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Warning: More internal Liberal stuff – OYL Beyond forms.

As you know, I endorsed the OYL Roots slate in a blogpost a few days ago when discussing the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Hamilton and the scheduled elections for the Ontario Young Liberals. I find it only fair to mention that the rival slate has formed their own group, and it’s called OYL Beyond. They also have a Facebook group you can check out.

I said before I was endorsing the OYL Roots group because I liked their statement about taking the OYL back to a time where it had more autonomy and it was aggressive in pushing forth policy endorsements that the main Liberal Party may not have come around to if it wasn’t for the Young Liberals being very aggressive and very progressive (ie on same-sex marriage and opposing joining the US missile defence system). I’m going to be gently critical of the OYL Beyond group here and say I find their mission statement to be in contrast with the OYL Roots folks very general and very vague and a bit fluffy. I mean, it’s great you had an amazing Summer Fling in North Bay, but I’d kind of like to hear a bit more substance then that.

I also take issue with some OYL Beyond supporters coming here and elsewhere saying that the OYL Roots group is “negative” and going “backwards”. With regards to the “backwards” charge, it isnít going “backward” in my view, they wish to go “back” to the days when they were an effective organization at having their voices heard on policy. As for being “negative”, there’s nothing negative about pointing out how things used to be and how they feel things were better at that time then they are now. Ironically, I’d say that charging the OYL Roots group with going “backwards” is being “negative”.

With all that said, I have a word of advice to both groups in the OYL, for what it’s worth. Don’t get too publicly bitter with your rivals, win or lose, because you’ll have to work with each other after the elections. We don’t need a carbon copy of internal squabbling as has been the case at times in the big party, when the goal is to beat Harper. Both slates need to remember that, particularly when there is the possibility that you’ll have a mixture of the 2 slates elected to the various positions.


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