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Harper, the snake-oil salesman

I saw an interesting op-ed by Carol Goar of the Toronto Star this morning, detailing in effect how Harper is trying to project that he’s giving out gifts to the world like Santa, but behind the scenes, acting like he is Scrooge, or the Grinch that stole Christmas.

For example, that so-called big initiative of ‘Saving a Million Lives’ that Harper mentioned last week while in Africa at the Commonwealth Conference isn’t a Canadian initiative at all, but one started by UNICEF. Furthermore, the amount of money Harper pledged is not an increase in funds to UNICEF, or even something new – Ottawa gives this same amount to UNICEF every […]

Remembering Dec 6, 1989

I was just starting my first year of University at Guelph in 1989. I remember that it had been (and would be) unseasonably cold that month – not unlike we’re getting now around Ontario, but colder. When the news first came out there had been a shooting up at a college in Montreal, I don’t think it initially made much of an impact other then a cursory note of interest. Students were getting ready for exams and ready to go home for the Christmas holiday.

It was only after the full magnitude of the Montreal massacre and the tragedy became realized that people were stunned. While everyone across the nation […]

Robert Latimer denied parole.

Just a short comment that I don’t agree with the Parole Board denying his early parole application. Whatever the controversy surrounding whether or not what he did was murder or mercy, It’s not like he’s a danger to re-offend or commit other murders. I think there are a lot worse people that the Parole Board has allowed parole, merely because they heard the applicant say what they wanted to hear. Because Latimer won’t express remorse for what he did, that means he doesn’t deserve parole in the Board’s eyes. I think they dropped the ball on this one.

Giants stomping on anthills.

I didn’t see the original last paragraph in question of this blogpiece here which caused a senior VP at Ipsos to threaten legal action against Paulitics: Paul’s Socialist Investigations, (it was changed “gratuitously” (without admission of guilt or wrongdoing) to appease the Ipsos folks to avoid legal action), so I can’t say whether the fellow had a case in saying it was libelous. That said, I do find what he’s been leaving in the comments section over here with regards to this article at Saskboy’s place to be rather …well.. unbecoming of a senior Vice-President of a major polling company. There must be a lot of free time at Ipsos […]

Conservative priorities.

The mindset of some Conservatives is very amusing:

“Some Conservatives have also complained the funding the government has directed for new defence equipment has not translated into additional support for the party at the polls.”

Yea, what’s the sense of spending money on the military if it doesn’t convey political advantage for the government? I would have thought you spend money on the military to actually, you know, make sure they can do the job they’re assigned to do – not to try and use it for political propaganda – but this Con bunch is working out of the Republican playbook, and obsessed with getting a majority government. That’s what […]

Those neo-Cons wanting a war with Iran may be out of luck.

This report by US intelligence agencies that Iran stopped trying to get a nuclear weapon four years ago just might prevent Bush and Cheney and the remaining neo-cons in the US Administration from lurching that country into a new bombing/war campaign against that country. I say that because this is a very public release of this information unlike prior with the war in Iraq, where assessments of Iraq’s weapons capability that didn’t jive with the US Administration’s views were shunted aside.

Add to the fact Bush is a lame-duck President with only a year or so left of his mandate, and a skeptical US public that is now very against […]

Reflections on Dion’s win 1 year later.

Reflecting seems to be a popular theme this week in the media and the blogs about Dion’s win at the Liberal Leadership Convention a year ago. Jeff’s piece on the occasion is a very good article that more or less reflects my positions on what’s happened this past year, but I’ll throw in my 2 cents worth.

What I will say is this: as most in the blogosphere know, the reason I went from a left-of-centre progressive who was unaffiliated with any party to a card-carrying Liberal was precisely because of Dion winning and what I saw there in Montreal and the potential of the man. I’m not sure I […]

More pandering to the gun lobby by Stock Day and the Cons.

Everyone knows that the Conservatives hate the gun registry and would do away with it tomorrow if they had the chance (and the numbers in Parliament). If you’ve read up on their advisory board on firearms, you would also know its filled with pro-gun people and those with ties to the gun industry here and in the US.

Their mission – and Stock Day’s mission and the Cons. mission – is to weaken laws where licensing is involved or where tracking guns and who owns them is involved. They are paranoid to the extreme about this – to the point where they’ve shelved a regulation that would allow the […]

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