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Please like me

That would be what our Prime Minister is pleading with Canadians to do with him and his government, as he does a publicity stunt with his GST cut today in the GTA, which as Impolitical mentions, surely didn’t save any money for those living in that area. Economists have already panned this cut as being dumb economically, and others like myself have made the point that if Harper really wanted to score legitimate political points and credit, what he should have done is converted that 1% of GST he’s cutting into a carbon tax, and put it towards Green technologies and/or cleaning up our GHG emissions.

I’m of the […]


Any iMac experts out there?

My 1 cousin has an iMAC that my grandfather once had, but its been giving her the following error when it gets turned on and it boots up:

System Error. RAM disk is too big. It has been turned off

The computer then hangs and you must restart or reset it… but the same error comes up over and over again. If any of you know what that error is indicating, and how (if possible) to fix it, please drop me a line.

EDIT: I think we have the problem licked: Thanks for the tips. Apparently, this is the very first model of iMAC that was released, and my grandfather […]


The last family Christmas of 2007

So, if anyone was wondering, it’s been a bit quiet here today because my mom’s side of the family were getting together for our family Christmas – we found that holding it after Christmas meant more people could make it. My grandfather and step-grandmother joined us from the retirement home – I’m not sure he knew all that was going on, but he did say he enjoyed seeing his great-grandchildren around, and on the whole, I think they both did very well today. I ended up being the baby-sitter for my cousins, but that was ok. They’re all very adorable.

Oh, and that present I got for my cousin who […]


Personal Sustainability

I read a neat little article here on 10 ways you could be personally more sustainable in 2008. It happens to be written by Neil of Critical Brain Candy, so I thought I’d give him some props.


Barking up the wrong tree

Rather unfortunate news today about Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto being assassinated in Pakistan. It’s worth noting that it’s Pakistan where most of the Taliban insurgents are crossing the border back and forth and getting their arms from, and I wish our Defense Minister Peter MacKay would be issuing statements to Pakistan about that, rather then making statements that it’s “believed” Taliban arms are coming from Iran.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is deemed as an “ally” against terrorism by the Bush Administration, and whatever Washington deems is right is being followed in lockstep by Harper and company, so I’m doubtful that any strong statements will be forthcoming about that.


On resolving “Freeping” at the Canadian Blog Awards.

If you’re a blogger or a regular blog reader, you would know there has been a certain level of controversy swirling around this year’s Canadian Blog Awards. I’m not here to talk about that specific aspect of it – I’ve made my views on the actions of some rather publicly known, and I’ve also been participating behind the scenes on that same action, and I don’t think it would be appropriate to discuss that in public.

No, my little spiel on it today is related to what StageLeft talks about here. I agree with the concerns brought up about dedicated supporters of any one blog going out and mass rigging […]


Lap poodles.

Ok, so Peter MacKay visits the troops on Christmas Day, as does Rick Hillier, the Chief of Defense. No big deal.

A slight raising of my eyebrows occurs when MacKay says that smuggled weapons are “believed” to be coming into Afghanistan from Iran. It sounds suspiciously like the line that comes out of Washington DC from Bush and Cheney regarding Iran and smuggling arms into Iraq, though as Darren says, at least the US is trying to produce proof of that.

And almost as an afterthought, we read that the US Ambassador to Canada (and Bush loyalist) David Dinkins is also on the trip as a special guest. Forgive me […]


Holiday blogging tips on properly hatemailing me

Since it’s the Holiday Season, I’m going to (in the spirit of giving) give out some free tips on how to properly send me hate-mail over my blogposts.

1) Make sure that the blogpost that has so infuriated you to cause you to write into me calling me a moron over the blogpost has actually been, you know, WRITTEN by me before you write me the hatemail – such as an email I received late last night about this blogpost. If there’s some confusion out there amongst some trollers, I’m the administrator of Progressive Bloggers. I do not write every blogpost that comes through on the aggregate, nor do I even agree with all of them… so save the hatemail for blogposts you see at my own personal blogsite.

2) Before you call said blogpost you hate to be typical of a “Lieberal blogger”, make sure after you read tip #1 and find out I didn’t write it to make sure to check the political affiliation of the said blogger who wrote it. In this case, I’m sure Buckdog – one of the most active of the Blogging Dippers – would be surprised to hear he’s a Lieberal.. er.. Liberal blogger.

3) “Lieberal” is so 2005 (or so SDA, since Kate’s Cult seems to use it over there still on a regular basis) .. find a better term.

4) It’s the holiday season, at least wish me a Merry Christmas after you’re done with your rant – misdirected or otherwise.

Oh.. and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

[email protected]:27pm: The person who originally emailed me which caused me to write my tips above emailed back, apologizing for his mistaken identity, and wished me a Merry Christmas. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now – peace on earth, good-will to all, Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus etc etc.


Looking for a last-minute (and uniquely Canadian) Christmas gift.

So its almost Christmas Eve (and likely will be before the majority of you read this). I’m looking for something to give to my cousin who is coming home from England for the family Christmas. She is over in England for awhile and for all we know may stay there… so I was thinking it might be nice to try and get her something to remind her of her “home and native land” when she gets homesick or needs reminding of family.

Normally on Christmas Eve, you’d think I’d be pushing my luck, but our particular family Christmas isn’t till the 29th, so I have some time after Christmas to […]


Canadian Chocolate Companies are Grinches?

I’m not sure what the need to do this was (if true). I would think the chocolate business was pretty lucrative, and there aren’t that many players in it for competition to be that ruinous to a chocolate company’s profits to feel the need to engage in price-fixing.

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