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Calling all Liberals (particularly the Nervous Nellies in caucus), it’s time.

First we have this:

The Harper government’s position that it was not aware the military had suspended the transfer of prisoners to Afghan custody fully unravelled Friday as the Prime Minister’s communications director retracted comments she had made to that effect, while the Opposition claimed it was briefed on the policy change two weeks ago.

And then we have this:

Sources at the Defence Department said military commanders were livid at the assertion and insisted the government was informed “promptly” after the transfers were halted.”I can’t give you dates and times right now, but it was soon after,” said a source with knowledge of the briefings. “There have been a lot of heated discussions around this place over the last 24 hours.”

And this over at Impolitical, which made my blood boil, coming from Petey MacKay, more or less accusing Dion of disloyalty:

Defence Minister Peter MacKay, who was in Afghanistan when the transfers were halted last Nov. 6, refused to say when he was informed of the decision and accused Dion of being reckless. “I”m not going to do anything that’s going to endanger the lives of Canadian Forces personnel or Afghans involved in this operation,” MacKay said on his way into a Conservative party rally. “If he wants to be irresponsible and talk about the briefing he received, that’s a decision for him.”

Let’s nip this one in the bud right now: I don’t doubt the Cons. will attempt to red-herring the issue by trying to paint Dion as disloyal for “revealing state secrets” as Petey MacKay tried to do and I don’t doubt the rest of that lot + the Blogging Tory sycophants will attempt to do as well, but let’s turn again to Dave over at the Galloping Beaver, a former military man who knows how these things work:

Whenever anybody goes into a combat zone or a hot operation they sign a document which imposes an undertaking on them. They are not permitted to disclose anything they learn “in theatre” without the express permission of the government. Dion knew but would have committed a breach of undertaking if he disclosed what he knew. Once it was offered by the government, in court, it was no longer classified. He could then disclose it.

Oh, and how about the fact NATO wasn’t even informed of this?

I read earlier the government is trying to prevent this from developing into a full-blown scandal. Well folks, I say it’s already there. I also say to the Liberals – the Liberal leaders, the Liberal advisers, the Liberal MP’s – what more do you need to justify bringing this government down and getting them out of office – and the sooner the better? Describing this Conservative bunch as being unfit for office is almost too complimentary for these folks.


16 comments to Calling all Liberals (particularly the Nervous Nellies in caucus), it’s time.

  • [quote comment="12676"]You literally can’t contain your animosity, can you? You literally can’t stand every second Harper is in power, can you?[/quote]

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  • Count me as too lazy too. Which is ironic because I write absolutely horrifically long posts sometimes.

    James, I know what you’re saying. I was kind of kidding to Scott. He knows I love to bug him, and without resident Scott Tribe harrasser Aaron Lee Wudrick, I guess that obligation falls on my shoulders.

  • Yeow! 1,905 words! My God, man! 😉

    You make a lotta good points in there and I don’t wanna sound like a stickler but I’m a longwinded commenter and there’s another longwinded guy named Scotian but you take the prize. The troublem with them bigass comments is most readers is too lazy to wade through. Dole it out little bit at a time and they’ll read it. All in a bunch like that an’ it’s just too scary fer some fellers an’ gals.

    With regard to spoiling your ballot, that’s fine by me. At least yer votin’.


  • Powell.. you need your own blog if that length is the sort of post you tend to leave… that comment is longer then most of MY blogposts

  • Powell lucas

    JimBobby: Yep, let’s go. Couldn’t agree more about the lies and cover- ups by the Conservatives. Of course, electing Liberals will give us the same people whose former leader gave advice to his predecessor regarding the sponsorship debacle. In his book Mr. Cretin (not a typo) claims that Mr. Martin should have ignored calls for an inquiry and just let it blow over. In other words, he was counseling Mr. Martin to cover-up criminal activity. Or perhaps we could get more people who could claim that crosses were being burned in Prince George, or who could buy fur coats on government credit cards. Or even better, we could get more members who could tell seniors to look elsewhere for government help since they had the temerity to vote for someone besides a Liberal.As for our standing on the world stage: we have certainly come down in the eyes of countries like Iran, Syria, and Libya and their ilk. And, of course, they are much more influential than the U.N. body that, during Mr. Cretin’s regime dropped Canada from the ranks of the top 5 in the area of political integrity to a level of governmental corruption comparable with nations like Mexico and Zimbabwe.You are also correct when you point out that the Harper government has diven a wedge between the regions. I mean, how could any government say to provinces like Newfoundland and Saskatchewan that the years they received equalization payments mean nothing and the handouts will continue. Now that these provinces have reached "have" status, why on earth would you expect them to stand on their own two feet. No, we’ll just let the provinces who have provided that support all along keep paying the piper. Seems odd to me that I didn’t see too many Liberals standing up for B.C. when they reverted from "have not’ to "have". Where were the cries that B.C. should keep on receiving transfer payments? And, if memory serves me right, I don’t recall B.C. crying that they should be kept on the dole.
    Of course, we can skip that and go right to the wedge Mr. Martin was trying to drive between the cities and their respective provincial governments. According to our constitution, which Liberals are quick to trot out at every opportunity, cities are the responsibility of the provincial governments. If the cities are strapped for cash…which they most definitely are…they should take up their cudgels against their provincial regimes and toss them out. I have no problem with the feds providing money to the provinces, so long as it is spread around equally, but it still remains the purview of the provinces as to how it is spent. And if Quebec wants to use it to provide $5.00 a day daycare, so be it. If Montreal and Quebec City are unhappy with the condition of their infrastructure let them take it up with their provincial governments and keep their hands out of my pocket. I don’t want the feds picking and choosing which cities they want to spend my money on just so they can elect more members from those ridings. This is too reminiscent of the old provincial "road contract" policy in which those who owed their allegiance to the government of the day were given contracts and their employees were hired on the same basis.What is this comment regarding no personal tax cuts. It was not so many weeks ago that a great many Liberals were castigating the government for thetax cuts they introduced. The outcrywas that the government should have been increasing spending. Now they are wailing that the tax cuts are too deep and there is no room to maneuver in the event of an economic slowdown. Even a cursory examination of the data will show that the burden of personal taxes went through the roof when Mr. Trudeau decided that we could borrow our way to prosperity. We are still living with that legacy and, even though the national debt has been reduced (and I’ll give Mr. Martin a tip of the hat on that score) we still pay far too much in debt servicing charges. And if anyone thinks that such broad based programs such as prescription drug coverage or universal day care won’t go the way of our bureaucraticly swamped health care system they are dreaming in technicolour. Politicians are good at two things: lying and spending other people’s money to win votes.Liberals are great at screaming about subsidies to the tar sands but seem to ignore the billions that have gone to Bombardier and the auto industry. Mr. Hargrove who has switched allegiance was always quick to cry about "corporate wefare"…that was until his ox got gored. In fact, I just finished reading another blog that suggests that there should be a carbon tax, but it should be offset by reductions in taxes or in subsidies in other areas. In other words, we’ll tax carbon to reduce emissions but we’ll offset this so there is no impact and we can go on polluting. The only regions that bears the brunt of any carbon tax would then be the oil producing provinces. (Son of Trudeau’s NEP) I guess it depends on which part of the country you live in and whether or not you vote Liberal which is the determining criteria as to how much you get hammered.Healthcare! What a wonderful issue to run on. The just issued U.N. report says that Canada ranks dead last in value for money. Until recently the province of Saskatchewan spent 100% of its provincial income on health care. The remainder of its services came from federal government transfers. And the Liberals answer…throw more money at it…Create a bigger bureaucracy! How can you reduce wait times when you have no doctors or nurses? Calgary is two years behind schedule on a new hospital (they haven’t even broken ground) because they can’t staff it. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that doctors earn less than dentists or vets in this country? Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. all have successful systems that combine private and public health care but Liberals won’t even countenance such a system. Oh no, that’s two tier! Better to just throw more money into a failed system. Tell that to the person waiting for heart surgery who could move up the waiting list if the person ahead of him will get off the list and get his treatment privately. Tell that to the provincial workers compensation boards who use private clinics for treating public employees because of the massive cost savings. Tell that to the politicians who all go to private clinics in Quebec for treatment. A province, which by the way, has the greatest number of private clinics in the country. Yet it was always Alberta the Liberals were slamming for trying to undermine health care. Studies have shown that many doctors and nurses practicing in the U.S. would return to Canada if they could operate on a private basis. We can ensure that these people would have to devote part of their time to the public system. In fact, with these people taking a load off the public system, maybe a lot less control would be needed.
    Lock step with with George Bush? Secret talks to eliminate Canadian sovereignty? What next…Martians planning to take over the earth? We are supposedly in lock step with Bush in his war on terror. I guess the Canadians killed in 9/11 were just an incidental thing and we shouldn’t count them. All you people that support Ms. May’s tirade against a "new crusade" should question how much of a "crusade" countries like Algeria and Lebanon are mounting against their fellow muslims. It would be hard to hang the "crusader" label on them, but that doesn’t seem to have reduced the indiscriminate bombing against civilian targets in those nations. Or ask the Germans, the Brits or the Dutch about the terror cells thay have broken up in their homelands. Or ask the RCMP about the gang they got in Ontario. I suppose this was just some schoolboy lark aimed at seeing how many people could be massacred in Toronto as a prank. As for who is doing the killing; if we can’t say it is muslim extremists maybe we can call them wild-eyed Buddhist radicals or blame it on those crazy Christians or Jews. Perhaps the people of Spain would like to blame the Hindus for the train bombing.This is not meant to support the U.S. in any way shape or form. The conflict in Iraq is indicative of a wrong-headed, one-sided approach to the Middle east, propogated more by Dick Cheney and his gang of weirdo neo-cons than by George Bush. It has ruined the reputation of the U.S., bankrupted their treasury and destroyed their credibility in the rest of the world. But some ill-advised anti-American knee jerk reaction to all things American does not add to any reasoned debate on our role in Afghanistan. Remember, it was the Liberals who voted to put us there and who willingly accepted a role in the most dangerous part of that forlorn nation.
    As to our role in Afghanistan…I am all for pulling out, but not for the reasons espoused by the Liberals, Bloc, NDP or Greens. Since we can no longer turn bomb making detainees over to the Afghanis and since we cannot constuct our own detention centres in a sovereign nation, we have no choice to release them after 96 hours by international treaty. Thus, we follow the same catch and release policy as we use in our, so called, criminal justice system. We turn the bomb makers loose to build more IEDs to kill and maim more of our troops. Of course, the Liberals want us to stay for reconstruction and training purposes. How we can do that if we can’t detain the insurgents we capture is beyond me. Maybe we can follow Mr. Dion’s proposition and bring them to Canada for detention. Why not. There’s nothing like having people sworn to kill you brought here to be turned loose by our goofy laws. That way we don’t have to travel to Afghanistan to watch things getting blown up…we can watch it first hand and in living colour. Letting these thugs have multiple chances at killing our troops does a disservice to these brave people. The Liberal scheme only makes them targets. If this is our policy, I say bring them ALL home…not in a year, not in a month but right now. And I mean ALL. The reconstruction people, the RCMP training officers, the military training cadres and the government training people. If these people cannot be protected I don’t want to see them placed in harm’s way. Better to be at home where they can function as envisioned by the NDP, BQ and Greens…as a source of cheap labour to attack floods, forest fires and snowstorms in Toronto.
    No, I don’t like the Conservatives and have no intention of voting for them. Not because of their policies but because of their obfuscating and outright falsehoods. I don’t like being lied to. However, all the alternatives are just as bad when it comes to playing fast and loose with the truth and even worse in their policy positions. So I think Ill just go into the voting booth and pencil in the Rhinocerous Party.

  • Raphael, I’m sort of with Scott on this one. It’s not animosity. All of those items listed are reason enough to slap down a government, lest this sort of thing goes further. Especially given the rash of bizarre and uber-partisan decisions this government has made over the past two months, especially with regard to the Linda Keen/Gary Lunn affair, my confidence in this government has been shaken, and I think other Canadians feel the same way.

    Any other government which engaged in these acts would be criticized. The difference is, now that we’re in a minority position, we have the unique opportunity to do something about it. I think it’s time for a change.

    I don’t want a majority government, in my opinion. Nobody deserves to win this time around, but least of all these Conservatives.

  • quaietur

    JimBobby:  This Liberal <a href="">press release</a>  – looks like they’re ready to go any time now.

    Liberals Mark Two Years of Conservative Mismanagement and Broken Promises
    January 25, 2008

  • Whooee! I hope Dion grows a pair and we go to the polls.

    A PM that continually lies to Canadians and to Parliament is a winning issue to go on.
    Ministerial incompetence in multiple ministries is a winning issue to go on.
    Embarrassment of Canada on the world stage is a winning issue to go on.
    Canada blindly propping up the corrupt, warlord-ruled, narco-state known officially as The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a winning issue to go on.
    The wedge-driving, divisive, region-versus-region tactics of the current government is a winning issue to go on.
    The mismanagement of the economy and failure to reduce personal income tax while doling out billions to the tar sand developers is a winning issue to go on.
    The reneging of the Atlantic Accords is a winning issue to go on.
    The lack of accountability and transparency from a government that was elected on just those issues is a winning issue to go on.
    The failure to make any improvements in healthcare waiting times is a winning issue to go on.
    The lockstep march with George W. Bush and the secret SPP talks aimed at eliminating Canadian sovereignty with a North American Union is a winning issue to go on.
    The lip service and inaction on the environment is a winning issue to go on.
    The failure of Canada to comply with the Geneva Conventions is a winning issue to go on.
    The blatant racism of CPC supporters who refer to the enemy as Muslims while deriding anyone who says the enemy is framing this as a holy war is a winning issue to go on.

    How many more winning issues does Dion need before he does the right thing?

    Change the climate in Parliament. Vote Green.


  • Ti-Guy

    You literally can?t contain your animosity, can you? You literally can?t stand every second Harper is in power, can you? Every thing he does is your impetus to call an election to oust him

    Thanks for that, mommy. Jesus, what a scold.

  • Jim

    Yes Liberal MP’s, call an election on the issue of Muslim prisoners that try to torture, blow up and murder our troops.  It is such a winning issue to go on.

    Please do it, and do it now!

  • "At NATO, which is co-ordinating the Afghan mission, officials only learned about the Canadian about-face through news reports."…"Our policy within NATO is that within 96 hours, except on very special dispensation from the commander, detainees should be either released or handed over to the Afghan authorities," he said. "We will be in discussion with the Canadian authorities about all of this."

  • wilson

    Dion and PMSH both knew about the change in detainee policy.
    Why didn’t Dion tell?  Oh right, it was a military secret.
    Why didn’t PMSH tell? Oh right, because he is a liar.

    And why is Dion telling all now?  Because someone else said it first.
    And why isn’t PMSH commenting on military operations, even now? Because he was sworn to secrecy.

    And did anyone catch that clip on CTV where some dude said NATO put the change in detainee policy out in a press release,  10 weeks ago,  and our Canadian media missed it….and something about it being reported in a German newspaper?

  • j

    psy·cho·path    (s?’ko-p?th’)  
    n.   A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

  • quaietur

    As I watched the video on tv news, and later read Kady’s blog entry about the CRAP 2-year anniversary party, I was struck by the fact that no one, especially PMSH looked remotely like the PMO had just hours before been caught in a colossal lie to Canadians and to Parliament.

    It’s like they don’t even have enough decency to be embarrassed by their disgusting behaviour when it’s revealed for the whole world to see. I think that is generally referred to as antisocial personality disorder.

    I fear more and more every day for this country.

  • You literally can’t contain your animosity, can you? You literally can’t stand every second Harper is in power, can you? Every thing he does is your impetus to call an election to oust him.

    Perhaps now you know how the rest of us feel about Dalton McGuinty.

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