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Afghan detainees continue to be tortured, and the Cons. continue to try and hide it.

Gee, now why would they try to hide these documents, do you think?

Compelling evidence that Canadian-transferred detainees are still being tortured in Afghan prisons emerged Monday from the government’s own follow-up inspection reports, documents it has long tried to keep secret…“Under the chair we found a large piece of braided electrical cable as well as a rubber hose,” reads the subsequent diplomatic cable marked “secret” and distributed to some of the most senior officials in the Canadian government and officers in the Canadian military. The Globe and Mail has established that the report of the case is recent, written after a Nov. 5, 2007, inspection of the National Directorate of Security prison in Kandahar. That was six months after a supposedly improved transfer agreement was put in place to monitor detainee treatment…the new documents provide specific evidence of torture and abuse of specific detainees known to have been handed over by Canadians and subsequently interviewed by Canadians.

What does this show? Harper and the Conservatives can no longer claim reports of torture and beatings are “Taliban propaganda”. It also shows this government knew of these reports and desperately tried to keep them secret, so it wouldn’t face additional scrutiny as when this first came out, and cost Gordon O’Conner his job as Defence Minister.

What else does it mean? Canada is apparently under this government knowingly violating the part of international law known as the Geneva Conventions – I am sure Harper and MaCkay have heard of those, though apparently they dont care a whit about violating international law. I can put it no better then what Impolitical did at her site:

(The Conservatives) just don’t get it that it doesn’t matter who the detainees are. It doesn’t matter if they’re Taliban. Canada adheres to the rule of law. We don’t torture and we don’t hand over prisoners to be tortured. Because if we do, we’re violating international law. We’re becoming the ugly force we’re supposedly trying to fight against.

I also agree with her that this is yet another reason to be urging the Liberals to stop being hesitant about bringing the government down. Do we want Canada to be following in the footsteps of George Bush and his band of Republicans, with their callous disregard of the rule of law, who don’t think employing torture on its captives are a bad thing, or do we want to act like a civilized nation, as we have for many years before Harper and his neo-conservative Bush-loving bunch took over, and do we take a stand and say that this is un-Canadian to be knowingly handing over prisoners that we know are going to be likely tortured, and violating international law?

There are many reasons to bring this government down now – add another to the list. Don’t wait for the Budget, Mr Dion and Liberals. Take them out ASAP, before they do any more damage to Canada’s reputation abroad, and to us as a nation.

3 comments to Afghan detainees continue to be tortured, and the Cons. continue to try and hide it.

  • They stopped the transfer of detainees because of this "credible" report. What more do you want, Scott? Short of Stephane Dion running away from Afghanistan screaming and crying, I mean…

  • Frank Philips

    "Don’t wait for the Budget, Mr Dion and Liberals. Take them out ASAP, before they do any more damage to Canada’s reputation abroad, and to us as a nation."

    Too bad your cowardly friends will do no such thing. Dion and his acolytes are too worried about their pensions to do anything. In fact, it now seems likely that they will help the Conservatives pass the budget and give Harper the de-facto Majority that he has always wanted.

    As for the detainee mess, who started it? oh, thats right Bill Graham was Minister of National Defence when he sent Rick Hillier off to Kabul to sign a detainee agreement with no right of inspection or a veto of onward transfer.

    Say what you will, but it’s obvious that the Liberals are cowards and liars.

  • Em

    The question of torture of prisoners rendered by our troops was not even mentioned in the Manley Report. Mind you, the’ll be far back in the line-up after the Americans from Guantanamo and Abu Gharaib, eh?

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