaeda, pillaging Huns. They all need to be […]


A friendly word of blog advice. Don’t feed the troll.

Not that anyone will listen to me, but here it is anyhow (and it’s the same advice I’ve been giving to Red Tory, who liked taking cracks at him).

As tempting as it is to write about and condemn this guy and make fun of him (and believe me, it’s easy to do so), refrain from it. He feeds on and is looking for attention, and it doesn’t matter to him whether it’s posts calling him out – any attention is what he craves. Hence the stunts he’s pulled the past 3 years. He’s not worth the effort or deserving of the attention.


Throw the dog some table scraps.

That’s my perception of the decision by the Cons to reintroduce legislation to kill the long gun registry. The last bill to try and do this wasn’t even brought forth for a vote because the government was sure to lose when all opposition parties opposed this effort, so what exactly makes the Cons. think they’ll have any more luck this time is a bit of a puzzler.

Perhaps, you might think, they will try to force this through by threatening it to be a confidence vote, as with their other law-and-order bills. That idea, however, has already been ruled out by Stock Day’s own department, so it’s clear the […]



You know, even when some of us political people of the progressive persuasion accused the Harper Conservative government of worshiping George W Bush as their “American Idol” and mentor, I don’t think even we thought they’d follow Bush’s method of a total disregard of human rights and cover-ups of said actions, justifying it under “national security” and “fighting terrorists”. But folks, as documents released this week as ordered by a federal court have shown, we were sadly mistaken; Harper and the Cons are employing the George W Bush lite method towards human rights, which means its pretty dismal:

The Harper government knew prison conditions were appalling long before The Globe […]

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